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A Room With No Viewfinder

A Room With No Viewfinder is an episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from season 2. It first aired on November 25, 1995.

Characters present[]


Ickis accidentally frees the viewfinder and now must find it before the Gromble finds out.


Oblina's scare in an elevator inside a local building is shown via viewfinder at the Monster Academy and everyone cheers for her. The Gromble then picks Ickis to go for a scare right before dismissing the students out of class. Ickis decides to play in the dump instead, stating that he has plenty of time to do a scare.

Later, at the Monsters' dorm, Ickis panics because he procrastinated and now can't do a scare. Krumm tells him that the only way he will get out of this is if the viewfinder breaks down, giving Ickis an idea. So during the night, he sneaks into the empty academy and attempts to dismantle the viewfinder, but it comes to life and frees itself out of its position. The viewfinder escapes and Ickis wakes his friends to inform them this. They leave the room to catch the viewfinder.

The viewfinder is seen walking through the city streets during the night and The Monsters corner it, only for the viewfinder to push them into the sewer and continue walking. The Monsters search through the city for the viewfinder. They search the furniture store and the St. Andreas Retirement Home until they finally catch it at the Beauty Salon. It ends up nearly burning a female customer, prompting the owner to put it outside. The viewfinder is then taken by a van driver, who attempts to use it for the coffee house, and the driver drives away. The Monsters take the taxi and order the driver to follow the van. They come across a restaurant named House of Caffeine, where the van driver takes the view finder inside. The Monsters sneak inside as they hop out of the taxi cab. A customer sits on the viewfinder and a video of him cheating on his current girlfriend for another woman is shown, prompting his current girlfriend to leave him. The customer grows the viewfinder in the alley and The Monsters walk outside to retrieve it. They scare away a human child riding on his skateboard and use the skateboard to drag it back to the dump. But it ends up rolling down through the hill and to city hall. The mayor obliviously sits on it and a video of the mayor betting on a horse race, appalling the rest of the citizens. The mayor hops off the viewfinder and attempts to leave via limousine. The viewfinder is yet again taken by a chair seller, who through it inside the truck, with The Monsters following.

At the Chippendale chair store, the chair seller takes the viewfinder inside the store and The Monsters navigate to find it. They walk inside a backroom, where the chair seller sits on the viewfinder, and a video is shown of him playing musical chairs with the rest of the children in his childhood. The chair seller feels traumatized by his youth, which came back to haunt him. He attempts to destroy it until The Monsters surround him with each of their chairs and scare him away. They retrieve the viewfinder and continue hauling it through the city streets.

As they haul it, Oblina admonishes Ickis for his procrastination and a garbage truck comes around, prompting The Monsters to hide. The garbage truck stops and two garbage men take the viewfinder and toss it into the truck. The Monsters walk away to the dump and come across the viewfinder, which has been dumped in the trash.

The viewfinder is then taken to the academy and the Gromble catches the monsters in the act. He puts Ickis on the viewfinder to show his latest scare, which shows the previous videos that had been shown right before going out of order. The Gromble asks Ickis "Why do I get the feeling that this has something to do with you?" right before Ickis mumbles nervously as he expects his impending punishment as the episode irises out.