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Dietrich Duchamp


Fashion Designer
First Appearance
Bronson Pinchot

Dietrich DuChamp is a famous fashion designer. He's rude, deceitful, pushy, greedy, self-absorbed, materlistic, eccentric, and vain. He was seen in two episodes: "Amulet of Enfarg" and "The Lips Have It".


In "Amulet of Enfarg" Dietrich is shown to have speak with an obviously fake European accent and was very suspicous that others knew some of his "features" were fake like his contacts and cheek bones. During a scare, Ickis drops the Gromble's amulet and loses it where Dietrich's fashion show is being held.

Dietrich finds the amulet on the floor, when no one claims it, he decides to take credit for the craftsman work and uses the design for his fashion show. He lied to reporters that he had gotten the design from a dream. After the Gromble scares off everyone in the audience, he personally confronts Dietrich.

When he takes back the amulet, the Gromble then frightens Dietrich so much that all his fake features (his hair, his contacts, and goutee) fall off. He then reveals his true name was Flernard Dorkman and that he was Duluth, Minnesota.

Dietrich DuChamp though frighten seemed to have gotten over his brush with the monsters and was seen holding auditions for models in "The Lips Have It". This attracted country girl, Lucy Schmeeler who approached him for a job. He cruelly rejects her for not being "special". Lucy would soon return with Oblina's lips (thinking they were sent as a gift to make her special) and Dietrich was struck by her lips uniqueness. And renames her Lulu the girl with the really big lips.

He was also in awestruck of her apparent "supermodel attitude", which was really still talking, even though she was deattched from her lips. He becomes angry on Lulu's debut and Lulu couldn't really be as verbal as Oblina was. He'd get what he wanted when Oblina held her breath and through Lulu, screamed so loud he was blown back into the audience. He was then stomped on by the reporters who ran off after the monsters scared them.


  • Dietrich's real name is Flernard Dorkman and is most likely from Duluth Minnesota.
  • Dietrich uses make up to cover his fake cheek bones, has contacts. In fact, his goutee and chin, his sideburns, and even his pony tail are all fake.