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Bappy is a monster student at The Monster Academy.


Bappy is a purple monster with a large nose and long curly antennae with black tips. She wears a sleeveless dark teal dress with a large pocket on the front and black heels.

Featured Appearances[]

S02E01a Spontaneously Combustible: Bappy is among the students panicking about Ickis' combustibility. (First speaking appearance.)

S02E08a O'Lucky Monster: Bappy compliments Oblina on her scare. (first appearance credited as Bappy)

S03E04b Monsters Are Fun: Bappy appears on The Gromble's class ranking chart at #50.

S04E03b A Friend Indeed: Bappy is called by name to show a scare

Bappy is seen in the background of many other episodes, usually in the middle-left column of the Lecture Hall.