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[The monsters escape the sewers.]

All: [laughing]

Krumm: It comes from a hospital. Do you like it?

Oblina: I love it. Krummy! This is the most disgustingly repulsive garbage I have ever eaten.

Ickis: And it's fun to chew on too. [slows glove into a balloon.]

Krumm: Only problem is This is all I could find in the dump.

Ickis: My friends, I think our problem can be solved with just two words. Take out!

Gromble: Well! Going out to further your education, I trust.

Krumm: Um, we were just going to, um...

Oblina: To practice our scares on the scaring ground. For the third time this week, your Grombleness.

Gromble: Well, as long as you're indulging in such upstanding behavior, you won't mind some company.

Ickis: Look it's a... it's a... bonstie.

Gromble: Heh-heh. You wouldn't mind taking care of my nephew for one night, would you?

Oblina: Uh well..

Gromble: Would you? Look at the time. Can't chat, got a pot of slime on the stove. So here's the bonstie, ta-ta!

Ickis: Well, that's just great! We had a fun-filled night of garbage-eating Ahead of us, and now it's ruined. And it is all your fault! I hope you're happy.

Oblina: He looks positively ecstatic.


Krumm: There's our dinner.

All: Food!

Oblina: Krummy, you are amazing!

Krumm: They never let me dow.n let's go.

Oblina: Good Bomble, be quiet! Nice, nice Bomble.

Ickis: Are you sure this is a good idea? You know taking the B O N S T Y with us?

Oblina: We'll put him back on your h-e-a-d. Then it is settled. Come on, I'm hungry. Here, hold this.

Krumm: Here, hold this

Ickis: Here, hold this.

Male Nurse: Hey! What's this baby doing here? Hey, little guy, whatcha doing here? You're a cutie. Yes, you are. Ooh, man! That is not a very good-looking baby. Hey, kid, you better have Some kind of winning personality. Uh, hey, anybody? Anybody lose a baby?

Ickis: Boy, this is living, isn't it?

Krumm: You can say that again.

Oblina: There is only some thing missing.

Ickis: A tall, cool glass of pond scum, perhaps?

Oblina: No. BOMBLE!

Ickis: Don't worry, he's right in here somewhere. Where else could he be?

Oblina: How about right over there!

Nurse: Nice baby, don't cry now.

Oblina: Do I have to do anything?

Nurse: Don't cry, baby. It's all right, there's no reason to be scared.

Oblina: There is now. Let's go, monsters.

Male Nurse: Anybody lose a baby?

Doctor: What are you doing with that baby? The Stevensons want their baby And you goof off!

Male nurse: Okay. Well, you know, I, uh...

Doctor: Oh! Take this baby to room right away. Come on! We've got a hospital to run here!

Male Nurse: Okay, well, let's go, little guy. Your mommy and daddy are looking for you.

[In the sewers]

Ickis: Whew, we made it.

Oblina: Now thanks to you, you came this close to loosing Bomble, Ickis. It was not for me, he wouldn't be here now.

[But when she opens the wrapping the monsters are terrified that the bonstie was replaced by a human baby. Meanwhile back at the hospital.]

Male Nurse: Uh.. You know. They all look a little ugly when they're first born. You know what I mean.

Stan: He's... he's...

Louis: He's my son. And I love him.

Stan: Oh, yeah, Lois, I love him. He's my son, too, you know. He's, he's got your eyes... I think.

Louis: Oh, Stan! I love him... much?

Ickis: "You came this close to losing Bomble! If it wasn't for me..."

Oblina: That is not funny, Ickis.

Krumm: He seems to think so.

Ickis: Hey, he likes me.

Oblina: Oh, isn't that nice. And maybe later you can try your funny faces on the Snorch!

Ickis: The Snorch?

Oblina: Exactly! We have to get back To the hospital! Bomble could be anywhere by now!

Krumm: Let's go.

Stan: Son, welcome home!

Louis: Well, he certainly does have energy! Oh, look, son, it's a jingle-jangle thing! You want to play With the jingle-jangle thing?


Louis: Okay.. Stan are you getting all this?

Stan: Yeah. Every precious second, honey. Smile for daddy, son!


Oblina: Can't you think of anything but food?

Krumm: Its not easy.

Ickis: Listen.

Male Nurse: Hey, hey, so, come on, sign the card, okay? It's for the Stevensons. You know, the couple with, you know, like, the ugly baby?

Ickis: Bingo! Here hold this.

Krumm: Here, hold this.

Oblina: No! That is how we got into this mess! Oh, now where did Krumm get to?

Male Nurse: Okay, I'll sign... Right after I eat.

Oblina: Ha. Here is where Bomble is.


Krumm: There he is.

Ickis: Here we go.

Stan: Here we are.

Grandmother: let me see him! Oh! Let me see my grandson!

Louis: I hope you like him,

Grandfather: Oh, we'll love him!

Stan: Do you really think so?

Grandmother: He's, uh... Adorable.

Oblina: Oh, we shall never get the Bomble back now. We have to do something!

Ickis: Yeah, come on, Krumm, we have to do something.

Krumm: I am doing something.

Ickis: You're just sitting there.

Krumm: Watch and learn.

Oblina: Oh.. Krummy.

Grandfather: Whoo! I tell you, that is one healthy baby.

Louis: I think someone needs to have his diaper changed.

Stan: I'll do it honey.

Louis: No I'll do it.

Grandmother: Would somebody please do it? I can't hold out much longer.

Louis: I'll do it. Here we go son.

Oblina: Now is our chance. Let's go.

Louis: Okay, baby Mommy has to get ready to change you. Don't go away.


Oblina: Here we go, Bomble. Ickis. We have no time.

Ickis: Okay okay! Goodbye little guy.


Louis: Okay, you little monster... Oh! Oh, my goodness! Oh, Stan! Stan, you won't believe it!

Gromble: No problems with the little bonstie I trust?

Oblina: Oh no problem at all.

Ickis: Where did that come from?

Gromble: Now, let's go home, Bomble. Mustn't eat your uncle's arm.

[Bomble chews on The Gromble's arm]

Ickis: I'm gonna miss that little guy.

Krumm: You're going to miss Bomble?

Ickis: No, the human baby. I wonder if he'll remember being with us?


Stan: Here I come to get you! Ooh, I'm the big, bad monster!

Louis: Stan, you're scaring him.

Stan: Oh, I'm just fooling around.