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Blind Love, Monster Love

Blind Love, Monster Love is an episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from the 3rd season.

Characters present[]


Ickis becomes enamored with a Judy puppet from the Punch and Judy Show.


Ickis, Oblina and Krumm scare away the actors rehearsing for a play at the park and attempt to leave via toilet in the restroom. But Ickis looks back and watches a puppet show of a a hook-nosed lady puppet beating a man puppet at a puppet show. Ickis instantly falls in love and as night falls, he glazes at the moon in the sky. Oblina and Krumm take him along with them to go home.

The next day, at the Monster Academy, The Gromble is teaching his students monster math when he notices Ickis daydreaming. He demands the love struck monster to come to him and sends him to The Snorch, who tries to inflict whatever pain he might feel. But Ickis is unaffected by the pain and walks away still lovesick. He imagines himself going to the park and finally getting to share his feelings about the puppet and playing around with her. Oblina and Krumm notice their friend still lovesick and Krumm finally realizes that Ickis is blinded by love. Ickis tells his friends that the girl he loves is Judy, who is small and hideous in his eyes, and he is too nervous to meet her, thinking that she would never go for him. So Oblina and Krumm clean him up to prepare him to meet Judy. Ickis is about to leave, but stops again to ask his friends what he should say. Krumm tells him to say "you felt the joy of your success will scare, breathe the fumes of festering trash, and seen hills of oil that glittered like stars and moonlight" and that none of it means any more to him than it does to her.

Ickis sneaks out of the gutter of the street and into the park and takes a view of Judy the puppet at the puppet show. He tosses a piece of ball with the written poem stuck to it and accidentally hits Judy, prompting him to hide back inside the gutter. As he emerges out of the gutter, he finds that the puppet has his written poem. He later sneaks behind the puppet show to find the puppet in a box. When he sees a puppeteer packing Judy inside his case, Ickis scares him away and attempts to open the case.

When he can't get it open, he runs back home to find a pen to successfully open it. Oblivious to the fact that Judy is just a puppet, he thinks that Judy is unconscious and gets the doctor. Oblina and Krumm find the puppet in their dorm and decide to surprise Ickis with it. When Ickis returns with the other monsters, Krumm disguises himself as the puppet and Ickis introduces Judy to the others who have walked into the dorm, only to discover Krumm divulging himself to him. Oblina decides to trick the other monsters by having them think that they were fooled into believing that Ickis was in love. The Gromble, still aware of Ickis' love for the puppet, decides to play along and sends the other monsters out of the dorm. A heartbroken Ickis is coxed by his friends, and Ickis claims that he knew that Judy was only a puppet.

Later, Ickis is seen returning the puppet back to the now-dilapidated puppet show, saying "Nobody's perfect. But you were pretty close" right before he leaves.