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Chip off the Old Beast

Chip off the Old Beast is the first part of the eleventh episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from Season 1. It first aired on January 7, 1995.

Characters present[]


Ickis fears nobody will ever say, "Like father, like son.", when Slickis, his famous father, who is the best student ever graduated from the Academy, visits his son and dazzles the monster multitudes.


Ickis' father Slickis (who is considered the best student to graduate from the Academy) is coming to visit and Ickis feels upset of the fact that he would never follow the footsteps of his father. During the Academy, Slickis is later seen demonstrating the Under the Bed technique in front of all the monsters at the Academy. When his scare at the miniature golf course is shown via the Viewfinder (which reveals that he can transform like Oblina), the other monsters cheer for him and Ickis walks away in disappointment.

During lunch, Slickis tells the others about his past scares. When he notices Ickis sitting at a table alone, he walks up to him and invites him (and everyone else) to go and get some Slime Pie. Ickis, becoming raged with envy, decides to stay, only for Oblina to convince him to give his father a chance, which prompts Ickis to reluctantly tag along.

At the Gorblat Alley, Ickis bowls with a Gorblat and gets a strike, but his father doesn't pay attention and is, instead, conversing with Gromble, who asks Slickis if he could show him some bowling moves. Slickis performs the "whirling double-back criss cross" and gets acclaim from the other monsters once again. Once again, Ickis exits the Gorblat Alley in disappointment and Slickis follows to try to get his son to spend time with him right before Ickis suggests going out for a scare to show his father what he has learned.

Slickis suggests that the two should scare the humans at a Flower Shop, but Ickis feels that it is too easy and wants to try something challenging instead. So Slickis tries to scare humans at a party, which Ickis also disagree with. Finally, they approach a military camp and Ickis plans to scare a group of soldiers in a tank. Ickis hops in front prepared to scare the soldiers, but Slickis pushes him out of the way and the tank comes to a stop as he steps in front. The tank continues moving as Slickis steps out of the way and Ickis laments his inequity to his father.

Back at the Monster Academy, the Gromble wants Ickis and Slickis to share their father-son scare to the other monsters. Ickis refuses, but Slickis goes and the video shows his failure at scaring a duck. It is revealed that Slickis shared his failed scaring on purpose for Ickis' sake.

Slickis tells Ickis that he was a failure during his first try as a young monster and that it takes time to be a good scare-er. He encourages Ickis to have faith in himself and the two walk away as Slickis discusses how he tried to scare a faucet.