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Bigfoot, Don't Fail Me Now

Bigfoot, Don't Fail Me Now is an episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from the 2nd season.

Characters Present[]


The Gromble and his students must venture into the wilderness to retrieve Bigfoot, who is a monster that allows himself to be seen by humans, before Simon the monster hunter.


In the forest, Simon, the Monster Hunter, is searching for Bigfoot and finally comes across him. He video-tapes the creature as it walks away. Later on, the news reporter Exposia Vertov states that Simon claimed to have once captured a monster and even said one temporarily lived in his brain right before showing his discovery of Bigfoot. Despite the ocular proof, the reporter doesn't believe the story, infuriating Simon, who has been watching this on TV, and he plans to catch the Bigfoot to show them for real.

The video is also shown at the Monster Academy. Oblina laughs at the fact that Simon believes in Bigfoot. Gromble told her that this is no joke and states that the Bigfoot is named Elban, who has put himself in precarious situations due to flouting Gromble's rules. Elban is sick of Gromble's rules and plans to do his scares his way. Gromble is fed up with Elban's attitude and kicks him out. Back in reality, Ickis, Oblina, and Krumm mock Elban and Gromble sends them off to the woods to search for Elban to warn him of the danger he is in.

Gromble leads the three in the wilderness to find the Bigfoot and narrowly escape Simon's traps. As evening falls, Simon gets caught into his own trap, and the four monsters decide to set up camp for the night. As they sleep, Gromble gets captured by a mysterious figure.

The next day, The Monsters discover Gromble's absence and discover that Elban must have taken him. They follow his footprints, which leads to a cave, where Elban has Gromble locked up in a cage. Meanwhile, Simon continues his quest on searches for the Bigfoot, only to get a tranquilizer dart shot at him, knocking him out unconscious. Back in Elban's cave, Gromble tries to warn him of Simon, but Elban refuses to believe him, prompting Gromble to reminisce on how Elban's scare elicited a stampede, which Elban claims it wasn't his fault. The three young monsters are later shown still searching for the Bigfoot and Ickis gets caught into one of Simon's traps, falling down into a dug-up hole. His friends help him out and they continue their search.

Back in Elban's cave, the Bigfoot decides to get Simon to hunt for Gromble and ties him up right before he leaves. The Monsters continue their search outside and finally find Elban, only for Simon to attempt to catch him. He throws a smoke grenade at Elban, which causes the Bigfoot to fall to the ground unconscious. The Monsters decide to follow Elban's pet owl, believing that it will lead them to Gromble.

Back in Elban's cave, The Monsters free Gromble out of the cage and follow the owl, who has something to tell them. The owl leads them to Elban, who is about to be presented to the witnesses by Simon, who gives out a verbose speech before his presentation. As Simon reads his speech, the monsters rescue Elban, and by the time Simon shows everyone the Bigfoot, he is already gone, with a rat tied inside the cage instead. The others turn to leave and Simon then shouts to the tied up rat that he will prove to everyone that monsters exist and that he's the greatest genius that the world has ever known.

Back at the Monster Academy, Gromble offers Elban the Docorat of Monstrology. The other monsters cheer for him and Elban considers himself the luckiest monster on the face of the dump. Gromble soon becomes annoyed when he reads the paper of proof of the Loch Ness Monster. 


  • The name is a pun on the phrase "Feet, Don't Fail Me Now!"