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[episode starts]

Gromble: Ickis!

Ickis: I'm sorry I'm late again. My clock broke, and I overslept. [laughs nervously]


Gromble: Now class, we shall see how planning and cooperation can lead to a proper multi-monster scare.


Gromble: Ickis!

Ickis: I'm sorry I'm late. I forgot what time it was, did I miss anything?

Gromble: Ickis, Snorch!


Ickis: Um, I know, I know, I'm-

[We cut into The Gromble's dorm room.]

Gromble: LATE! LATE! You're always late! And then you always hand me some ridiculous excuse!

Ickis: Dah, um, well, you see, that's because I-

Gromble: Now you're giving me an excuse for your excuses. No more. I tried to be patient with you Ickis, you and your chronic lateness, but now you've gone too far. I have no choice but to give you this. This is the clock of razhtark. The clock against which All others in monsterdom are set.

Ickis: Oh, for me? I really don't deserve such a nice gift.

Gromble: It's not a gift. It's a PUNISHMENT! You will wear this clock around your neck so that you'll always know exactly what time it is. And you would have no excuse for ever being late to my class. Do you know what will happen if you are late?

Ickis: Well, [giggles for a bit and gasps] I have a feeling you're gonna tell me.

Gromble: You will spend the rest of the time dirtying the floor with a toothbrush.

Ickis: [Gulps]

Gromble: Be there tomorrow, on time.


Dizzle: Thanks for messing up our scare today Ickis.

Ickis: [laughs nervously] So, uh, hmm, can I take you to the sludge pits tomorrow?

Dizzle: Forget it! You'll probably be late anyway.


Oblina: Icky, I think we should go to bed now. We do not want to be late for class tomorrow do we?

Ickis: Well, I'll be late Oblina, because we have a clock. So why don't you leave me alone.

Oblina: Well.


Krumm: Um, we're going to class now Ickis. Are you coming?

Ickis: Leave me alone will ya?! I have fifteen minutes and I'll be there.

Oblina: Very well.


Gromble: ICKIS!

Ickis: Oh no. I'm late. Maybe I'm not late. If my clock doesn't say I am.

[Ickis turns the long hand back by a minute, then enters the academy to discover that he is on time.]

Gromble: Ah, Master Ickis, right on time.

Ickis: Huh?

Gromble: In fact, I believe you're early.

Ickis: Yes! [giggles] That's it! I am early. [giggles more] I'm early. [He steps on The Gromble's foot.]

Gromble: OW! Ickis, you clumsy nincompoop! Watch where you're going!

[Ickis reverses time again.]

Gromble: Ah, Master Ickis, right on time.

Ickis: I can turn back time.

Gromble: In fact, I believe you're early.

Ickis: Why, yes. I am early, you pitiful pussbucket!

[The students gasp.]


[Ickis reverses time yet again.]

Gromble: Ah, Master Ickis, right on time.


Gromble: Class, who can tell me Komgozz's ninth law of projectile sludging?

[Ickis takes the book from the Gromble and reads it.]

Gromble: Ickis, what do you think you're doing? Give me that book back!

Ickis: Ah, keep your shoes on slimebreath.

[Ickis reverses time again.]

Gromble: Class, who can tell me Komgozz's ninth law of projectile sludging?

Ickis: The velocity of flying sludge Is adversely proportional to the gross volume of slime present In said sludge.

Gromble: [gasps and then checks the book] That's precisely correct. Wonderful.


Gromble: Master Ickis, I must say I'm impressed. You really turned it around.

Ickis: Oh. Yes. Well, it's easy when you control time.

Gromble: What was that?

[Ickis giggles and reverses time.]

Gromble: Master Ickis, I must say I'm impressed. You really turned it around.

Ickis: Oh, well, I owe it all to you, sir.

Gromble: Keep up the good work.

Ickis: Oh, thank you. I intend to do just that. [laughs]


Ickis: Hello, Dizzle. How about the way I answered that question? Are you impressed now?

Dizzle: Oh, Ickis please. If there's anything I can't stand, it's a showoff.

Ickis: Well, I can take care of that. [reverses time] Hiya, Dizzle! Gee I really hope The Gromble liked my answer just now.

Dizzle: Oh, Ickis. It was great. I just wish I knew how you do it.

Ickis: Well, maybe I could tell you all about it over ice frosty cold scumshakes.

Dizzle: Bleh! I hate scumshakes.

Ickis: [Reverses time] Grubworms?

Dizzle: Blah!

Ickis: [Reverses time] Flamanade?

Dizzle: Flamanade? I love Flamanade. How did you know it was my favorite?

Ickis: Oh, just call it a lucky guess. [giggles]

[Ickis arrives at his dorm laughing.]

Oblina: Ickis, what on earth are you doing?

Ickis: I'm celebrating my striped friend. As of today, I will never have to do school work again! [laughs]

Krumm: He's finally losing it.

Ickis: Wrong! I have found it. [giggles for a bit.] I can turn back time.

Oblina: Nonsense!

Ickis: What did you say?

[Ickis reverses time again with Oblina saying 'nonsense' over and over again.]

Ickis: You got to stop repeating yourself, Oblina, I can tell you, I can turn back time. How do you think I got the great answer in class?

Oblina: Well, I was wondering that myself. You mean, you can really turn back time?

Ickis: Yes! Yes! Yes, yes! Yes! We can do all the cool stuff we ever wanted and never get in trouble for it. [giggles] Come on! Let's go above ground and have some fun!

Oblina: Yeah, but, we have a test tomorrow.

Ickis: Ah, test, schmest! We will never take another test as long as we live. I'll just keep turning the clock back. [giggles] What could go wrong?

Krumm: Well, you could destroy the very fabric of time, changing history forever and creating wide spread panic on an imaginable scale. Or not.

Oblina: Oh, Krumm is right, Ickis. You cannot just fool around with time. There is no telling what destruction you might cause.

Ickis: Yeah, but I... Yeah, but I...

Oblina: Gimme that clock right now!

Ickis: I do not have to put up with this.

[Ickis reverses time.]

Oblina: Ickis, what on earth are you doing?

Ickis: I was just leaving.

[He exits the room and laughs again.]


Ickis: Ah, oh well, I guess I should check on what the mortals are up to.


Oblina: Ickis! Where have you been? The Gromble is getting everyone to search for you. You are done for!

Ickis: Silence, please, don't speak. Everything is fine.

Krumm: But Ickis, you're really late!

Ickis: Incorrect, you see, I am right on time!

Gromble: Search every tide pool, sludge pool, slime pool and cesspool In a ten-mile radius. I want him found.

Ickis: Here I am, picklepuss.

Gromble: You have been absent from this academy for over 24 hours!

Ickis: 25 hours, 13 minutes and 22 seconds. That is counted.

Gromble: YOU PITIFUL POSSPUL! How dare you insult the honor of this academy!?

Ickis: It's time to rewind.

[Ickis reverses only for the pieces to break.]

Ickis: This is not good.


Ickis: Gotta fix that stupid clock!


Ickis: There. I think I got it.


Ickis: I didn't get it.

Random Krumm: Or not.


Gromble: Ickis! Ickis! ICKIS! You're late.

[Ickis panics for a bit, first looking at his friends, then at the clock. Then admits to the Gromble that he is late.]

Ickis: Yes, I am.

Gromble: And what pro tell you intend to do about it?

Ickis: Well, I am, going to dirty the floor with the toothbrush, and enjoy it.