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Battle of the Century

Battle of the Century is an episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from season four.

Characters Present[]


Simon unleashes his most brilliant plan to capture the monsters, a giant robot armed with anti-monster weaponry.


Simon is at his house drawing the diagram of his monster hunting machine. As he runs to his shed in the backyard, the next scene changes to the Monster Academy, where The Gromble is telling the other students that Simon is up to something since it's been a year since he has tried to capture a monster. Snav says that maybe Simon gave up, maybe the monsters scared him so much that he's never coming back. This statement angers Gromble, yelling that a human like Simon never gives up. The Gromble can sense that Simon is up to something, but has no idea what it is. He asks the students if any one of them could go to Simon's house to see what he's up to and chooses Ickis (because he showed up late) to do the job, much to the latter's dismay.

Ickis sneaks into Simon's yard and comes across his monster hunting machine, which Simon names the Simon-Mobile. Ickis runs away in terror and returns to the Academy to inform theGromble and the other students about this, prompting the Gromble to get the other students to build a monster machine of their own. Meanwhile, Simon is walking through the streets in his Simon-Mobile when he is stopped by a female police officer, who asks him for his license. Simon shows her his license and the female officer (who tells him that his taillight is out) laughs and lets him go with a warning.

After the monster machine is built, the Gromble has Oblina (with her brains), Krumm (with his fright), and Ickis (because he doesn't want him out of his sight) to assist him with the machine. The Gromble struggles to start it. Fearing he would be doomed, Ickis hugs Oblina very tightly. Eventually, Krumm slams onto it and the machine is activated. The Gromble controls the machine to take it to the dump and looks around to find Simon nowhere in sight. Just then, they hear a rumble and Ickis, Krumm, and Oblina are sent to their stations as the Gromble starts the machine, only for it to choke once again. The Simon-Mobile arrives at the dump and Simon uses the vacuum cleaning tube to suck the monsters from inside the Monster Academy inside his machine.

As the Gromble struggles to get the machine to start again, Krumm runs outside and kicks the machine to get it started again. As he returns inside back in his station, the monster mobile emerges out of the dump and the battle between the monster mobile and the Simon-Mobile begins. Ickis activates the monster devaculizer, Oblina is in charge of the torpedoes, and Krumm fires it, sending the scissors to cut the tube, freeing the other monsters. The Gromble and the three young monsters cheer in triumph, but Simon isn't finished yet. He activates the perfume spray and sprays the monster mobile with it. The Gromble activates the anti-wallie resistant system, fanning the perfume away and into the Simon-Mobile. So Simon sprays the monster mobile with soap and water. The Gromble decides to play dirty and navigates the monster mobile through the garbage. The Simon-Mobile looks through it and is pushed into the trash by the monster mobile as it digs out of the other side of the garbage. The monsters cheer in victory, but Simon has had enough of their games and lifts the Simon-Mobile out of the trash. He lets out his secret weapon and a lava lamp appears on the head of his machine, mesmerizing the monsters. Simon exits his machine dancing for his victory and calls the monster mobile a "piece of junk," kicking it in the process. This causes the monster mobile to thrust forward as Simon grabs onto the back of the bumper and destroy the Simon-Mobile, much to the monster hunter's disappointment. The monsters wake up from their hypnosis and find that the monster mobile is still moving. Oblina navigates through the exhaust pipe and scares off Simon, causing him to lose his grip of the bumper and fall to the ground. Simon yells at the monsters to return to him, only for the monster mobile to shift to reverse and chase him away as he hides inside the trunk of an old car. The monsters cheer in victory over Simon, although the Gromble says that he will return to hunt them again another day, and he and the other monsters will be ready for him. They return home via monster machine, and the next morning, Simon calls for assistance as he has locked himself in the trunk. He announces that he will be back someday.


  • Simon has slightly darker hair in this episode.
  • Unlike most season one episodes, Ickis doesn't giggle maniacally, he laughs like other monsters.
  • In the final scene, the license plate says "Gotcha".