[It all started at a apartment.]

Father:This is going to be the greatest ideal family vacation ever.

Mother:Why are we going to Wisconsin again?

Father:Are you kidding? The new cheese tour alone is three days.


Boy:Dad, Dusty put a frog in my bag.

Dusty:[giggles] I never say anybody jump so high.

Oblina:There she is. Our assignment.

Krumm:She doesn't look tough.

Ickis:I wonder why the Gromble pick her?

Oblina:Because she is hard to scare and we need the extra credit. Specially you.

Father:Where is that video camera? I have it.

Oblina:This is going to be piece of cake.

Krumm:With worms I hope.

Ickis:Let's not get overconfident guys. We got work to do.

Dusty: Let's see I'll take..this and this and this and this..That outta do it.

Oblina:A suitcase. This should be perfect. We can hide in there until she returns.


Krumm:Ow! What's going on?

Oblina:Oh. Caught like rats in a trap. These humans are more fiendish that I thought. Oh!


Father:Come on didios. We are out of here.

Ickis:What do we do now?

Oblina:Just sit tight. That little girl is going to get the scare of her life when she opens this.


Man:Good evening sir.


Man:Oh boy sir. You are in for a thrill of a life time.

Father:Don't we know it.


Krumm:Hey it stopped.

Oblina:Thank goodness.

Ickis:What if they leave us in here forever?

Krumm:I'm getting out.

Ickis: Allow me.

[Ickis bites the suitcase out with his teeth,]

Ickis: We must be in the closet.

Man:What would you say if I offer one million dollars to have you're wife. Make me a cheese omelet. With find wisconsin cheddar of course.

Oblina: What an odd den.

Ickis:We should get out of here, Look at all the humans.

Oblina: What about the little girl? We got to find her and scare the living daylights out of her.

Ickis:Well, at least it's dark.

Photographer:Okay. Say cheese now. Wisconsin cheddar of course there you go.


Krumm:There she is.

Ickis:Here goes.

Krumm:So much for that idea. What's this? These air sick bags really work.

Dusty:Hey, I want a comic book and I want it now!

Woman:Okay honey. Go on back to your seat. I'll bring you one right away.

Oblina: That's her.

Ickis: Watch this.

Woman:Okay here's the special meal you requested sir. And here's a comic book for you.


Father:Yeesh I forgot what airline food was like.

Boy:Uh oh. The weather's started to get rough out there. I hate airplanes.

Dusty:Sometimes planes just fall out of the air for no reason. Did you know that?

Boy: Stop it!

Krumm: [high pitch voice] Would you like anything little girl?

Dusty:You stink and I want crayons. I wanna draw a plane crash.

Boy:Could I have some AHH! Monster!

Krumm: Whoops. Great. Now what am I gonna do? Hey, there's gum under the chair.

Ickis: Stay here I'll get them.

Woman:Uh oh. Something the matter little man?

Boy:No please! You're not a monster. Sorry.

Dusty:I wonder could you possibly be more of a geek?

Woman:Where'd this come from?

Krumm:Thanks Ickis.

Ickis:This house is moving. We should get out of here.

Oblina:We are not quitting yet. Leave it to me.



Oblina: [Spit!] Okay we can quit now.

Ickis:Yeah. We'll come back when they don't have so much company.

Krumm:How do we get out of here?

Ickis:Did you see what I saw?

Oblina:With one of you boys be so kind to flush me?

Ickis:Wow this new models really go fast.


Ickis:Where are we?!

Krumm:This isn't the detious!

Oblina:We are way up in the air!

Krumm: WHOA! I'm scared of heights!

Oblina:Come down! I don't believe we are more than a few miles up Krumm!

Krumm:I feel sick!

Ickis:This is no time to interfere! Did you saw a few miles?!

All: AAAHH!!

Oblina: Hey look!


Ickis:Are you thinking what I'm thinking?!

Oblina:Absolutely! Go for it!


Dusty: What is it worm brain? Don't tell me you're scared of a cloud now? You are hopeless.

Krumm: Get me out of here!

Pilot:There's something wrong with engine 2! We;re losing altitude! Laddies and gentle we are experiencing engine difficulty.

[People screaming.]

Ickis:It worked!

Krumm: Help!

Oblina:Actually working! They were positively terrified!

Krumm: Get me out of here!

Ickis: Did you hear that?

Oblina: What?


Krumm:I'm stuck!

Oblina:Don't worry It looks like we will be on the ground in no time!


Pilot:Hey. Engine 2 is back online!


Boy:It's all over Dusty. There's no reason to be scared now.


Gromble:So the entire plane load full of humans we're scared.

Ickis:There must be a better way to travel.

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