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Attack of the Blobs is the second part of the tenth episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from season one.

Attack of the Blobs
Attack of the Blobs.jpg
Episode 19 (Season 1, Episode 10b)
Airdate December 31, 1994
Directed by Igor Kovalyov
Written by Lawrence H. Levy
Aaahh!!! Real Monsters
"Cold Hard Toenails"
"Chip off the Old Beast"

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Oblina has never blobsat before, but that was no problem, unless, of course, the little blob hatches into a bonsty and tries to eat everything in sight, including the blobsitter.


Gromble is teaching the class about how baby monsters (called blobs) are born. Ickis repeatedly raises his hand and asks questions. Gromble tells Ickis that he is annoying. Ickis asks Gromble how he can keep from laughing, as he finds how blobs are born hilarious. The whole class, discluding Gromble's best student, Oblina, begins laughing.

In the hallway, Ickis begins mimicking how adult monsters form blobs. He begins laughing uncontrollably. An unnamed, offended monster gives him what for, squirting at him and scolding, "How dare you," and leaves, never to be seen again. An embarrassed Oblina tells Ickis that he doesn't know anything about blobs and that she knows everything about them. A monster holding many applications and forms asks Ickis, Krumm, and Oblina if anyone mentioned blobs since he has a form for anyone who is good at blobsitting. Oblina is about to say no when Ickis tells her that he knew she would back out. Oblina accepts the form.

In the room shared by Ickis, Krumm, and Oblina, Oblina is brushing her teeth with green slime. Ickis begins giving her some blobsitting tips but Oblina interrupts. Ickis, now mad, tells her that he was just trying to help. The doorbell rings. Krumm opens the door. Two adults carrying their blob child in a basket are shown. The mother, Twarp, tells Krumm to please tell her that he is not Oblina as Krumm does not look like an intelligent blobsitter. Oblina walks over and tells the two that she is Oblina.

Twarp hands over her child, Blarp. Oblina reaches for the bag of toenails she will earn in return for blobsitting Blarp when Twarp tells her that she will not recieve toenails until the job is done. Oblina accepts. As night arrives, Oblina begins sleeping. She tells herself that these are going to be the easiest toenails she has ever earned when the basket Blarp is inside begins to shake. Krumm tells Oblina not to shake the basket. Oblina tells him that she is not moving the basket.

They realize that the blob inside the basket has transformed into a bonsty, a baby monster. Oblina tells Ickis to go to the library to research how to take care of bonsties. The bonsty begins eating many of the monsters' possessions. At the library, Ickis asks the librarian for a book about a bonsty. The librarian tells him that when blobs transform into bonsties, they eat everything in sight. She also explains how they prefer live monsters but will settle for inanimate objects.

Ickis runs home, hoping Oblina and Krumm have not been eaten. He opens the door to his room and sees the bonsty but no Oblina or Krumm. He begins crying on the floor in front of the bonsty wailing "You ate my best friends!" when Krumm and Oblina walk over to him. Krumm asks if he was looking for them. Oblina tells Ickis that they were hiding from the bonsty.

The three monsters decide to take care of the bonsty in shifts. Oblina carefully watches the bonsty on her shift. Ickis "sings" the bonsty a lullaby (actually, he yells, "GO TO SLEEP! NOT A PEEP! DREAM OF SCARING LITTLE SHEEP!", and bangs trash can lids together like cymbals). Krumm accidentally falls asleep on his shift and the bonsty begins to eat everything. Oblina wakes up and tells Ickis that Krumm fell asleep on his shift. Krumm wakes up. Someone knocks at the door.

Oblina opens the door. It is Gromble. Gromble asks what sort of activity kept the monsters from attending his class. Ickis is about to tell him the whole story when Gromble spots the bonsty. Gromble tickles the bonsty and tells it how adorable it is. The bonsty then tries to eat Gromble. Twarp and Flarp arrive and tell Blarp to spit Gromble out. Blarp does so. The parents take their child and give Oblina their toenails. Gromble asks Ickis, Krumm, and Oblina what happened, as he was unconscious.

Ickis tells him how he was almost eaten by a bonsty and how they saved his life. Gromble sarcastically asks them what he will do to "thank" them. Gromble "thanks" Oblina by giving her over twenty bonsties to blobsit.


  • This episode establishes the reproduction and growth of monsters.
  • The birth and growth from blob to bonsty of monsters is very similar to the metamorphosis of caterpillars to butterflies and moths
  • Ickis sings a lullaby to Blarp.
  • This episode was released on the Meet the Monsters VHS.
  • This is the second time Oblina says "Toodle-ee-oo."


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