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[episode starts]

Gromble: That's right. You little pus pockets. The sacred amulet of enfarg. The highest honor In all of monsterdom. Bestowed only on the select few Who have mastered The art of scaring. And I am happy to announce That one of you Will be given the prestigious job Of scraping my amulet free of grime And restoring it To all its rightful gloriousness.

Oblina: Oh, Ickis. This is so exciting. I hope he picks me.

Ickis: Yeah. Me too.

Gromble: However, if you feel You are not up to such an immense responsibility Simply raise your claw. For there is no shame in admitting one's limitations.

Krumm: Ickis what are you doing?

Ickis: Admitting my limitations. What else?

Gromble: Very well. [He puts the amulet inside the box.] I have made my decision. [He points at Ickis.] Ickis! You're the one.

Ickis: But I raised my hand.

Gromble: And by doing so, you have exhibited a most honorable monster trait. Acknowledging your own shortcomings.

[The monsters cheer for Ickis.]

Gromble: Congratulations, Ickis.

Ickis: Thanks.

Gromble: DON'T BLOW IT!

[Meanwhile, at the dorm room.]

Phuepal: Hey, Ickis. Can I touch it?

Krumm: No, you can't! Only Ickis can On account of he's the chosen one.

Phuepal: Yeah, Ickis, good thinking raising your hand. I was thinking of doing that except I was sitting on them.

Oblina: Isn't that fascinating, Pheupal? But we've kept Ickis long enough. Let us get us some lunch So Ickis can get to his work. Congratulations, Ickis. I know you shall do a great job. Besides, some day you'll probably be scraping Your very own amulet.

Ickis: You really think so?

Oblina: Of course. Now, do not forget that we have a group assignment today.


Slickis: It is with great pleasure that I present The sacred amulet of enfarg to my son, Ickis The youngest monster to receive this award.


Oblina: Ickis! The group scare. Did you forget? We're all waiting.

Ickis: Oh yeah, I'm coming.


Duchamp: Be careful with that sign. My name is on my sign. Ow! You maniac! Watch what you're doing!

Man: Yeah, sorry.

Duchamp: You could have dislocated my spine.

Man: Yeah, but I...

Duchamp: These are not fishing vests You denim-brained putz. They are works of art. What? What is it? You're looking at my eyes? Why?

Man: No, it's, I...

Duchamp: You think they are contacts, is that it? Well, they are real. I just happen to have been blessed With naturally vibrant Amber-colored eyes.

Man: Well, then, uh... One of your completely naturally colored amber eyes Is on your cheek.

Duchamp: Ach! You're just jealous You pathetic, common-eyed person! Why is everyone against me?

Krumm: Gosh. I wonder where Ickis is?

Oblina: He said he was right behind me.

Ickis: I am right behind you.

Oblina: [gasps] Ickis, you are wearing the Gromble's amulet.

Ickis: Yeah I know. Doesn't it look great?

Pheupal: Boy, it sure does, it looks really great on you.

Krumm: I wish I had a neck so I could try it on, too.

Oblina: Krumm. Do not encourage him. [To Ickis] Ickis, you take off this amulet this instant.

Ickis: Oh, please don't worry. Take a chill. I am the chosen one. I'm bad! I am the chosen one, after all.

Woman: Oh, yes, the hats. Let's see what we have. One ruby red crushed velvet beret. One black felt, floppy with floral band. One purple, long-ear with eyes And teeth?Wait. What the...


Ickis: That was a really great group scare, don't cha think?

Oblina: It was more of a Ickis scare than a group scare.

Ickis: Yeah, that's true, I was pretty great, wasn't i?

Krumm: Uh..Ickis?

Ickis: I can hardly wait for the Gromble to see it In class.

Krumm: Yeah, Ickis, but...

Ickis: But again, It's a scare you'd expect From a guy who will someday have one of these. (Gasps) oh, no. I lost the Gromble's amulet! (Squealing) What am I going to do?

Oblina: I'll tell you what we should do. We should go and tell the Ggromble. That is what we should do.

Ickis: No! Please! You cannot do that. You guys got to help me.

Oblina: Why? You did not seem to need our help at your group scare.

Ickis: I know. I got carried away.

Oblina: Well, all right. I suppose it is partly my fault For putting that idea into your feeble little brain.

Ickis: Thank you guys, thank you. I knewI could count on you. Let's go.

Phuepal: Hey, ickis, I'd love to go But I got some studying to do. But your secret's safe with me. They could snorch me till the end of time And I won't talk. Monster word of honor. I swear. Okay, bye.


Duchamp: My fabulous chapeaux On the floor? Muriel! Hmph. What's this? It's magnificent. Such inspired design! Such craftsmanship. Ooh! Excuse me. Did... Did... Did you drop this?

Man: Uh, no, I didn't. Of course you didn't

Duchamp: You incipient, blue-jeaned moron! I just created it To represent My new fall line. Behold! My genius!


Phuepal: Hello, Gromble sir.

Gromble: Oh, hello Pheupal.

[Pheupal then confesses to the Gromble.]

Phuepal: Okay, okay! I can't take it anymore. I'll talk. Ickis wore your amulet on a group scare assignment. I told him not to but he wouldn't listen to me. Right? And then he lost it. So him, Krumm and Oblina try to find it. They beg me to go with them. I know it was wrong. I know it was wrong! [Quickly calms down.] Can I go now?

Gromble: Yes, Phuepal. ICKIS!!!!!!!!!!!

[The Gromble angrily shouts Ickis' name as a result, causing huge wind in a cafeteria, the door to open and is heard over the city. Meanwhile.]

Ickis: Look at all the humans. We'll never find it now. I'm doomed!

Woman: Ladies and gentlemen. Dietrich Dduchamp is proud to present Fashion for people who "get it."

Krumm: Hey guys look!

Ickis: Oh! That's great! Oh, now all we got to do is snatch it and we can go home.


Ickis: Oh, no. Now what are we going to do?

Oblina: We will just have to snatch all of them. Come with me, I have an idea.


Oblina: Let's go.

Duchamp: The concept for my medallion came to me During a psychic dream I had last spring When I was abroad, which is where I'm from. And I realized... You're staring at my cheekbones, aren't you?

Reporter: No. I wasn't.

Duchamp: You think they are fake, don't you?

Ickis: Blecch! They're all fake!

Oblina: It has to be here somewhere.

Ickis: There it is.

Krumm: Quick, hide. Someone's coming.


Woman: That's the one I'm looking for.

Duchamp: Hurry up and get out there You tiny brains! The show's almost over.

Ickis: There it is.

Duchamp: Ah, the sweet sound of well-deserved adulation. Time to take my bows. What? Where is everyone? Pathetic American discount off-the-rackers! How dare you do this to me? I am Dietrich Duchamp! You are just jealous of my perfections! Do you hear me? Jealous!

Gromble: I think you have something that belongs to me.

Duchamp: My real name is Leonard Dorkman from Duluth. Please don't hurt me.

Ickis: I see you found your amulet.

Gromble: Yes I did find it. AND NOW YOU'RE GOING TO GET IT!


Gromble: So you see, Ickis The amulet of enfarg Is not something you get from daydreams. It's something you must earn. Do you understand?

Ickis: Yes, your Grombleness. I understand.

Gromble: I'm sure you do. And I'm also sure That your new job is much more suited to your... Shall we say, shortcomings? AND MAKE SURE YOU MATCH THE SIZES!