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[The episode starts.]

Gromble: Now if you ganglers stankers will all take out your sacs, we can start today's breathing lessons.

[They take out their Sacs.]

Gromble: Excellent. Now fill them.

[The mosnters blow their sacs into a balloon.}

Gromble:And swallow.

[They gulp the sac into their bodies.]

Gromble: Superb! Now someone reflesh me why do we do this. Yes?

Snill: We do this because with a full sack of the life giving garbage air, we can survive in the harsh oxygen rich human environment up to 48 hours.

Gromble: Oh good answer, Snill

Snill: Thank you sir.

Gromble: But what do you do if you going above ground for 4 days or 5? Ickis!

Ickis: Come home early?

[all the students laugh]

Oblina: Told ya.


Ickis: Grow?

Gromble: Grow! Some of you may better at growing but fear not You'll learn or I'll teach you.

[Ickis was completely grown in size as his sac was filled in.}

Ickis: Nhggg... Now what?

Gromble: Now swallow.

[Ickis slowly grabs his bag until his body was swollen like a balloon.]

Gromble: Excellent, excellent.

Ickis: I don't think.. I...

Gromble: Nonsense. You're body will close around the sack.

[Ickis tries but he deflates like a balloon. All monsters laugh at this.]

Gromble: Work on it.

Ickis: Work on it, Work on it? I Sure will work on it. Oof! I'm having a bad day.

Pugh: Kid you're either nuts or a lot tougher than you look.

Ickis: Oh yeah? Will either way you lose!

Pugh: What's your name?

Ickis: Ickis!

Pugh: I like you, Ickis.

Ickis: You do?

All: He does?

Pugh: I knock you down you can right back at me.

Ickis: Yeah?

Pugh: Don't get carried away.

Ickis: Right.

Pugh: I'm Pugh.

Ickis: Do you go to the academy?

[all laugh]


Ickis: Tell me about it.

Pugh: You should be more careful

Snill: You're so right. What was I thinking.

Pugh: That's the spirit!





Pugh: Who needs that?

Ickis: Yeah who needs that?

Oblina: One more pump and swallow!

Krumm: That wasn't too bad. I like the old way better.

Oblina: Ickis, where have you been?

Ickis: What do you care?

Oblina: Ickis, we're so sorry we all laugh. [takes out her sac] Why don't you try practicing filling your sack with us?


Ickis: No thank you.


Pugh: Ickis, where are you going?

Ickis: To class. We got our assignments today.

Pugh: I got a better idea. What do you say you and me go above ground for a scare?

Ickis: Above ground?

Pugh: Yeah. They teach you the way above ground in there don't they?

Ickis: It's dangerous you know


Ickis: No no no, you're very tough.



Pugh: So this is the way up.

Ickis: Before you go, did you fill your breathing sack?

Pugh: Sure yeah right. I already filled it.

Ickis: Okay. Well let's go.


Pugh: It's cramped in here.

Ickis: Come on!

Pugh: I can't get though that.


[They enter a kitchen]

Pugh: I can do it myself.





Ickis: Good scare.

Pugh: Good scare? Try great scare. That guy was terrified. I can't believe you waste all that time in that school when it's easy.

Ickis: Where are you going? The exits though here remember?

Pugh: Exit are you nuts? This guy is terrified.

Ickis: Well you can't!

Pugh: What do you mean I can't?

Ickis: You're only supposed to scare him once.

Pugh: Hold on there. I think I get it.

Ickis: Yes! Yes exactly!

Pugh: Who cares.

Ickis: No.

[Terrfied, Ickis watched as Ough tries to give another scare. But suddenly he started gasping for air.]

Pugh: I can't...

Ickis: [worried] You didn't fill you're sac, did you? We got to get out of here.


Woman:We'll see about that.

Pugh:Go on without me. I won't talk. Unless they threaten to hurt me.

Ickis: I can't just leave you here.


Ickis: Shhh!

Woman: Monsters huh? Jacques, dropping a cake is no reason to make up stories.


Woman: Sure you did.

Pugh: Help me. I'm not gonna make it.

Ickis: Hang on.

[Ickis jumps into the trash can. ]

Man: Did you check the supply room?

Jacques: No.

[Ickis breathes in one of the trash as his sac inflates. He swallows it up and squeezes his body back to his normal body. He returns inside the pot where he gave his sac to Pugh.]

Woman: I don't mean to interrupt you monster hunt, but weddings are so much nicer with a cake!


Pugh: What's with the tone?

Ickis: From the snorching. I can't get it out of my head.

Pugh: Well. I took your advice and I went to see him.

Ickis: What did he say?


Ickis: Class?

Pugh: Yeah.

Ickis: This is great!


Ickis: How about tomorrow?


Ickis: Next week?


Ickis: That daisy thing is tough.


Ickis: Yeah. Well, I better get going. I got studying to do.

Pugh: Sure okay. Ickis.

Ickis: Yeah?

Pugh: Thanks for everything.

Ickis: It was nothing. See you in class.

Pugh: In class yeah. I like the sound of that.