The Aaahh!!! Real Monsters Wiki

[episode starts.]

Gromble: Good scare, Oblina. And it works on so many levels. ding ding ding went my heart.

Ickis: Please just this once.

Gromble: Alright who's got a new scare for me? Oh, I know. It's you.


Gromble: Class dismissed. And Ickis, the viewfinder will be waiting for you.

Ickis: Phew, saved by the belch.

Krumm: You lucked out, Ickis.

Oblina: Now you can do a scare for tomorrow's class.

Ickis: Yeah, later. Let's go play in the dump.

Oblina: Ickis, I cannot believe you. You were sitting there shaking like a human during the entire class. And now you're going to play?



Ickis: I got to do is scare. I can't to a scare. What I'm gonna do?

Krumm: Why don't you go to bed.

Oblina: I hate to say I told you so Ickis. Actually, I don't hate it at all. I told you so, I told you so, I told you so.

Krumm: Face it, Ickis. The only way getting out of this one is when the viewfinder breaks down.


Ickis: Krumm! Oblina! Viewfinder.. jewels... escape... failure... explode!

Oblina: Ickis, what are you talking about?

Krumm: Oh no, you freed the viewfinder?

Oblina: How did you know he said that?


Ickis: You got to help me!

Oblina: Well, I hate to say I told you so but...


Oblina: Well since you put that way...


Ickis: We got it!

Krumm: It's not in here.

Oblina: Hello.

Man: Hey I can walk.

Oblina: It is not here either.

Woman: Selma did tell you about Shirley's latest face lift.

Selma: Again?


Groovey Man: It's perfect for the coffee house.

Ickis: Oh no! It's gone forever!

Woman: Taxi Taxi. Driver take me to.

Cab Man: Hey lady, I'm a cabby now

Oblina: Driver...Take me to... follow that multi color people mover.

Cab Man: You mean the van?

Oblina: Whatever.

Cab Man:

Woman: Where have you been all this time!?



Man: Louise baby you know nobody else but you.

Woman: My name's not Louise!

Man: It's not what you think baby.


Ickis: Yes! There is no way we can drag this all the way back to the dump.

Kid: Monsters!

Oblina: Good scare.

Ickis: See? This is much easier to push.


Chair Owner: You call these chairs antiques? I have to face it. I'll never find. Oh. That chair of my dream.



Reporter: Mr. Mayor, is it true that a quarter of a million dollars has been missing from the city treasury?

Mayor: Oh why that's absolutely coffee talk.


Reporter: Mr. Mayor I can't believe it.


Ickis: This is gonna be a piece of...

Krumm: Here viewfinder, here viewfinder, nice viewfinder. I got scares for you.

Ickis: It's no use. I'll never find it.

Chair Owner: Aw. My pretty. At last, we are alone. The one chair that as alumted me all my life.


Young Chair Owner: I'll show you. Someday I'll have every chair in the world.

Chair Owner: My tragic youth comes back to haunt me. You betrayed me.


Oblina: This would not have happened at all if you have done your homework in first place, Ickis.

Ickis: Alright! Okay. Let's just get the viewfinder and-

Krumm: Don't worry about it, Ickis.

Ickis: I never thought I say this, but would love to see the viewfinder one last time.


Ickis: There. That outta hold it.


[Ickis whines.]

Gromble: No explanation necessary. GET IN!


Gromble: Ickis. Why do I get the feeling that this has something to do with you?