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A Friend Indeed

A Friend Indeed is an episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from season four.

Characters Present[]


Ickis meets an adult monster who is unusual even by monster standards: he has the face of a human.


During the night, Ickis tries to sneak inside a human's house and hops to reach the door knob as he approaches the house. A human sees him through the window, predictably mistaking him for a rabbit, and asks her mom if they have a carrot to give to him. The human opens the door and pets Ickis on the head right before offering him a carrot in his mouth. Ickis is later seen walking away in disappointment due to the fact that he doesn't resemble what a real monster should look like. When he arrives at the dump, he sees a mysterious figure in an overcoat and attempts to scare him. But the figure only responds by laughing and reveals that he is a monster too. When asked by Ickis why he isn't underground, the monster removes his hat and shows Ickis his face, revealing the reason why he left the monster world (which is because he has the face of an actual human), causing Ickis to faint.

With Ickis absent from the Academy, The Gromble decides to have Babby, one of the monsters, at the viewfinder to show everyone his scare. Ickis is later seen lying on the mattress outside the dump and is still speechless of the fact that the monster has a human face. The monster introduces himself as Plastoog and decides to take Ickis along with him to go scaring so the young monster could get his successful scare. Ickis returns to the academy and hops on the viewfinder to show everyone his successful scare at the shopping mall, impressing the others at the academy.

Outside the dump, Ickis tells Plastoog about his scare with him and says that he has to come to class with him. But Plastoog refuses, telling Ickis that nobody cares about how you scare, but what you look like. Also Plastoog, tells Ickis an anecdote of how he was laughed at by the other monsters as a student due to his appearance. He tells Ickis that he didn't have a friend in the world. Plastoog takes it back, saying there was one quiet kid who stood by him, but to him it wasn't enough. Plastoog tells Ickis that even with a friend, he knew he could never have a normal monster life, so he left. He makes Ickis promise him not to tell any other monster that he is around, which Ickis promises to.

The next day, Ickis and Plastoog go back to the house that Ickis failed to scare the human in and give her a successful scare. Plastoog also scares away a couple of sweepstakes hosts and robs their car. The two end up going on a scaring spree and their scare is seen in the monster academy via viewfinder. Gromble is impressed by Ickis' task, and Ickis asks Gromble if he would care if a monster would "look like a game show host." Gromble tells Ickis that scaring is all that matters to him regardless of another monster's appearance and they would get kicked out of the academy if they feel any different. Ickis unofficially excuses himself outside and tries to persuade Plastoog to return underground, which Plastoog refuses.

At the dorm room, Ickis tells his friends that he has something to show him and decides to dig a hole into the dump. Oblina and Krumm have gathered the other monsters into the academy trying to stall them while Ickis takes Plastoog inside the academy with him via hole. They fall inside the academy and Ickis tells the other monsters that everyone looks different and are still monster regardless of their physical appearance. The Gromble comes around and recognizes Plastoog, who was his close friend from years ago. Plastoog tells Ickis that the Gromble was the "quiet kid" he told him about, much to Ickis' shock. The Gromble also adds that he doesn't care about how the monster looks, but rather the way they scare. Plastoog is reunited to the Monster Academy and walks with the Gromble. The Gromble asks Plastoog what a game show host is, to which Plastoog tells him that it is too terrifying to discuss.


  • The woman from The Switching Hour reappears in this episode.
  • It's revealed that the Gromble used to be a quiet kid.
  • Moral doesn't matter what there likes is what the way that count.