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Dr. Sy Napse is a brain-obsessed doctor and is self-appointed as "The Brain King".


Dr. Sy Napse is psychotic in his profession of brain transplants and is always up for capturing wayward brains. His tone of voice is rather unnerved and he dreams of a world where brains rule the Earth.


His hair is huge and fluffy and brown and his teeth are uneven. He has a big, hairy chin and small glasses. He wears a puffy lab coat and blue jeans. His shoes are brown with red socks underneath.


  • His name is an obvious pun on "Synapse", which is a junction between two nerve cells, consisting of a minute gap across which impulses pass by diffusion of a neurotransmitter.
  • It appears that apes are the main test subject for his brain transplants.
  • The only time that Dr. Sy Napse has shown a fear of brains is when Oblina performed a scare on him with her own brain.
  • His phone number is (800)-syn-apse.
    • But it's sometimes mistyped as "(880)-synapse".