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[episode starts]

Ickis: Oh, yes. It is great, [angrily] can we go please!?

[As Krumm tries to follow Ickis and Oblina, he slams himself into the wall and falls down and gets back up.]

Oblina: Krumm?

Krumm: Coming!


Gromble: Good morning, all.


Gromble: It appears we have a problem.


Krumm: That's a barking mirror. A stick. And a hat.

Krumm: Look, I can't see. Okay?

Gromble: Next.


Gromble: NEXT!


Kriggle: Look who's a new monster?

Gromble: Students, ENOUGH!

Oblina: This is the most uncivilized. Really.

Ickis: Yeah, guys. Lay off!

Zimbo: He deserves a better name. Professor Stench!

[All of the students continue laughing at Krumm.]

Zimbo: There you are. I dem