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Dizzle is a crab-like female monster child and attendant of the Monster Academy, and a very minor character, though she appears to be the secondary female character, the primary being Oblina. She is friends with Oblina and many other female monsters. Willing to help Krumm win his affection, she will do almost anything for him. She has a big crush on Ickis, and considers him a "big scary monster".


Dizzle is a friend of Oblina and one of the Gromble's many students. She is a major character in the series and appears in many episodes of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, though she only plays a major role in two episodes. Dizzle often only appears as a background character or minor character with few, if any, lines.



Dizzle is mostly a tan color. She has teal hair, six legs, and two white eyes with black pupils. Dizzle's lips are red. The character has six magenta high-heel shoes on each of her six legs. The character wears a purple skirt.


Dizzle has appeared in many episodes of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters. She played a major role in She Likes Me? and Oblina Without a Cause. In Fear, Thy Name is Ickis, she goes scaring with him and idolizes him as the best scarer ever. Her first appearance was in The Switching Hour, in which she was only shown as a background character. She made her final appearance in Rookie Monsters.


Dizzle is the second most frequently credited female character—after Oblina—with 9 credited appearances.