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Baby It's You

Baby It's You is an episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from the 3rd season.

Characters present[]


A mix-up at a human hospital gives the monsters a human baby and new parents with the Gromble's bon-sty nephew.


The Monsters drag a garbage bag to their dorm and munch the garbage inside. When they attempt to leave to get more, the Gromble appears at the door and asks them to babysit his infant nephew Bomble, which The Monsters reluctantly agree to doing. As the Gromble leaves, an annoyed Ickis blames the infant monster for ruining his garbage day and the infant responds by biting his head.

At the hospital, The Monsters take Bomble along with them to sneak through the vent and into the hallways. Krumm spots a garbage can on wheels being pushed by a human doctor and The Monsters dart after it. Oblina gives Bomble to Krumm, who gives him to Ickis, who impulsively throws it in a mobile crib behind them as The Monsters go to the other room. A human doctor comes out and picks up the infant to uncover him, revealing the monster. But the doctor looks at the infant as an ugly human baby and asks if anybody lost him.

Meanwhile, The Monsters are munching on the garbage in the garbage can when Oblina realizes that Bomble is no longer with them. They search through the basket in the hallway and find a nurse pushing a crying infant in a cart. Oblina scares away the nurse and grabs the infant. She, Ickis, and Krumm escape through the vents, oblivious to the fact that the doctor from earlier has Bomble instead.

By the time The Monsters make it back home, Oblina unwraps the blanket to reveal a new-born human infant, much to The Monsters' dismay. Meanwhile, at the hospital, the Stevensons, named Lois and Stan, become frightened when they take a glance at Bomble. But they quickly mistake him for their son and take him home, where the infant monster destroys everything inside.

Meanwhile, The Monsters search through the hospital to find Bomble and overhear the doctor telling one of his assistants about the infant monster the Stevensons picked up. Krumm scares away the two doctors and Oblina reads an envelope that divulges the Stevenson's address.

The Monsters take the human baby with them to the Stevensons' house and successfully find Bomble in a cage. They, however, begin to hide when Stan and Lois walk into the house for the new-born infant's grandparents to arrive to see their "grandson." They become little more than confused when they take a glimpse of the infant monster's appearance. So Krumm decides to permeate the entire house with his stench, convincing the humans that the infant monster needs his diaper changed. Lois takes him out of the cage and walks upstairs, with The Monsters following along. Lois places Bomble on the table of the bathroom to change him and walks away to put on a germ suit. The Monsters sneak into the bathroom to grab Bomble and switch him with the new-born infant right before escaping via toilet. As Lois comes back ready to change the infant, she becomes amazed that she has found her real infant child and takes him upstairs to tell her husband about it. Ickis then emerges from the toilet and flushes it before he goes back inside.

The Monsters are back into their dorm, giving Bomble back to the Gromble. Bomble belches out a video camera and the Gromble takes his infant nephew with him, with the infant biting his arm. As The Monsters rest, Ickis says that he will miss the human baby and wonders if the infant will ever remember being with him and his friends.

Back at the Stevenson's house, Stan and Lois are seen playing with the infant. The infant makes a scary face, scaring his parents as they begin to faint onto the floor.


  • The Stevensons' baby in this episode looks exactly like the one that Simon scared (while his brain was controlled by Ickis) from This Is Your Brain on Ickis.


  • At the very end of the episode, when the human baby is laughing after scaring his parents, he has a visible row of teeth, when he is far too young to have it yet.