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Amulet of Enfarg

Amulet of Enfarg is an Aaahh!!! Real Monsters episode from season 3.

Characters present[]


Ickis looses the Gromble's prized award when he brings it to a scare and then it becomes a human fashion statement.


At the Monster Academy, The Gromble introduces his students to the Amulet of Enfarg, a medal given to the most honored of monsters. When he decides to pick a student worthy of the medal, Ickis raises his hand to admit his limitations, only for Gromble to award him the amulet, saying that Ickis has acknowledged his own foibles, much to Ickis's dismay.

The other monsters are inside the dorm room looking at the amulet and are ordered to leave by Oblina and Krumm. Oblina then returns and tells Ickis that the trio have a group scare, as well as saying that he should scrape his own amulet, right before leaving again. Ickis imagines himself being rewarded the amulet by his father Slickis, for the former has become the youngest monster to win the award. After the fantasy, Ickis decides to take the amulet with him to go for a group scare.

At a department store, Ickis, Krumm, Oblina, and Phuepal hide behind the hats on the table and Ickis is seen wearing the Gromble's amulet, which Oblina tells him to take off immediately. But Ickis refuses, saying that he is the "chosen one." Just then, a female human walks in the to pick a hat and is promptly scared away by Ickis, who walks with the other monsters to return home, oblivious of the amulet still under the table.

It isn't long before Ickis finally notices that the amulet is no longer around his neck as the monsters make it back outside in the dumpster. Phuepal leaves Ickis, Krumm, and Oblina to sneak inside the department store to retrieve the amulet. Little do they know, however, an arrogant human with a European accent named Dietrich DuChamp discovers the amulet and decides to keep it for himself.

Back at the academy, a nervous Phuepal lets his conscience get the better of him and tells the Gromble that Ickis took his amulet with him on the group scare and lost it, prompting the Gromble to furiously shout out Ickis' name at his loudest. Back at the department store, The Monsters take a glimpse of one of the fashion models wearing the amulet. But their luck soon runs out when they spot different models wearing the same amulet. So Oblina decides to pose as a coat rack for the models to hang the amulets on her to retrieve the original. Little do they know, the Gromble has made his way to the department store to find Dietrich wearing his amulet around his neck.

While Dietrich is giving a speech for the concept of the amulet, The Monsters hide in the back room as a model puts on a fruit hat Ickis has hidden in. While on top of the hat, Ickis views the Gromble's amulet around Dietrich's neck as the model walks on stage. The Gromble scares everyone away and finally retrieves his amulet from Dietrich right before scaring him, which causes the human's obviously fake features (his hair, contacts, and goatee) to fall off. Dietrich then reveals that he is Flernard Dorkman, who only feigned the accent, and asks Gromble to spare him his life right before running away in terror. Ickis tries to sneak away, but is eventually caught by the Gromble, who punishes him by having him organize his shoes in his room.


  • This is the last appearance of Slickis.