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Chomble is Gromble's young nephew. He cries almost all of the time. He is shown to only stop crying when he is told a story and is very young. He is very quiet and appears timid. Chomble only makes one appearance of the TV series.


Chomble is an infant monster who only appears in the episode Oblina and the Three Humans. He seems to have inherited his uncle's red lips and has four legs, a common trait in his family as both his uncle, the Gromble and Mama Gromble have. He does also have the family nose, but his is smaller and stubber. He wears a small green belt, similar to his uncle's. He is a light shade of purple or a mix of purple/blue with black spots. It's not known if he inherited it from his mother and/or father.

He acts as a main character in the episode, though is a minor character in the "Aaahh!!! Real Monsters" TV series overall.


Chomble has only appeared in one episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, Oblina and the Three Humans.


  • It is possible that he and Bomble are half-brothers, as in his first appearance the Gromble states that Chomble is his sister's son from her first marriage. Chomble wasn't mentioned as a newborn, so its likely they share different fathers.
  • Ironically, although both nephews are named, the Gromble has never said his sister's name.
  • It appears that Gromble has a soft spot for family as he never yells and shows anger with Chomble and/or Bomble's behaviour.
  • He has the same voice as Rocko from his Nickelodeon TV show, "Rocko's Modern Life".