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[The episode begins at a circus carnival.]

[The cotton candy man gives a stick of cotton candy to a little girl and then a man asks for a stick of cotton candy]

Man: Large please.

[The cotton candy man grabs a black and white stick and fills it with cotton candy and gives it to the man, it turns out to be Oblina in disguise and jumps in the air scaring the man]

[Some kids are seen playing with water guns and squirting water into the clown cutout's mouths and blowing up balloons on the top of the hats on their heads, Ickis is then seen removing one of them taking its place, one of the kids then uses the water gun and squirts water into Ickis' mouth causing him to fill and expand himself with water and then the water pours out from him everywhere causing water to splash on the kids scaring them away]

[The scene then changes to a pig eating from a trough and sniffs at the smell around him and then runs away]

Krumm: [Emerges from the smelly pile, laughs and rubs his eyeballs] I love being smelly.

[Later, Ickis, Oblina, and Krumm are digging through the trash to look for treats.]

Krumm: [Spots an old apple on a stick] A worm. [The worm dips inside the apple that Krumm picks up and eats it.]

Oblina: Are you enjoying yourself?

Krumm: Never had a better time.

Ickis: Better than the time you were flea infested?

Krumm: Sure.

Ickis: Or when you ate that car stereo and burped country music for a week?

Krumm: Oh, yeah.

Ickis: Even the time we played marbles with your eyeballs?

Krumm: Yep. (chuckles) This is the best time ever.

Oblina: Tis your turn to pick out what we do next.

Barker: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, he is gross! He is disgusting! He is the vilest thing that ever walked the earth! He has the worst odor in the universe!

Oblina: I think he's talking about you, Krumm.

Barker: He is Wendell, the world's most smelliest man!

[The crowd runs inside the nearest tent to see Wendell and run back out from his odor in disgust]

Ickis: I got to admit, whoever this Wendell guy is, he's really popular.

[The monsters go into the tent and have a look at Wendell for themselves]

Oblina: He is rather impressive for a human.

Ickis: You can't tell mold by its fuzz.

Krumm: He wants trouble, he's gonna get it. (He sneaks over to Wendell's throne.) Wendell, take my pits.

[Krumm's stench drifts around Wendell, who then screams in terror and runs off. The flies then surround Krumm, who leaves Wendell's tent with Ickis and Oblina prancing behind him.]

Both: [chant] Krumm! Krumm! Krumm, Krumm, Krumm, Krumm, Krumm!

[Krumm juggles his eyeballs]

Oblina: Oh, you seemed to have made a few new friends, Krumm.

Krumm: I know, watch this. Ready, guys?

[Krumm throws one of his eyeballs up in the air and the flies all swarm around Krumm]

Krumm: Ta-da! [Chuckles]

[Fireworks are seen lighting up the sky as the monsters sigh at them and then a clock tower chimes midnight]

Oblina: It's midnight! Happy birthday, Krumm.

Ickis: Happy birthday, Krumm! [Hands Krumm a birthday gift]

Krumm: [Eats the birthday gift] Gee thanks, guys.

[Krumm is seen making weird poses as his stench disappears and all the flies fly away from Krumm]

Krumm: Hey, come back here. Where are you going?

Oblina: Probably back to their home which is exactly where we should be heading. You coming?

Ickis: Sure. I've never been to a fly's home before.

Oblina: [angrily] Not their home, our home!

Krumm: I got to go check on something. I'll catch up with you guys later.

[Krumm goes back into Wendall's tent where the flies all flew back too]

Krumm: Hey, guys, it's me. Okay, ready?

[Krumm throws one of his eyeballs up at the flies, but the flies are not amused and keep on buzzing around Wendall and one of the flies goes up Wendell's nose]

Krumm: Something stinks here. And It's not me.

[The scene changes to the dump at the next day and Ickis and Oblina enter the bathroom and see Krumm sitting on the floor]

Oblina: Are you alright?

[Ickis takes a shower and Oblina looks at herself in the cracked mirror and splashes black sludge nto her mouth]

Oblina I'm worried about you, Krumm. I didn't smell you come in last night.

Krumm: I don't smell me now.

Oblina: [sniff sniff] My goodness. You've lost your smell. Whatever will we do?

Krumm: I can't go to class. Everyone will laugh at me.

[Ickis finishes his shower]

Oblina: Oh dear. We'll tell the Gromble you ate to many candles off your birthday cake. Yes.

[They leave]

Krumm: I've always had B.O. What am I gonna do?

[The scene changes to the auditorium]

Gromble: Ickis?

Ickis: Here.

Gromble: Blorp?

Blorp Heads: Here. Present! ¡Aqui!

Gromble: Krumm? Krumm...

Oblina: Gromble, sir, Krumm wanted me to tell you that...

Gromble: This better be good, or he's going to be SNORCH FOOD!

Krumm: Here.

[Krumm enters the auditorium wearing socks]

Oblina: [Sniff, Sniff] Your odor's back!

Gromble: Well. What's your excuse?

Krumm: Er, it's my birthday.

Gromble: Your birthday, and I forgot?! Well then, I'll guess I'll just have to make it up to you! (raises Krumm and looks at his socks which bugs crawl out of) What is the meaning of this?

Krumm: Ummm, I brought my own lunch! (The Gromble pulls a fish out of one of his socks.) How did those get there?

Gromble: (eats the fish) IMPLANTS?! I smell everything, Krumm, everything but YOU!

Krumm: (defeated) I lost my odor.

Gromble: Really? You depend almost entirely on your stench, don't you?

Krumm: Uh-huh.

Gromble: How tragic. Must be an awful thing to lose something so near and dear to you.

Krumm: Uh-huh.

Gromble: Poor Krumm! But... if you can't keep up with the rest of the class, YOU'RE OUTTA YOUR EYEBALLS! (Ickis and Oblina are alarmed.) You may want to take some time to think about this. (He sends Krumm away.)

Oblina: Mr. Gromble, sir, don't you think you're being just, uh, bit too harsh with Krumm?

Gromble: Are you questioning my methods?

Oblina: No.

Gromble: Good. I didn't think so.

[The scene changes to the monsters room and Ickis and Oblina are looking for Krumm]

Oblina: Krumm? Krumm, are you here?

Ickis: [Sees the wardrobe monster above the shower expanding and turns the shower off and pulls out the pipe from its nose] Sorry. He's not in there either.

[Ickis walks back to the room where he sees Oblina reading a letter.]

Oblina: Dear Ickis and Oblina. The Gromble was right. I'm nothing gone home. [sadly] Oh, Krumm.

[Krumm is seen running and runs into Horvak and they kick each other]

Horvak: Hi son. Good to see you. Great crop, huh?

Krumm: I guess.

Horvak: What's the matter, son? I've never seen you this down. Why aren't you at school?

Krumm: I wish I could be. I'm ex-stinked.

Horvak: You mean?

Krumm: I lost my smell, Dad.

Horvak: Oh, no. The Curse of the Krumm.

Krumm: The what?

Horvak: The Curse of the Krumm.

Krumm: What's gonna happen?

Horvak: It already did, son. You lost your smell.

Krumm: Will I get it back?

Horvak: No one in our family has so far.

Krumm: But, you've always been a pretty smelly guy.

Horvak: Stink bugs and sardines, son.

Krumm: I tried that on the Gromble; he caught me.

Horvak: Yep. Caught me too. (tosses a flower aside) Darn flowers.

Krumm: Why didn't you tell me about it?

Horvak: It's always skipped a generation, and since I had it, well- I'm sorry. I-I had no way to know.

Krumm: What should I do now? (eats a flower)

Horvak: Good catch, son. Hey, why don't you join me? Horvak and Son. What do you think?

Krumm: Dad, I need to make it on my own.

Horvak: Yep. (Both Krumm and Horvak kick each other one last time, until Krumm prepares to leave.) Son, I'll be proud no matter what you do. (Krumm smiles and then leaves his father's farm.)

[Down in the sewers, Krumm is working as a traffic guard, as he leads Snill, Tamfo, Uwapo, and Three-Eyes to a crossing. He blows a safety whistle that screams.]

Krumm: Okay, wait for me. (holds up a traffic sign) Let's go. (The students cross the sewer.) And no stopping for drinks. (Krumm tries to cross the sewer, but he falls underwater. He then resurfaces and makes it to the other side.)

Three eyes: When I grow up, I wanna be just like you.

Krumm: Hey, I used to be real smelly.

Three eyes: Yes, sure, and I have two eyes.

(The other students laugh at Krumm and continue on their way. Ickis and Oblina walk up to Krumm, who blows his safety whistle.)

Krumm: What are you guys doing here?

Oblina: We have come to take you home.

Krumm: I am home.

Ickis: You just lost your smell; that's all.

Krumm: That was everything.

Oblina: What about us?

Ickis: You're a monster, Krumm. We'll find something else for you to do, something so rotten, so vile, so disgusting, the Gromble will beg for you to come back.

Krumm: Like what?

Elderly Monster: Can you help me, sonny?

Krumm: In a minute.

Oblina: How are you at oozing pus.

Krumm: Dry as a bone.

Ickis: Growing fangs?

Krumm: I can't.

Oblina: How about welling up and looming like Ickis does?

Elderly Monster: I have to get to the other side...

Krumm: Hang on, pops.

Oblina: You can howl quite well, I've heard you in your sleep.

Krumm: I, I want to come back, but if I don't smell-

Elderly Monster: I want to cross! And I want to cross now!

Krumm: Alright already. Maybe I should give scaring another try.

Oblina: Of course, you should! We'll just we'll find something you can do.

[A pair of shorts flows down the river and the elderly monster is caught up in them sweeping him away]

Krumm: Whoops. There goes another one.

[The scene changes back to the circus carnival and Krumm and Ickis are hiding behind the clown cutouts]

Ickis: Now remember don't shoot till the water is up to your eyes.

[One of the kids shoots water into Krumm's mouth causing him to start to fill and expand with water]

Ickis: That's it, Krumm.

[Krumm coughs out the water and makes it splash on the kids]

Man: That was funny. Do it again!

Krumm: Great. Now I'm funny.

Oblina: Well now maybe Ickis' talent wasn't for you but what about mine?

Krumm: You're pretty scary.

Oblina: Thank you. Now all you have to do is reach way down inside yourself and see what you come up with. [she pulls out her internal organs] See? it is simple.

Krumm: Here goes nothing. I can't find anything.

Oblina: Deeper, you have to reach deeper.

Krumm: I told you. I got nothing.

Ickis: Come on, Krumm.

Krumm: Leave me alone! I'm useless.

Oblina: Now is not a time to GIVE UP!

Krumm: Maybe you're right. If I think it, I can stink it.

[A couple are seen kissing and riding a boat through a love tunnel]

Woman: I love you.

Krumm: Think it, stink it, think it, stink it. think it.

Man: I got a surprise for you.

[The man gives the woman Krumm]

Woman: Isn't he precious? I just think he's precious.

[The woman starts hugging and kissing Krumm, as Ickis and Oblina are disgusted, Krumm then jumps away from the woman and handstands scaring the couple away]

Oblina: Krumm, you've done it! You have found the new you. You look awful.

Krumm: I do? I did it! I did it! I did it! [laughs] I don't know how to thank you, guys.

[Krumm is seen doing weird poses, as his stench comes back and his stench spreads through the whole circus carnival. Ickis and Oblina take cover in the crash cans.]

Krumm: Ickis, Oblina. I got my smell back! [laughs and flies swarm around Krumm]

Ickis: Krumm, you stink again! What a stench!

Horvak: That's my boy. He broke the curse of the Krumm.

Gromble: It's really quite simple. Your son worked hard, he never gave up, and his reward is a stench that brings tears to my eyes!

Horvak: I could have done that.

Gromble: Oh, please. You were hopeless. Nothing personal.

[The Gromble then looks around for a bit before smiling right before the episode fades out.]