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A bonsty is a monster child at the toddler stage. They start out as cocoon-like blobs, then turn into bonsties, or toddlers. Bonsties attempt to eat everything in sight until they have been bonsties for over twenty-four hours. They are also known to enjoy live monsters rather than inanimate objects but will settle for things besides than other monsters.


A bonsty is a monster toddler. Bonsties rarely appear in the Aaahh!!! Real Monsters television series and only make two appearances on the show. However, both appearances focus on the bonsties, giving them a slightly higher role than that of cameos and minor characters.


The first bonsty shown in the series, Blarp, belonged to a couple who hired Oblina to blobsit. He is purple with two dark purple ears. He has two white eyes, purple lips, and many sharp teeth. He has four legs. The second bonsty, the Gromble's younger nephew Bomble, featured in the show looks similar but has lighter skin. Since Bomble looked nothing like his uncle but greatly resembled Blarp, cousin or grandmother, it is apparent that monsters are not born with their signature appearances, and do not develop them until they are passed the bonsty stage.


Bonsties first appeared in the episode Attack of the Blobs. Another bonsty, the Gromble's nephew, Bomble appeared in the episode Baby It's You.

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