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Anilbo in her Story

Anilbo is a fictional character in Oblina's story "Anilbo and The Three Humans", read by her to calm Chomble down. At a time when garbage was not collected in dumps, and monsters lived in many different places, Anilbo lived under a bridge. "Anilbo" is simply Oblina's name spelled backwards.

Since there weren't a lot of humans in her time, monsters like Anilbo didn't have to hide from them. She tries to scare a German man, Hans, but he claims scaring him is too easy, but his brother is big and tough.

She also has an allergy to knockwurst, since the mere scent of it causes her to sneeze uncontrollably, given that it smelled "terrible". This gave her trouble when she met and tried to scare the man's brother, Dieter. It turned out that Dieter isn't big or tough as Hans said, shown as he was scared of his own shadow. Anilbo decided that she will go and scare Hans instead, provided that Dieter doesn't cook anything.

When Hans and Dieter played loud music on their accordian, it disturbed Anilbo even more. She managed to sneak behind the humans when Uno arrived, and scare all of them by turning into an instrument. Satisfied after getting rid of them, Anilbo left her village to travel the world, scaring any human she encountered, becoming the best scarer.

Anilbo bears several resemblances to Oblina; she has eye stalks like Oblina, tentacles on the sides of her head, like Oblina's tail, and large red lips.

Just like Oblina, Anilbo was voiced by Christine Cavanaugh.