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Clockwise is an episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from the 4th season. It first aired on November 22, 1997.

Characters present[]


The Gromble gives the perpetually late Ickis an unusual gift, a clock that can control time.


Ickis is trying to get to class and is late again. When he approaches The Gromble, Ickis tries to come up with an excuse and says that he overslept. The scene later changes to the inside of the Hotel Megabux building where the Gromble demonstrates his students the technique of planning to implement a great scare. A maid walks through the room and opens the door, only to get scared away by Oblina. She runs to two more doors, and comes across Krumm and Dizzle in each of them, scaring her away two more times each. She runs to the exit and looks around to find no one around. She sighs in relief and walks out. The Gromble then notices that Ickis is late again and by the time the latter arrives, The Gromble sends him to The Snorch.

In The Snorch's chamber, Ickis arrives late once again, and the Gromble is finally fed up with Ickis' tardiness. So he gives him a big clock to wear around his neck so he could catch up with the time. He also adds that if Ickis is late again, he will spend the rest of the time he wasted dirtying the floor with a toothbrush.

Ickis walks through the hallways in frustration wearing the clock around his neck and comes across Dizzle, who chides him for messing up the monsters' last scare last night and turns on a date to the sludge pits tomorrow since he'll be late again. Later, Ickis is seen reading a comic in his dorm room and Oblina reminds him that it is bedtime. But Ickis refuses to heed this and while Krumm and Oblina fall asleep, Ickis continues to read and squanders his whole time on it all night.

By the time morning elapses, Ickis finally falls asleep, and Krumm reminds him that it is time to go to class. Ickis wakes up all of a sudden and says that he has fifteen minutes and he will be there. So Krumm and Oblina leave off without him and Ickis continues sleeping, wasting away fifteen minutes. When he wakes up to find that he has only one minute left, he panics and runs to the academy as quick as possible. But he is late once again and when he looks at the clock, he rewinds it back three minutes earlier and he comes in on time. A confused Ickis then realizes that the clock on the wall is also in the same time he rewinds his clock around his neck to. But when he dances around in joy, he accidentally steps on the Gromble's foot and the headmaster berates him, prompting Ickis to rewind the clock back as he realizes that the clock he is wearing around his neck turns back time.

During class, Ickis uses the clock to take advantage of the Gromble and everyone else and when he returns to the dorm with his friends, he tells him that he could turn back time using the clock and suggests that he, Krumm, and Oblina should take advantage of this above ground. Krumm reminds Ickis that he would risk changing history forever and creating widespread panic on an unimaginable scale. Oblina agrees and reminds Ickis of all the destruction he could cause for fiddling with the clock and tries to take it away from him. So Ickis rewinds time again and leaves.

In the city streets, Ickis causes chaos while fooling around with the time and when he returns home, Krumm and Oblina come across him and tell him that he is tardy and the Gromble had gather every monster to search for him. Ickis scoffs at this and attempts to rewind time again as he smugly confronts the Gromble at the academy. But the hands on the clock get stuck and fall off to the floor. When he heaves the clock to the wall, Ickis then realizes he is in serious trouble as clones of the Gromble start multiplying. Ickis grabs the clock and attempts to fix it, only to come across clones of Dizzle as well. He runs into his dorm and finds clones of Krumm and Oblina each. Ickis runs away and finds the clones around the hallways. He also finds the piece of the clock and puts in inside, fixing the clock completely.

Ickis looks around to find that the clones are gone and he is back to being late for class again. When he approaches the Gromble at the academy, Ickis decides to take the punishment of dirtying the floor with the toothbrush, also adding that he will enjoy it.


  • This serves as the final speaking role of Dizzle.