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Don after he is frightened by Oblina

"I like rice."


Don is a guy working for a television studio who is left traumatized after being frightened by Oblina.


In Krumm Goes Hollywood, Don is seen working at a television studio and attempts to move some equipment when Oblina pukes out some of her insides and leaves him traumatized and repeating the line "I really like rice." This event later connects in another episode entitled Monstrous Make-Over, where Don is seen as he is admitted to a psychiatric ward in a mental institution. There, he keeps repeating that he likes rice.

Later, Don appears on a talk show as a traumatized mental patient to describe his experience, but merely repeats that he still likes rice. Other featured guests on the program are Simon (self-proclaimed Monster Hunter), Murray (traumatized ex-salesman), and Bradley.


Don wears a basic mover's outfit when working for the television production studio. He is later seen in a white outfit when admitted to the insane asylum. His physical appearance is that of a balding man.


  • After his experience of being frightened by Oblina, he goes about saying the phrase, "I really like rice" on a repeated basis. All his following appearances incorporate this phrase as a running joke.