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[episode starts]

D'Orange: For years, I have work on creating a fragment that is even more fabulous in my famous like solid golden underwater. May I present, Full Moon. Once you smell you go crazy. it I have personally selected this city To be the test market for full moon. This will be the launching pad for a full moon invasion.

Oblina: Ooh, my uncle use to live in a bathroom like this in Paris.

Ickis: Watch this guys. They'll never know what hit 'em. [coughs]

Oblina: [coughs] What was that?

Ickis: [Gibberish] Booble frackis...

Oblina: Get out! Got to breathe foul air.

Krumm: To get sample warn others.

Oblina: No Krumm!

Krumm: That wasn't so bad.


Gromble: Quiet! Quiet. I don't mean to alarm you, but... We've got a crisis on our hands. It seems the humans have manufactured a new perfume. Perhaps this brief demonstration will show you What we're up against. Snorch! So, remember, all of you! Take care when you scare.


Man: boy Hank, you stink like a New York subway. Why don't you try new full moon? Gentle enough for a woman Yet rank enough for a guy.


Gromble: Please monsters. Please!

Oblina: This Full Moon is everywhere. There is no escape.

Gromble: We have to come up with new ways to scare. From now on, you will scare humans From a distance!

Teenage Girl: Rob, This moment is so perfect. Let's look at that hill Through this stereoscopic telescope Placed here by our helpful park services.

Rob Anything for you Pumpkin bridges.

Teenage Girl: Honey, did you see something over there?

Krumm: Hey! You humans, look over here! [falls over]

Gromble: Alright, alright. Try scaring the humans in an enclosed place Where they can see you, but you will be protected From the toxic perfume.

Man: Hey, honey, I'll see you around : ? You make desert and I'll bring the horseshoes.

Gromble: Okay! Okay! We may have to come up With even more elaborate means of scaring.


Oblina: Every human is wearing this putrid perfume.

Krumm: Why bother? They all smell alike.

Oblina: How are we going to scare humans if we cannot get near them?

Ickis: Maybe we're exaggerating. I mean, the perfume can't be everywhere.

Woman: The odor of desire fires the scent of my love. Full moon.

Man: You can't escape full moon The smell that hangs in the air. Available everywhere on earth At the next full moon.

Oblina: That is in one week!

Gromble: Class, we must remain calm and level headed.

Oblina: Who are they?

Ickis: If we don't scare, we're all gonna die!

[The monsters panic again.]

Gromble: QUIET! Now is not the time to panic. We've been through worse than this. We will prevail. I, the gromble Being of sound monster ( Sobbing ): do leave my... Shoes to the following charities...

Ickis: I don't wanna die! I'm too young! There's so many things I haven't done So many humans I haven't scared.

Krumm: So much garbage I haven't eaten.

Oblina: There must be an antidote to that horrible perfume Something that is even worse!

Ickis: What?

Oblina: I don't know!

Ickis: Nothing smells as bad as that perfume.

Krumm: Hey, I smell worse.

Ickis: Fine but...

Both: Oh!

Gromble: That's brilliant! First... We have to find a way to... ( Sniffs ) Ahh! Get that lovely stench Out of him!

Monster Doctor: Wow Look at this sweats.

Krumm: Careful, doc. I'm tender-pitted.

Monster Doctor: Sometimes we must suffer for science.


Krumm: Doc.. I think I'm done on this side.

Monster Doctor: Now, we burn off all the unnecessary elements-- Vitamins, minerals, clean water-- And distill it down to the very essence of stench. Behold. Krumm's stench In its purest, most fragrant form. h, I'm overcome with giddiness.

Krumm: You, know, being siphoned for three hour Really takes it out of a monster. I miss my stench.

Gromble: Rise and smell everyone! It's time to begin phase two of operation full moon. Now we have to find the full moon And add krumm's stench to it.


Chad: Hey Stu.

Guard: Chuck:

Minnie: How's it going, Stew?

Gromble: Hello, Stu.

Guard: Bill.

Ickis: Hiya Stu.

Guard Hal.

Krumm: How're the kids, stew?

Guard: My thanks Roger.

Oblina: Greetings Stuart.

Guard: Constance,

Gromble: there it is. We must dump krumm's stench into that vat of... Oh, I can't even say it.

Ian: hey, look, ralph. A new interesting and informative safety poster.

Gromble: Humans. Ickis, get the stench box.

Ralph: Huh, I feel much safer now. Let's get to work.


Ralph: Hey, ed, let's see what the missus packed for you.

Ian: Naw, I'm not hungry today.

Minnie: I could have sworn I have meat loaf.

Ralph: Oh, you got to eat something, ed.

Ian: I married my wife for her car, not her cooking.

Ralph: Come on, let's see what's in here.

Ian: Give it back, Ralph.

Ralph: What was that?

Ian: It's just ham.

Gromble: There's not much time!

Oblina: Correction, there is no time!


Gromble: We must wait to see if it works.


Woman: I waited in line three weeks for this?

D'Orange: Get your hands off me, you tasteless peasant. I bet you bought that uniform off the rack! Khaki is so tacky.


Khaki is so tacky.

Ickis: Thank you. And enjoy your eau de krumm. The scent that saved monsters everywhere. Thank you, thank you And enjoy eau de krumm. Come back again.

Krumm: can I have a break now?

Ickis: Come on, you big baby. We got orders to fill.

Krumm: I'm drying up. I'm too sleepy to stand.

Oblina: You will never get rich with an attitude like that. Now, run!

Ickis: Thank you, and enjoy your eau de krumm. Come back again. Now, who is next? Fun for the whole family. It's a stench that keeps on stinking. Oh, call again. Love your hat!