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Don't Just Do It

Don't Just Do It is the first part of the eighth episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from Season 1. It first aired on December 17, 1994.

Characters present[]


Ickis gets a bad case of hero worship when he is befriended by an impulsive monster drop-out Pugh, who takes Ickis to the surface without adequate preparations.


At the Monster Academy, The Gromble gives the students breathing lessons. He asks for the rationale of this, in which a student named Snill replies that with a full pinkish sack of the life-giving, noxious garbage air, the monsters can survive the human environment for up to two days. The Gromble then asks what if they are above ground for more and proceeds to swallow Ickis when the latter gives him a wrong answer. He demonstrates the tactics of doubling breathing above ground by spitting Ickis out and demanding him to grow in size, which the young imp complies to. He is then demanded to swallow his breathing sack, which causes him to deflate like a balloon and shrink back to his normal size. The class laughs at this and the Gromble demands the young imp to work on his breathing.

Ickis storms away and is tripped by one of the monsters, who laugh at his humiliation. Ickis bites the monster's toe, prompting the latter to give him props for standing up to him. He introduces himself as Puhg, who has dropped out of the Monster Academy. Puhg trips another monster, who walks away in deference. When Ickis says, "That'll teach you to laugh at me," he explains his predicament in class earlier to Puhg, who tells him he doesn't need his classmates.

In The Monsters' room, Ickis storms inside without talking to Oblina and Krumm. Meanwhile, Ickis joins Puhg's crew to pick on one of the monsters. When Ickis runs to class, Puhg suggests that instead, he and Ickis can go above ground to scare humans. Ickis reluctantly tags along and asks Puhg if he filled his breathing sack, to which Puhg agrees.

As the two crawl through the sewers, Puhg has trouble crawling through the pipes. He and Ickis make it through the restroom and inside a restaurant, where they view chef decoration cake. Puhg scares away the chef and decides to give him another. But Ickis squelches his attempt and tells him that he is only allowed to scare him once. Puhg ignores Ickis' warning and is soon out of breath. Admitting that he didn't fill his breathing sack, Puhg tells Ickis to leave him in the kitchen. But Ickis refuses and they hide in a pot (and from the chef and his assistants, who are trying to beat down the monster). Ickis leaves the breathless Puhg inside the pot and hops inside a trash can to fill his breathing sack. He returns to the dying monster inside the pot and the cooks search around the kitchen. The chef then opens inside the pot, and Ickis hops out and scares him out of consciousness. He drags Puhg to the restroom and down the toilet.

Back home, Ickis sings the opera he heard from the Snorching he had received before. Puhg tells him that Gromble saw everything through the video at the Monster Academy and that he is re-enrolled back in monster school. Ickis is excited that he and Puhg are going to be in class together, but Puhg reminds him that he has a lot of punishments to get through to make up for all the classes he missed. Puhg thanks Ickis for his help and walks into the detention room, with the Gromble at the entrance, waiting for him.