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Bad Hair Day

Bad Hair Day is an episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from the 3rd season.

Characters present[]


A series of pranks costs Krumm his pit hair, but a case of discarded hair tonic could bring it back.


A human scientist has invented Super Grow Hair Tonic and has bottles of them being shipped in a box. When the scientist tries to add a drop of the chemicals to his bald head, he doesn't grow any hair and throws away the box of bottled Super Grow Hair Tonics in the dump in despair.

The next morning, at the Monster Academy, Ickis and Krumm play a prank on Kriggle and Urbab on Monster Mischief Day, a holiday that monsters celebrate by playing pranks on other monsters. The other monsters laugh at the two victims, who tell Ickis that they will retaliate. Oblina comes around and rebukes Ickis for his prank. Krumm agrees with her and decides not to play any more pranks.

During the night, the two victims of Ickis's prank decide to get Ickis and Krumm back and sneak into their dorm with a can of foaming cream. They try to spray Ickis with the can, only to discover that he is gone. So they go to Krumm and are then seen leaving the dorm, which Ickis returns to. The next morning, Krumm wakes up and to his horror, his pit hairs have been shaved off. At the academy, the Gromble notices and says that it will take seventeen years for Krumm to regrow his pit hairs. he also admonishes the monsters for their pranks and storms off.

As The Monsters are walking through the hallways, Ickis apologizes to Krumm for letting the pranks go out of control and decides to help him look for hair. They search every place around the city including the zoo and the toy store and streets for hair, but none of them seem to work for Krumm. When Oblina and Krumm finally decide to relinquish and just wait for Krumm's pit hairs to grow naturally, they decide to go back home. Ickis stays outside and finally comes across a box of the Super Grow Hair Tonics. He grabs a number of bottles and bring them inside to put on Krumm's armpits while the latter is asleep. When he discovers that the armpit hair won't grow, he puts eleven bottles worth of the chemicals on his friend's armpits.

The next day, Krumm wakes up to find that his pit hair is grown back. Oblina notices the bottle of the hair tonic and Krumm is still upset because his pit hairs grew back artifically rather than naturally. Soon, the armpit hairs grow longer. But Ickis simply cuts it, only for the hairs to regrow once again and they eventually grow through the academy. The Gromble then finds out and Krumm decides to take the blame for Ickis by telling the Gromble that he was responsible for his overgrowth of hair by letting Ickis and Oblina convince him that his pit hairs are what make him. The Gromble tells Krumm that it's what is inside of him (which is his stench) that counts rather than what's outside of him. So Krumm lets off his body odor, which causes the ridiculously long pit hairs to fall off, bring back his natural pit hairs. Ickis and Oblina apologize to Krumm for making him feel bad of his past lack of pit hairs. Ickis is also punished by the Gromble, who has him clean all the hair out of the academy and the dump.

Meanwhile, the scientist destroys all of his experiments and suddenly grows a full head of hair.


  • Even though the Gromble stated in this episode that it will take 17 years for Krumm's pit hair to grow back, in Eau de Krumm, when his hair was ripped out, it grew back right away.
  • When Kriggle and Urbab sneak into the trio's dorm room, Urbab is light gray instead of his usual light brown color.
  • Kriggle and Urbab are next to each other in the shot of them snickering, but in the zoomed out shot of the Lecture Hall, Urbab is suddenly sitting next to Borl on the bottom row.