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Escape Claws

Escape Claws is an episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from season four.

Characters Present[]


Ickis brings back a bunch of lobsters to the dump, thinking that they were captured monsters, and he can't decide what to do with them.


At the Le Langosto restaurant, the human patrons complain to a French waiter that they have now been waiting an hour for their order. So the waiter goes inside the kitchen to talk to the chef, only to find him searching under the shelf. Little do they know, Ickis sneaks through the kitchen preparing to scare the two. But as he starts slowly looming, he watches the waiter about to boil a lobster, which Ickis misconstrues as monster. So he reverts back to his scare mode and scares away the waiter and the chef, narrowly saving the lobster from falling into the pot of boiling water. He is about to walk away with the lobster, but stops when he sees a tank full of five other lobsters, who he tries to persuade to follow him back to the dump.

Ickis is revealed to have returned back to the dorm room with all six of the lobsters' claws attached to him, which he tells his friends. Oblina tells him that they are not monsters, but lobsters, and that their habitat is in the ocean. Ickis decides to gather up the lobsters, only to discover that the other one has snuck out of the dorm. So while Oblina and Krumm watch the other five lobsters, Ickis searches through the sewers for the sixth lobster, who he finds pinching the other monsters in the lunch room. Ickis is caught by The Snorch and sees the lobster about to get eaten by one of the monsters. He frees himself from Snorch's grip and dives at the monster, instigating a sludge fight.

Meanwhile, the other six lobsters ruin everything inside the trio's dorm room and wreak havoc. Oblina decides to round them up while Ickis is in the lunch room searching for the sixth lobster. He finds the lobster exiting the lunch room and catches it inside a hallway locker, only for it to navigate through another locker and escape once again. To Ickis' horror, the lobster has made its way inside The Gromble's room, and reluctantly goes inside.

Ickis searches for the lobster inside, but hides when he sees Gromble entering his room, where he runs into Ickis seconds later. He sends Ickis out of his room and lies on his bed to rest. Ickis tries to sneak back inside Gromble's room to retrieve the lobster and finds it inside the water of Gromble's bed. The lobster pinches Gromble on the nose, waking him up by surprise as Ickis is caught once again.

Ickis is sent back into his dorm as Gromble notices the other five lobsters in the dorm as well. Oblina and Krumm explain to Gromble that Ickis was just trying to get the lobsters back home after saving them from getting cooked and devoured by humans, oblivious to the fact that the ocean is the lobsters' habitat. So Gromble tells Ickis that despite the trouble he caused, he did the right thing and should liberate the lobsters. Later, Ickis tries to toss one of the lobsters in the ocean. But the lobster keeps pinching him on every attempt.