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[episode starts]

Man: We've been waiting for over an hour.

Chef: tresapologies, mon seigneur. Ze chef is having a bit of a difficulty. I will go and check one more time. What kind of a chef are you?! Ze patrons, they are getting restless.

Man: Ah-ha... Almost got you. [ Snap] oh... Ow!

Chef: How much longer is zis going to take?

Ickis: This is gonna be great,

Man: Ecoutez,we can't go through zis Every time someone places zis order. It is, after all, the especialiteof the house. Ze ting that everyone comes here to eat.

Chef: A-ha! Got you.

Waiter: Live boiled lobster!

Ickis: Live boiled monster! They're eating monsters. Run, monster eaters, run!


Ickis: I got you, buddy. Nobody's gonna eat monsters as long as Ickis is around. I save you! Oh! Ickis the monster saver! I like that. As your protector, you have my word, my vow as the monster saver! I'll see you home safely! What, rat got your tongue? Not that I expect much. A simple thank you would suffice.


Ickis: Hi, how are you?


Ickis: Well, all right, fine. I can lead you all to freedom. Come on, follow me to the dump! Uh, to the d... , Guys, did you hear me? Guys?


Ickis: I couldn't let them get eaten. After all, they're our monster brothers.

Oblina: Ickis, these are not monsters. They're lobsters. Humans eat them. Humans eat them; they are considered a delicacy, duh.0

Ickis: I wonder why they didn't talk much.

Oblina: They're also sea creatures, Ickis. They lived in the ocean.

Ickis: The ocean? Oh no.

Krumm: What's wrong?

Ickis: Well, I promise to take them home, I thought home was the dump.

Krumm: Well, could you just put them in the sewers with the alligators?

Oblina: Of course not, Krummie. He made a promise, a monster word is good as garbages.

Ickis: She's right. Gather the lobsters from the journey to the sea!

Oblina: Ickis, did you have 6 when you arrived?

Ickis: Yeah, six. One, two, three, four, five... Buddy?

Krumm: You can tell them apart?

Ickis: Where did he go? Oh no. Poor buddy, alone, lost and helpless in the strange place! Who knows what happened to him?

Oblina: And who knows what can happen to you? I cannot imagine that the Gromble will take kindly to the school full of crustaceans. Go, Ickis, find him. Krumm and I should watch the others.

Ickis: Thanks guys. I'll be by the moment. [leaves]

Krumm: Hey, that tickles! Cut it out!

Ickis: Okay now, if I were a lobster, where would I go?

[A lobster goes there.]

Ickis: Think, think, think, think! He will go somewhere. Where were he get me to the most trouble? With the monsters?


Ickis: Oh well then, he must be somewhere else.

[A big "Ow" from the monster.]

Ickis: Oh no!

Zimbo: What is going on here? He's not happy.

[Ickis chuckle nervously, the Snorch roars at him.]

Monster: Hey! I got a prize in mine!

Ickis: No! Buddy, where are you? We got to get out of here before this...

Monster: Food fight!

Ickis: ...gets ugly.

[Meanwhile, the lobsters are destroying the room while Krumm trying to get his other eye from other lobster.]

Krumm: Oblina, help me!

Oblina: I'm busy. There's a nice lobster. Nice helpful lobster. Give me my lips!

[The lobster lets her mouth go.]

Krumm: I think I beginning to understand why humans eat them.

Oblina: Alright. I simply have enough! No more Ms. Nice Monster! It is time to get tough!


Krumm: Go, Oblina!

Oblina: "Yee," as they say, "hah"!

Ickis: Here, lobster. Here, buddy!

Zimbo: Stop this nonsense right now! Or I'll tell the Gromble. Then I'll look forward to you all being snorched.

[He blows a raspberry at the monsters and then gets knocked down by sludge thrown by them.]

Ickis: Buddy, come back! I got you! Where is he?

[A lobster goes to the Gromble's door.]

Ickis: Oh, I've got a really bad feeling about this.

[Ickis is trying to get the lobster and bump into the sink. The Gromble goes to his room, unbuckle his belt and saw Ickis, he screams and Icki scream, too.]

Gromble: Ickis, you have a pretty reason for invading the scentay without permission.

Ickis: NO, NO! I mean, I...

Gromble: In that case, it has been a very long day, and I am looking forward to getting some well-deserted rest. So if you don't mind, GET LOST!

[A lobster goes to the bathtub while the Gromble kicks Ickis out.]

Ickis: But, but, but, but, but.

Gromble: At last, a little peace and quiet.

[The Gromble goes to his bathtub.]

Gromble: Good night, Mr. Sluggy Buggy.

[The lobster is getting close to the Gromble while Ickis is trying to get the lobster away from the Gromble. But the lobster grab the Gromble's nose.]

Gromble: ICKIS!

Oblina: Don't even think about it.

[The Gromble enters the dorm room with Ickis and the lobster caught in his hand.]

Oblina: Gromble.

Gromble: So, this is what you were hiding! I told you before, Ickis, no pets! Or you're going to be in deep trouble for this. A snorching is too good for you. Far, far, too good for you. No kind of disobedience deserves something much worse!

[Ickis whimpers in fear.]

Oblina: Uh... um... but, sir. These are not pets. They are refuges and Ickis has bravely risk his life to save from a fate worse than death. Being eaten by humans.

Gromble: What?

Krumm: That's right. He made a promise. A vow.

Gromble: Ickis, is this true?

Ickis: Yes, sir. I promise to get them safely home. I just didn't know that home was the ocean.

Gromble: Well, in that case, Ickis. I'm... proud of you.

Ickis: You are?

Gromble: Yes. Even you know single handle disrupt the entire academy, not to mention to disturb my much needed rest! A monster word is a sacred thing. Keep your promise, Ickis, no matter what! Now go! Take your friends to the sea.

[A lobster grabs The Gromble's nose.]


[Cuts to the beach.]

Ickis: I guess this is it, little buddy. It was... It was maybe not fun. But I'm glad you didn't get eaten. But now, it's time for you to go home. Be free, little friend!

[A lobster grab' Ickis' lips.]

Ickis: Free, okay? Free! Please be free already! Be free!

[The episode fades, ending.]