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A Perfect World

A Perfect World is an episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from season four.

Characters Present[]


Feeling unnoticed, Krumm moves in with two monsters who show him nothing but attention that soon turns smothering.


In the city streets, Krumm literally scares the pants out of a human, and the monster runs back home with the human's pants. Krumm runs into Blib and Snav and tells them that he literally scared the pants off a human. Blib and Snav asks Krumm to tell them about it, but Krumm runs off to tell Ickis and Oblina as he enters the dorm room. But they are too busy bickering with each other over the orthodox way to scare a human. Feeling unappreciated, Krumm takes his microwave bed and moves it into the dorm room of Snav and Blib, for he wants to live with them, much to the delight of Blib and Snav as they make him the guest of honor.

The next day, Ickis and Oblina wonder where Krumm has went and look for him so they could persuade him to return home. Meanwhile, Krumm tells Snav and Blib about his scare last night and suggests that the three should go out scaring. Ickis and Oblina come across them and try to persuade Krumm to come back into their dorm room, only for Krumm to tell the two that he is now living with Blib and Snav as he leaves with the two.

The three enter a human's house, where Krumm scares a little human girl by tossing one of his eyeballs at her to look at, much to the two's awe. Back at the dorm room, a very heartbroken Oblina is sobbing over the loss of her friend and blames Ickis for whining, prompting Ickis to blame Oblina for nagging. It isn't long before they realize that they had been arguing so much that they have paid less attention to their friend, and made amends with one another to get him back. They look through their door and find Blib and Snav walking with Krumm, telling everyone to make way for the "king of scares." They even follow him around and snap every photo of him to put in their photo album book. While he sleeps during the night, Oblina and Ickis decide to get along and work together to bring Krumm back into their friendship.

While Krumm continues to sleep, Blib and Snav wake him up to sing the song they wrote for him and do the "Krumm Dance" in dedication to him. Krumm finally becomes annoyed and takes his microwave bed with him to return to his old dorm room, where Ickis and Oblina present him with his name in lights mounted on the wall and a song dedicated to him, causing Krumm to scream once again as he exits the room. Ickis and Oblina end up arguing again and Krumm returns home to push his microwave bed back into the dorm room. As Ickis and Oblina continue bickering, Krumm says "It's great to be home" right before he drops his eyes in a glass of water and falls asleep.