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[It all starts with a bus driving over a bridge and drops the monsters outside of the family's apartment.]

Father: This is going to be the greatest ideal family vacation ever.

Mother: Why are we going to Wisconsin again?

Father: Are you kidding? The new cheese tour alone is three days.

Mother: Oh.

Carl: Dad, Dusty put a frog in my bag.

Dusty: [A frog jumps up and down under Dusty's hat] [giggles] I never say anybody jump so high.

Oblina: There she is. Our assignment.

Krumm: She doesn't look so tough.

Ickis: I wonder why the Gromble picked her?

Oblina: Because she is hard to scare and we need the extra credit. Specially you.

Father: Oh, where is that video camera? [Trips over the video camera] I have it, our escapade shall not go unrecorded.

Oblina: This is going to be a piece of cake.

Krumm: With worms I hope.

Ickis: Let's not get overconfident guys. We got work to do.

Dusty: Let's see I'll take.. this and this and this and this, and this, and this, and this, and this, and this, and this, and this, and this, and this, That outta do it.

Oblina: A suitcase. Oh this would be perfect. We can hide in here until she returns.

[The monsters jump into the suitcase and hide]

Krumm: [Chuckles]

[The father then shuts the suitcase and drags it down the stairs]

Krumm: Ow! What's going on?

Oblina: Oh. Caught like rats in a trap. These humans are even more fiendish that I thought. Oh!

Ickis: Ouch.

Father: Come on, didios. We are out of here.

[The family gets into a taxi and are driven away]

Ickis: What do we do now?

Oblina: Just sit tight. That little girl is going to get the scare of her life when she opens this.

[The taxi and the family arrive at the airport]

Baggager: Good evening, sir. Destination?

Father: Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Baggager: Oh boy sir. You are in for a thrill of a life time.

Father: Don't we know it.

[The suitcase then gets transported onto the baggage conveyor belt and then gets placed on the baggage truck and then into the airplane which then takes off]

Krumm: Hey, it stopped.

Oblina: Thank goodness.

Ickis: What if they leave us in here forever?

Krumm: I'm getting out. [Krumm uses his feet to try to push open the top of the suitcase but to no avail]

Ickis: Allow me. [Ickis bites the suitcase out with his teeth,] We must be in the closet.

[A movie is being played on the screen that everybody on the airplane is watching]

Man: What would you say if I offered you one million dollars to have you're wife. Make me a cheese omelet. With fine Wisconsin cheddar of course.

Oblina: What an odd den.

Ickis: We should get out of here. Look at all the humans.

Oblina: What about the little girl? We got to find her and scare the living daylights out of her.

Ickis: Well, at least it's dark.

Photographer: Okay, all you're little darlings, say cheese now. Wisconsin cheddar of course there you go.

[The movie ends and everyone on the airplane claps and the lights come back on, later Krumm looks for the girl they are trying to scare from the baggage area}

Krumm: There she is.

Ickis: Here goes.

[A person puts a suitcase in the baggage area and closes it again,]

Krumm: So much for that idea.

[The monsters then jump out of the baggage area]

Krumm: [Krumm spots an air sick bag] What's this? [Krumm eats the air sick bag and then changes to the gromble's skin color] These air sick bags really work.

Dusty: Hey, I want a comic book and I want it now!

Stewardess: Okay honey. Go on back to your seat. And I'll bring you one right away. [Sighs]

Oblina: That's her.

Ickis: Watch this. [Jumps into the bottom of the carrier trolley] [Chuckles]

Woman: Okay here's the special meal you requested sir. And here's a comic book for you.

[The father opens the meal tray to find Ickis inside it]

Father: Yuch, I forgot what airline food was like.

[The airplane flies into dark clouds and thunder and lightning flashes]

Carl: Uh oh. The weather's started to get rough out there. I hate airplanes.

Dusty: Sometimes planes just fall out of the air for no reason. Did you know that?

Carl: Stop it!

Krumm: [high pitch voice] Would you like anything little girl?

Dusty: You stink and where are my crayons. I wanna draw a plane crash.

Carl: Could I have some- AHH! M-M Monster!

Krumm: [Krumm drops his eyeballs and they roll away] Whoops. Great. Now what am I gonna do? Hey, there's gum under the chair.

Ickis: Stay here I'll get them. [Runs after Krumm's eyeballs]

Stewardess: Uh oh. Something the matter little man?

Carl: No please! You're not a monster. Uh, Sorry.

Dusty: I wonder could you possibly be more of a geek?

Stewardess: Huh? Where'd this come from? [Holds up an outfit]

[Ickis catches Krumm's eyeballs and brings them back to Krumm]

Krumm: Thanks, Ickis.

Ickis: This house is moving. We should get out of here.

Oblina: We are not quitting yet. Leave it to me.

[The fasten seat belts sign is lit up]

Stewardess: Folks we are encountering some minor turbulence, the captain has turned on the fasten seat belts sign.

[Oblina is picked up by Dusty who places a seat belt into her mouth. She was embarrassed now.]

[The fasten seat belts sign has switched off]

Oblina: [Spits out the seat belt] Okay, we can quit now.

Ickis: Yeah. We'll come back when they don't have so much company.

Krumm: How do we get out of here?

[The monsters see a toilet in the airplane's restroom]

Ickis: Did you see what I saw?

Oblina: With one of you boys be so kind is to flush me?

Ickis: Wow, these new models really go fast.

[The monsters are flushed down the toilet and outside of the airplane and land on the airplane's wings.]

Ickis: Where are we?!

Krumm: This isn't the detious!

Oblina: We are way up in the air!

Krumm: WHOA! I'm scared of heights!

Oblina: Come down! I don't believe we are more than a few miles up, Krumm!

Krumm: I feel sick!

Ickis: This is no time to give in to fear! [realizing what Oblina said] Did you say a few miles?!


Oblina: Hey look!

[The monsters see the boy through one of the windows and Krumm is sucked into the airplane engine}

Ickis: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?!

Oblina: Absolutely! Go for it!

[Ickis scare the boy from the window]

Dusty: What is it, worm brain? Oh, don't tell me you're scared of a cloud now? You are hopeless.

[The engine stops and the airplane starts to fall]

Krumm: Get me out of here!

Pilot: There's something wrong with engine 2! We're losing altitude! Ladies and gentlemen, we are experiencing engine difficulty. There's a possibility we maybe touching ground prematurely.

[People screaming.]

Ickis: Kurdle goo! It worked!

Krumm: Help!

Oblina: Excellent work, Ickis! They were positively terrified!

Krumm: Get me out of here!

Ickis: Did you hear that?

Oblina: What?

Ickis: That!

Krumm: I'm stuck!

Oblina: Don't worry, It looks like we will be on the ground in no time!

[The monsters free Krumm from the aeroplane's engine and the airplane flies up again]

Pilot: Hey. Engine 2 is back online! Thank you, thank you, thank you! [Eats a piece of cheese]

[The people on the plane and the monsters are all relieved]

[The airplane touches down on the runway]

Carl: It's all over Dusty. There's no reason to be scared now.

[The scene changes to the auditorium as the viewfinder ends]

Gromble: So the entire plane load full of humans we're scared, terrified, petrified. Do you know what they were scared of? AIRPLANES! They're supposed to be scared of MONSTERS! Not airplanes, MONSTERS! Do you know what that means?

[The monsters are then transported into a suitcase and into an airplane again]

Ickis: There must be a better way to travel.

[The airplane flies away and the episode fades out]