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[episode starts.]

Blib: Why, hello, Krumm.

Snav: Yes, hello. Nice pants.

Blib: Yes, they look absolutely hideous on you.

Krumm: I scared them off the guy.

Blib: You scared the pants off a human?

Snav: Krumm, congratulations. That's tremendous.

Blib: It's delicious. You must tell us all about it.

Snav: Yes, you must.

Krumm: I, I'd love to. But... I got to tell my roommates.

[Krumm goes happily. There we see Ickis and Oblina arguing.]

Oblina: Ickis, honestly, you cannot tell me that you're going to go into class and claim what you just did as a scare.

Krumm: Guys, guess what?

Ickis: It was all there, it was perfect.

Krumm: Come on, guys, look!

Oblina: [sighs] You did not scare that human, Ickis. You surprised him!

Ickis: He went "Woah!" That means he was scared.

Oblina: "Woah!", Ickis, is a sound humans make when they are surprised.

Krumm: Guys, look, I scared the pants out of somebody.

Ickis: Oh, sure. Everything is black and white with you, Little Miss Stripes. Maybe I did surprise that guy, fine. But as long as he goes "Whoah!", it counts.

Krumm: Oblina, Ickis? I, I finally scared the pants off a human.

Oblina: Okay, bunny boy! You might as well have kicked him them. He would have gone, "OW."

Krumm: Guys? This is a big day for me.

Ickis: Oh, sure. "OW!" wouldn't count, but "OW!" would count?

Krumm: Don't you care?

Oblina: I supposed it's just in your nature to be lazy.

Krumm: No, I guess you don't!

Ickis: Oh, just like in your nature to nag, nag, nag, nag, nag!

Oblina: Lazy, lazy, lazy, lazy, lazy!

Ickis: Nag, nag, nag, nag, nag!

Oblina Lazy, lazy, lazy, lazy!

[Krumm pushes his microwave bed to the door as the two monsters argue.]

Krumm: Guys?

Ickis: Nag, nag, nag, nag, nag!

Krumm: Guys?

Oblina: Lazy, lazy, lazy, lazy!

Krumm: Didn't you hear me?

Ickis: Nag, nag, nag, nag, nag!

Krumm: Well, how about this? Can you hear this?

Oblina: Lazy, lazy, lazy, lazy!

Krumm: Goodbye! [He shuts the door and leaves.]

Oblina and Ickis: What's wrong with him?


Blib: That's perfect. Just perfect.

[Krumm knocks on a door.]

Snav: I'll get it! [Krumm enters their room.] Krumm!

Blib: Hello, Krumm, old friend. What can we do for you?

Krumm: You, uh, could let me live with you?

Snav: [gasps] Oh, my, Blib.

Blib: It's like a dream come true.

Krumm: Is that alright? I mean, I'll stay out of your way.

Blib: Stay out of our way? Nonsense, Krumm. From now on, you are the guest of honor.

Krumm: Really?


Ickis: Where could he have gone?

Oblina: He probably got tired of your whining!

Ickis: He probably got tired of your nagging!

Both: [sighs]

Oblina: Well, we shall just have to tell Krummy to come back.

Ickis: That's what we'll do.

Krumm: [laughs] And I screamed. And then he screamed. And he wiggled his legs like this. And boom! Off came the pants. I couldn't believe it, but there I was, I scared the pants off that human. Just like that.

Blib: Gripping scare, Krumm.

Snav: I was frightened listening.

Blib: Tell us again.

Snav: Oh yes, do.

Krumm: Or, why don't we go out and scare somebody instead?

Snav: What an idea.

Blib: I know just the place.

[Ickis and Oblina enter the cafe.]

Krumm: Oblina, Ickis. Uh, hi.

Oblina: Ickis wants to apologize for last night, dear.

Ickis: Yes, Krumm, I'm sorry I let Miss Perfect here get my ears all in a bunch.

Oblina: You whiny little bunny. Squeak, squeak, squeak goes the bunny.

Krumm: Uh, guys, I gotta go. Um, Blib and Snav are taking me on a scare.

Ickis: Oh, uh sure, we'll, uh, we'll just catch you back in the old dorm room then.

Krumm: Um, no you, uh, won't. Um, I'm living with Blib and Snav now. Well, I'll see you guys.


Blib: There she is, our objective.

Krumm: But she's just a little girl.

Snav: Can I scare her? Can I, please? Well Is it my turn?

Blib: Snav, are you forgetting our guest?

Snav: Oh. I did, didn't I? I'm so very, very sorry. Krumm, will you do the honors?


Both: Wow.

[Meanwhile the two monsters were sad about Krumm leaving. They both started crying.]

Oblina: WAAAAHHHHH!! [sobbing] I miss Krummy.

Ickis: I miss him too.

Oblina: You whine too much!

Ickis: You nag too much!

Oblina: Or maybe it was both of us.

Ickis: You think we'd paid enough attention to Krumm?

Oblina: We never listened to what he had to say.

Ickis: That would do it.

Oblina: And so now... Krummy...

Ickis: Hates us!

Oblina: WAHHH!!

Ickis: Oh, stop crying. Maybe we can win him back. We would just have to work together.

Oblina: You're right Ickis. We should make our Krummy seen how he means to us.

Ickis: Well, that shouldn't be too hard.

Blib: Make way for the king! Make way for the king! Make way for the king of scares!

Ickis: Or maybe it might be very, very hard.


Snav: There we go. All these moments are precious.

Blib: Isn't it wonderful, krumm? Now we'll never forget our first day as roommates.

Krumm: Wonderful.

Snav: Let's make every day as wonderful as today.

Krumm: Do you guys mind if I have A little time to myself? Well, good night, guys.

Blib: You're going To bed?

Krumm: Oh, yeah, I'm bushed.

Snav: Look at him sleep.

Blib: He's good at everything.


Ickis: Could you found something more heavier?

Oblina: Could you complain more?

Ickis: We're fighting again.


Oblina: You're right. Forgive me, Ickis. We must work together and get along-- For Krummy.

Krumm: What is it?

Blib: We wrote you a song.

Snav: We couldn't wait till morning.

Krumm: Thanks

Snav: Do you want to hear it?

Krumm: Actually...

Blib: Snav? Would you do the honors?

Snav: [singing] ♪ We were two very best

of friends ♪

♪ Our loyalty,

it knew no end ♪

♪ We were two,

just blib and me ♪

♪ Then we met krumm

♪ And now we're three

Here's the part we all sing, Blib...

[They both started singing "Krumm" as Krum gets up as the two monsters continued singing.]

Krumm: Goodnight. What are you doing?

Blib: It's the Krumm dance.

Snav: We made it up.

Krumm: Guys, Guys?

Snav: Try it! It's fun!

Krumm: Why are you guys doing this?!

Blib: Because you are new best friend.

Snav: Isn't it fun?

Blib: Come on! Dance the Krumm dance!

[Krumm eventually can't take any more of Blib and Snav's appreciation. So he screams and runs off.]

Oblina: Now...

Ickis: Let's go get our friend.

Krumm: I don't wanna be king. I just wanna be Krumm!

Ickis: Krumm!

Oblina: Krumm!

Krumm: Ickis, Oblina, boy I am glad to see you.

Oblina: You are?

Ickis: You are?

Krumm: I am.

Oblina: Come, Krumm, we have something to show you.

Ickis: I think you're gonna like this.

Oblina: Right, wait here.

[Both giggle]

Both: Okay, come in!

Oblina: Krummy, darling. We've been absolutely desolated since you left.

Ickis: We just had to let you know how important you were to the two of us. Oblina thought of a sign.

Oblina: And Ickis wrote you a song.

Ickis: [singing] "K" is for the kindness that you show me! "R" is for the rightness of your smell!

Krumm: AAAHH!!!

Oblina: Now, look what you have done!

Ickis: Me? What did I do?

Oblina: He probably got tired of your whining.

Krumm: Whew.

Ickis: He probably got tired of your nagging. It was the sign. I told you it was too much.


Oblina: It was not too much. It was a perfect expression of our love for our friend. Besides, you helped me find the letters.

Ickis: But I didn't want to, now, did I?!

Oblina: You didn't want to help because you are lazy. Lazy! Lazy, lazy, lazy bunny. Lazy bunny!

Krumm: It's great to be home.

Ickis: Nag, nag, nag, nag, nag, nag, nag! Candy cane, candy cane, candy cane, nag!

Oblina: Lazy, lazy lazy bunny. Lazy bunny.