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Curse of Katana

"Curse of Katana" is an episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from Season 2.



Krumm's eyes become attached to an ancient mummy during a routine scare, and now they must be retrieved.


Ickis, Oblina, and Krumm are walking to a museum during the night to do their usual assigned homework: scaring humans. They walk closer to the building as they talk together.

Meanwhile, inside the museum, the curator, Dr. Myron C. Luxor, is explaining to his two lazy assistants Bob and Rob the tomb of an ancient Egyptian pharaoh Katana, containing the mummy. The workers notice hieroglyphics on the mummy's tomb. They ask Luxor what the images are. He calls them brainless fools as he thinks everybody recognizes hieroglyphics and tells them what the pictures mean: "I, Katana, king of Egypt, wil be worshipped for eternity. I will rise from the dead to honor the worthy. Fail to treat me like the king I am, and I will rise and torment you forever!". This startles the men, causing them to want to exit the museum. Luxor walks off to show them the door. Krumm sits, waiting for Rob and Bob to notice him. But they only notice his terrible armpit stench, disappointing Krumm. Oblina presses herself flat against a colorful painting, only to be inconspicuous as well. Ickis hides inside a glass case containing a diorama of prehistoric mammals and screams, but the noise is muffled and comes out as a squeak. When the trio come out of their hiding spots, they notice the mummy inside the tomb. Ickis then comes up with a great scare: to place Krumm's detachable eyes in the mummy's eye sockets and scare Dr. Luxor. He takes Krumm's eyes out of his hands and places them on the mummy. He also tells Krumm to close his eyes. The three young monsters hear Dr. Luxor walking back to the room they are in and hide. Luxor arrives and hears Krumm laugh. He also sees the eyes open. The curator thinks Katana is coming alive as he mentioned in the hieroglyphics written on his tombs. Luxor yells, "The curse of Katana!" and runs off screaming. As he leaves, The Monsters laugh at their success and Ickis tries to get Krumm's eyes off the mummy, only to find that they are stuck. Soon, Dr. Luxor hits the emergency lever and the alarm sounds. The Monsters decide to leave the museum without Krumm's eyes and head to the sewer. Ickis is then demanded by Oblina to return to the museum to retrieve Krumm's eyes since it was his idea to put them on the mummy. When Krumm sees a number of firemen and police officers, he has an idea of his own.

The next day, at the Monster Academy, Krumm gets himself a pair of replacement eyes instead and The Gromble later demands Krumm at the viewfinder to show him his latest scare. Back at the museum, Dr. Luxor shows everyone at the museum the life of the mummy and explains the curse of Katana to them. As Krumm is put on the video projector at the Monster Academy, his replacement eyes are destroyed and the video of the mummy scaring Dr. Luxor is shown at the museum instead. So Ickis and Oblina decide to sneak into the museum to retrieve Krumm's eyes.

During the night, The Monsters return to the museum to locate the mummy. They find it inside the glass case, only to encounter a laser security system. Luckily, Krumm's stench destroys it and the other two monsters successfully grab the mummy out of the case. Unfortunately, for them, Krumm accidentally sets off the alarm while attempting to carry the mummy out of the museum. Dr. Luxor hears the alarm and notices the mummy being carried through the second floor. As Krumm trips, the mummy falls down the stairs towards Dr. Luxor and Krumm's eyeballs fall off the mummy. Dr. Luxor grabs the eyeballs, and Ickis comes out in front of him and triggers into his scare mode, scaring away the curator. Ickis takes back the eyeballs and gives them to Krumm as Dr. Luxor leaves the museum. Ickis then decides to borrow Oblina's lips to mount it on a painting for the next scare.