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[Episode starts at the museum.]

Luxor: Careful my good man, this is not a bunch of rocks. It's the mummy of Katana. Pharaoh of pharaohs The greatest king to live in ancient egypt-- My crowning discovery. Hello there.

Man: Hey Dr. Luxor, what's with all these little pictures?

Luxor: They're not pictures you brainless fools. They're hieroglyphics. The writings of ancient egypt. It says, " i, katana, king of egypt "Will be worshipped for eternity. "I will rise from the dead to honor the worthy. "Fail to treat me like the king I am And I will rise and torment you forever."

Man 2: I was sitting on the box when I ate my lunch.

Man: I like to go now.

Luxor: You should fear katana. You're too simpleminded To understand his greatness-- His power. I'll show you the door.

Krumm: Nice scare, buddy.

Ickis: It doesn't seem like a good idea.

Oblina: Oh, Ickis. I really do not why you insist on jumping out of things. Is that the only way you can think of to scare a human. Ickis...

Ickis: Wow. Look at this. It's a toilet paper man.

Oblina: That human in the white corpse sure seem happy to see it.

Krumm: Maybe he's out of toilet paper.

Ickis: What do you guys think? Wouldn't be great if we jumped out of this box?

Oblina: Let us try something different for once.

Ickis: I got it. Krumm, Give me your eyes.

Krumm: What's wrong with yours?

Ickis: This is gonna be great,

Oblina: Inspired, Ickis. Absolutely inspired. What a monster. What do you think Krumm.

Krumm: I think I'm one good looking monster.

Ickis: Shut your eyes, Krumm.

Luxor: Noble Katana. If only you can speak. The world you knew. Once you were the ruler of millions, now you're a lifeless limp of bandages and bones. Ah! The curse of Katana!

[After Luxor left, the monsters started laughing.]

Krumm: That's a good one!

Oblina: Oh bravo! Yes!

Krumm: Excuse me, Ickis.

Oblina: Let's get Krumm's eyes and head for home.

Ickis: I'll have them for you in a second.

Krumm: Quit it, Ickis, you're making me dizzy.

Ickis: Just one more. twist...

Krumm: Ow! Ickis, quit fooling around.

Ickis: We just need something to pry this out with.

Krumm: No!


Oblina: Krumm!

Ickis: Krumm!

Krumm: What about my eyes?

Ickis: We got to go!


Krumm: My hands are lonely.

Oblina: Oh, Krumm. Do not worry. We will get your eyes back.

Ickis: Sure, we will. Soon.

Oblina: Not soon. RIGHT NOW! Ickis, it was your idea to put Krumm's eyes in that toilet paper man and it's your responsibility to leave to get them back.

Krumm: I want my eyes back, Ickis.

Ickis: Okay. You're right, Oblina. I lost about, I'll get them back. I mean, 2 up here, huh? One old geezer and the toilet paper man? Nothing that I can handle.

Oblina: That is the spirit!

Krumm: Whoa. I wouldn't go up there if I were you.


Krumm: Wait, I got an idea.

Oblina: Please. Is that the best you can do?

Krumm: How do I look?

Ickis: You never looked uglier.

Krumm: Why did everybody stop talking?

Gromble: Pardon me, Mr. Krumm. Something you want to share?

Krumm: No, Your Sliminess.

Gromble: Now, I expect to you all to have marvelous imaginative scare to show me. YOU BETTER! Now, let's work through the class alphabetly. Starting with K. KRUMM!

Ickis: Krumm, Krumm! Turn right. Right.

Exposa: Dr. Luxor, Dr. Luxor!

Luxor: Yes, Miss Vertov.

Exposa: What brought the mummy back to life?

Luxor: What brought the mummy back to life? "What" had nothing to do with it. "Who" brought the mummy back to life. And that who was me, dr. Myron z. Luxor L-u-x-o-r. Luxor.

Exposa: Dr. Luxor, how did you do it?

Luxor: Courage, intelligence. Just as the mummy's curse foretold Only the most worthy and godlike human could coax The mummy back to life. And that man happens to be me, dr. Myron z. Luxor. That's l-u-x-o-r.

Krumm: Sorry. Uh, is this the line for the viewfinder?

Luxor: Who had the courage and strength to face the curse of katana? Me! Me, me, me, dr. Luxor, l-u-x-o-r.


Krumm: [giggles] Look at all the pretty dots.

Gromble: Mr. Krumm, we are waiting. Show us your scare.


Luxor: Courage, bravery, no fear. That's me all over. Katana knew that. That's why he came alive. That's why we're pals.

[Audience laughing]

Luxor: Oh geez. Ungrateful. Backstabbing bag of bones.


Ickis: Do you think we fooled him?

[The Gromble glares.]

Oblina: I think we are going to have to get Krumm's eyes!


Krumm: Gee, it's great to see me again. Hold on, I stay away for that.


Luxor: Now you know the truth. I am to be feared. ( With high-pitched voice ): you are mighty, you are wise You are the master of the mummy katana. ( With normal voice ): now you know. So now you must bow to me. ( With high-pitched voice ): mighty luxor, master of the mummy katana.

Ickis: We did it. Now what can we do to get these eyes out?

Oblina: Forget it. Let us take him back to the academy. We will figure something out there.

Krumm: I'll carry him.

Oblina: Be careful, Krumm.

Ickis: Careful? What's to be careful?

Luxor: Mighty Luxor. Hail mighty Luxor. No, worship me more, more!

Ickis: You think anyone heard that?

Krumm: No, we're fine. Now we're in trouble.

Luxor: My mummy. Katana, he walks. He flies, but not very well. You lost your eyeballs. Come back here, you little. Where did you think you're going? We got to put you back in your head. You're going to make me famous.


Ickis: Those belong to Krumm!


Oblina: Shall we go?

Krumm: Yeah. Follow me.

Ickis: Oblina, let me borrow your lips. This is gonna be great.