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[It all started at the Auditorium.]

Gromble: And next, with the hands like this, they touch fingertips and form a blob.

Ickis: Did you say blob, sir?

Gromble: Yes. Blob.

Ickis: That's after the fingertip thing.

Oblina: Ickis, please.

Gromble: Yes. After the tips! 30 Days later the blob shakes The bonsty pops out, And that's it. Master ickis, How inquisitive you are today. It is so annoying!

Ickis: Just one thing sir. How do you keep from laughing?

[all laugh]

Oblina: I do not know him.

Krumm: I do. He's Ickis.


Ickis: So you put your elbow on your knee like this. Your thumb on your nose and wave your hands like-

Female: How dare you!

Ickis: What just happened?

Oblina: You are so naive. I have never been so embarrassed in all my life!

Ickis: Well excuse me, miss know it all.

Oblina: All I'm saying is...

Ickis: I'm just curious here. How do you know So much about blobs?

Oblina: There are things I know a lot about. Blobs are one of them!

Bulletin Board Monster: Did someone Mention blobs? I have A blobsitting opportunity For an ambitious young monster.

Oblina: Actually, I have a lot of homework, And I'm not sure...

Ickis: I knew you back out.

Krumm: So much for knowing about blobs.

Oblina: Yes. I would be very interested In blobsitting.

Bulletin Board Monster: Take a gander Down yonder to your left. No, that's too far. Below the one For the antique plunger.

Oblina: [reads words] Young couple desires a responsible monster so blobsit their precious for seven days. no no six no five somebody quick please.

Ickis: Appearances are Very important Slovenly is good But never come Off as careless. Remember, they are Entrusting you With theirPrecious blob.

Oblina: Ickis, dear. I am much More experienced than-

Ickis: I was trying to help little Miss edgy know-everything But if you don't want it.

[A knock is heard.]

Oblina: THAT"S THEM!

Krumm: If no ones gonna get it.

[Krumm opens the door.]

Twarp: Oh please, tell me you're not Oblina.

Krumm: I'm not Oblina.

Oblina: Hello, I'm Oblina.

Twarp: Thank goodness. This place is perfect.

Clarp: Yeah. nothing Of value at all. I'm klarp, this is twarp, And this is our precious blarp.

Oblina: That is the ugliest blob I ever seen.

Twarp: Thank you. Have you ever blobsat before?

Oblina: Oh yes. Many times. My neighbors at home always Brought their blobs to me. I know everything there is To know about blobs.

Clarp: Do you have any references?

Oblina: Do you know the flubungers? Too bad, they loved me. What do you think?

Twarp: Well Clarp what do you think?

Clarp: Gee, twarp, I think We've got ourselves A blobsitter. Oblina, we'll pick little blarp Up in exactly 25 hours And 12 minutes.

Twarp: And please be careful. He's our little precious

Oblina: Never fear. He is in good hands.

Clarp: Aren't you forgetting something?

Oblina:[gasp] The curl is still attached!

Both: Let me see!

Twarp: Later. when we ge Little blarp back Safe and sound.

Clarp: Bye, little Blarpie.

Oblina: Toodle ee loo.

Ickis: Have a good time.

Krumm: See you later. Don't worry about anything,

[Later on, everyone is in bed.]

Oblina: Thank you for talking me into this, Ickis. This are going to be the easiest toenails I have ever earned.

[She goes to sleep. Unknown to her, the basket started to shake.]

Krumm: You better be careful, Oblina. You just hit the Blob's basket.

Oblina: I did not.

Krumm: Then why is it shaking like that?

Oblina: It's... It's shaking because...Oh no. OH NO!!!


[The egg starts moving around as the monsters tried to catch it. After one scuffle over the egg, it hatches.]

Oblina: Ickis, boil me some skankum. Hurry.

Ickis: Here's your bowl of skankum. Don't know what you wanted for.

Oblina: For energy. I'll need it if I have to Watch this toddler.

Krumm: That brat bit me. Try that again and I'll...

Oblina: He is probably just fanging.

Ickis: Yeah he's just a little bonstie poo.

Krumm: Well he's more dangerous than a human.

Oblina: Stop it. I will not have you talking dirty in from to for this sweet hel-

[Bonstie bites her.]

Oblina: OW! Why you little.... We should give him something to chew.

Ickis: Try this nice rusty sewer pipe.

Oblina: How extraordinary. Strange, I wonder why he is so hungry?

Ickis: I thought you knew everything about blobs.

Oblina: I do! I do! but I'll go To the library and brush up In case there's Anything I forgot.

Ickis: I'll go you stay. You're the professional blobsitter.

Krumm: Kids go potensal.

Library Monster: You say it ate the stool?

Ickis: In one bite.

Library Monster: Here it is. You're dealing with a hoodchuck

Ickis: A woodchuck?

Library Monster: Sorry. Oh, a chainsaw.

Ickis: A chainsaw?

Library Monster: Wrong again. You' big trouble.

Ickis: Tell me something I don't know.

Library Monster: Uh "run for cover For the first 24 hours. This species eats everything In sight."

Ickis: Everything?!

Library Monster: They prefur to eat other monsters but...

Ickis: Terrific! This is all Oblina's fault. Some blobsitter!

Library Monster: Oh.. One of these days I'm gonna make things right.

Ickis: Oblina! Krumm! Oh no. Where are Oblina and Krumm. [weeping] You little brat, you ate my best friends.

Krumm: You looking for us?

Ickis: AH! Where were you?

Oblina: Trying to avoid...

Krumm:...the hungry one.

Ickis: So you see when sees the three of us, he's thinking breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Krumm: I wanna be dinner.

Oblina: Chaps, I have A confession to make.

Ickis: I know. You never blobsat before.

Oblina: How'd you know?

Krumm: You don't know sqat about blobs.

Oblina: Okay. The truth is out. Now we have to band together. We've got fifteen hours Until this bonsty's Parents show up.

Krumm: That's noon tomorrow.

Oblina: If we each take A five-hour shift, We can do it. What do you say?

Ickis: I sure could use some one of those toenails.

Krumm: Me too.

Oblina: Wait a minute. Who said anything about toenails.

Ickis: I'm out of here.

Krumm: With you buddy.

Oblina: Okay okay. We'll split it evenly.

Ickis: Sucker.

Krumm: We would Have helped You anyway.

Ickis: All for one and one for all.

Krumm: Buddies till the end.

Oblina: Now, who wants The first shift?

Both: Not me.

Oblina: You're Yellow.

Ickis: Yellow? I'm not yellow, I'm mageetna!

[They argue]



Krumm: Hey!

Oblina: OH MY! Krumm! Krumm! Ickis, wake up! Krumm fell asleep in his shift.

Ickis: He what?!

Oblina: Time is almost up. That must be them.

Gromble: Hello. What fascinating activity Prevented you From attending my class?

Ickis: We can explain.

Gromble: Oh, I'm sure you can. In fact you'd better.

Oblina: I am afraid it's all my fault. You see...

Gromble: Oh it's a little bonsty. How cute! He looks so young. But you wouldn't be so foolish As to bring a bonsty in here If he was less than a day old. It would be a disaster. Icky, picky putrid.


[They tried to get the Gromble out of the bonstie's mouth.]

Twarp: Blarp. Spit that out now!

Oblina: Oh dear. Hello there.

Ickis: Are you alright. He looks like the dogs dinner.

Krumm: I don't like dog dinner.

Twarp: My little precious he was no trouble I hope.

Oblina: No, no trouble at all. Then he turn into a bonstie.

Clarp: You said you Blobsat before. You knew All about blobs.

Oblina: I am a child. I exaggerate.

Twarp: Enough chitchat, Clarp. Everyone seems to be alright, And we've got to ge Our precious home. Thank you. Here are Your toenails. Ready Klarp?

Clarp: Ready, Twarp.

Twarp: Here we go Blarp.

Gromble: Where am I?

Ickis: In our simple But beautifully decorated room. You were swallowed,

But the danger's over.

Krumm: We saved your life.

Gromble: Yes I remember. How shall I ever thank you?

Ickis: Pretty soon we're all going To be experts on blobs Just like you, oblina.