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Blorp is a monster and student at the Monster Academy. Blorp has three heads, it is suggested that at least one of his heads can speak Spanish.


Blorp is purple with a wide body with two arms with 4 digits on each hand, and three heads on long, skinny necks. Right head: large nose, teal lips, spiky purple hair. Middle head: large nose, light purple lips, spike hair matching skin color. Left head: short, upturned nose, salmon-colored lips, three long strands of black hair.


Blorp apperars in Curse of the Krumm as a gag while the Gromble is taking roll, replying—from right to left—"Here," "Present," and "Aquí." Blorp is also seen in the background of other episodes


  • Blorp's voice is credited to Loren Lester as "Blorp 1+3," and Kath Souci as "Blorp 2+4." This may suggest that Blorp was originally intended to have four heads.
  • Blorp appears on the #18 Fleer Ultras Aaahh!! Real Monsters Pop-up Card; However, the card gives his name as "Garunach."