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[Episode starts at the museum.]

Luxor:Careful my goodman this is not a bunch of rocks. It's the mummy of Katana. Hello there.

Man:Hey Dr Luxor, what's with all these litlle pictures?

Luxor:They're not pictures you brainless fools they're hieroglyphics.

Man 2:I was sitting on the box when I ate my lunch.

Man:I like to go now.

Luxor:You're right.

Krumm:Nice scare buddy.

Ickis:It doesn't seem like a good idea.

Oblina:Oh Ickis I really do not why you insist on jumping out of things. Is that the only way you can think of to sare a human. Ickis...

Ickis:Wow. Look at this. Its a toilet paper man.

Oblina:That human in the white corpse sure seem happy to see it.

Krumm:Maybe he's out of toilet paper.

Ickis:What do you guys think? Wound't be great if we jumped out of this box?

Oblina:Let us try something different for once.

Ickis:I got it. Krumm, Give me your eyes.

Krumm:What's wrong with yours?

Ickis:This is gonna be great,

Oblina:Inspired Ickis. Aboslutely inspired. What a monster. What do you think Krumm.

Krumm:I think I'm one good looking monster.

Ickis:Shut your eyes Krumm.

Luxor:Noble Katana. If only you can speak. The world you knew. Once you were the rule of millions, now you a lifeless limp of bandages and bones. Ah! The curse of Katana!

[After Luxor left, the monsters started laughing.]

Krumm:That's a good one!

Oblina:Oh bravo! Yes!

Krumm:Excuse me Ickis.

Oblina:Let's get Krumm's eyes and head for home.

Ickis:I'll have them for you in a second.

Krumm:Ickis you're making me dizzy.

Ickis:Just one more....

Krumm:Ow! Ickis quit fooling around.

Ickis:We just need something to try this out with.





Krumm:What about my eyes?

Ickis:We got to go!


Krumm:My hands at lonely.

Oblina:Oh Krumm. Do not worry.

Ickis:Sure we will. Soon.

Oblina:Not soon. RIGHT NOW! Ickis, it was your idea to put Krumm's eyes in that toilet paper man.

Krumm:I want my eyes back, Ickis.

Ickis:Okay. You're right Oblina.

Oblina:That is the spirit!

Krumm:Whoa. I wound't go up there if I were you.


Krumm:Wait I got an idea.

Oblina:Please. Is that the best you can do.

Krumm:How to I look?

Ickis:You never looked uglier.

Krumm:Why did everybdoy stop talking?


Krumm:No your sliminess.


Ickis:Krumm Krumm! Turn right. Right.

Exposa:Dr. Luxor Dr. Luxor!

Luxor:Yes Miss Vertov.



Exposa:Dr. Luxor, how did you do it?

Luxtor:Courage intellegence.




Krumm:Look at all the pretty dots.


Luxtor:Courage, bravery, no fear. That's why he came to life.

[Audence laughing]

Luxor:Oh geez....Ungratefull. Backstabing bag of bones.

Ickis:You think we fooled him?

Oblina:I think we going to have to get Krumm's eyes.


Krumm:Gee IT's great to see me again. Hold on, I stay away for that.


Luxor:Now you know the truth.

Ickis:We did it. Now what can we do to get these eyes out?

Oblina:Forget it. Let us take him back to the academy.

Krumm:I'll carry them.

Oblina:Be carefull Krumm.


Luxor:Mighty Luxor. Hail mighty Luxor. No worship no more!

Ickis:You think anyone heard that?

Krumm:No we're fine. Now we're in trouble.

Luxor:My mummy. Katana he walks. He flies but not very well. You lost you're eyeballs.

Ickis:Those belong to Krumm!


Oblina:Shall we go?

Krumm:Yeah. Follow me.

Ickis:Oblina, let me borrow you're lips. This is gonna be great.