Eau de Krumm is an episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from the 2nd season. It first aired on October 28, 1995.

Eau de Krumm
Episode 40 (Season 2, Episode 8b)
Airdate October 28, 1995
Directed by Jim Duffy
Written by Spencer Green

Mary Elizabeth Williams

Aaahh!!! Real Monsters
"O'Lucky Monster"

Characters present


When a human designer releases a new fragrance, the monsters discover it works as a toxic gas against them. Krumm decides to fight it with his odor. Will that be enough?


At Salon D'Orange, a human designer talks about working on his fragrance named Full Moon to the audience. The Monsters are then seen entering a restroom via toilet and sneak into the room, where everyone is spraying the fragrance. As Ickis attempts to sneak up to scare them, he gets sprayed by the fragrance and soon, he and Oblina struggle to breathe the scent. So Krumm grabs two leaves from a potted plant and runs through the room to take the Full Moon fragrance back to the Academy.

Back at the Monster Academy, The Gromble informs everyone about the perfume and the effects it has on the monsters. To demonstrate, he takes the Full Moon perfume and sprays it on flies, which cause them to drop dead instantly. Gromble reminds the students to "take care when you scare."

At a Department Store, Full Moon becomes prevalent and the monsters are having a hard time scaring humans due to getting caught by the perfume spray. At a local gym, a male athlete offers his friend the Full Moon perfume to spray on his body. Krumm is then seen hiding inside a locker to avoid the scent.

Back at the Monster Academy, Gromble suggests the monsters to scare humans from long distance instead. But this doesn't go well when Krumm tries to scare a couple far away from the pier, he slips down from a hill and injures himself. So Gromble tells the monsters that they should scare the humans in an enclosed area, where they can see them, but be protected from the toxic perfume. This, however, also proves futile when Oblina tries to scare a guy in the payphone and slams into the door. So Gromble suggests to use more tactics of scaring humans. But it still turns unsuccessful when Ickis attempts to scare a human at the movie theater using a windmill as a jetpack and end up crashing outside. He gets injured as well. Things go from bad to worse when the monsters view a video of the announcer stating that Full Moon will be everywhere on earth, at the next full moon. Oblina realizes and tells the class that's within one week. This prompts the monsters to panic. Gromble tells his students that they need to remain calm and level-headed. Ickis promptly yells "If we don't scare, we're all gonna die!", causing the students to panic again. Gromble yells "Quiet!" , saying this is not the time to panic. Gromble reassures the students that they will prevail. But back at Gromble's room, he's so desprate that he's willing to give his shoes to a charity.

At the three young monsters' dorm, they try to contrive a way to fight of the perfume and when Krumm says that he smells worse than the perfume, Ickis and Oblina have an idea. Gromble also likes the idea and says that Krumm needs to get the stench out of him. He runs on a treadmill to break the sweat out of his body, and the doctor uses his sweat to make a fragrant stench.

Later, The Monsters join Gromble to go to the L'Orange factory disguised as workers with a stench box. When they spot humans inside, Gromble orders Ickis to grab the stench box, which the young monster complies to. As Gromble is prepared to throw the stench into the huge vat of the Full Moon perfume, he discovers that it is really a box of lunch and that Ickis has grabbed the wrong box. So the monsters sneak into the lunch room and check all the lunch boxes. They finally come across the stench box and Gromble returns back to the huge vat of Full Moon perfume to dump the stench box in it on time. Gromble tells the main trio that they must wait to see if the stench concoction works.

Later, the humans from around the world use the perfume and find that it has a horrible odor and the fragrance designer is arrest by the police for it. At the monsters' home, The Monsters sell the stench fragrance to the other monsters with Krumm sweating it out, despite Ickis and Oblina pressuring him.


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