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Eye Full of Wander

Eye Full of Wander is an Aaahh!!! Real Monsters episode from the 3rd season.

Characters present[]


Ickis, Oblina and Krumm go for a romp in the sewer, tossing one of Krumm's eyes around in a game of catch. The eye accidentally falls into the water and is swallowed by a snake. The snake leads the trio on a a wild chase. It eventually ends up at a rock concert, where they finally capture it, along with Krumm's eyes.


A human rock fan is inside his bedroom watching a music video of a heavy metal song called "Snake Eyes", performed by Australian lead singer Nigel Cretin. He takes his pet boa constrictor out of its tank and dances with it. His parents watch him playing air guitar in his room and slowly walk away, thinking his dance is a phase. Little does the rock fan know, the snake slithers off his shoulders and into a potty of the bathroom.

In the sewers, Ickis and Krumm play with sludge and Oblina reminds the two that they shouldn't be late for class. As The Monsters make their way to the academy, the snake finds its way inside the sewer. When Ickis and Krumm play catch with one of Krumm's eyes, Ickis tosses it to Krumm, only to have it bouncing off his palm and into the mouth of the snake. The Monsters chase after the snake, but end up at a fork in the road. As the snake open its mouth, Krumm spots a human, who takes the snake with him to have for lunch. The human exits the sewer and drives away in his car. The Monsters exit the sewer as well and hitch a ride on the car as it rides.

The human stops his car at the Mess-O-Pets shop and walks inside with the snake inside the bag he carries and sells the snake to the salesman for lunch money. As he leaves the store, The Monsters walks inside the back room of the shop and Krumm walks through the curtains and into another room, where he encounters aggressive dogs and a pig, who chase him around. Oblina yanks out her guts in front of the animals, but the pig only seems to like it and chases Oblina as the dogs chase the other two monsters around. The  Monsters end up hanging on a ceiling light and Krumm scares the animals away with his stench. When the clerk of the shop walks into the room, The Monsters sneak to the front desk to search for the snake. When Nigel Cretin enter the store with one of his band mates, The Monsters search inside the box for the snakes. But they can't quite remember which snake has Krumm's eye. So they grab a snake and run out of the store. Little do they know, Nigel has picked the snake that has Krumm's eye inside. It isn't long before they discover that they had gotten the wrong snake. When Krumm slumps in despair, Ickis spots Nigel on the bus with the snake who has Krumm's eye in his mouth. The Monsters board the bus, which stops at a local hotel, in which the band equipment is taken in the band room. The Monsters walk inside and hide into one of the drums, which is taken to the stage by one of the band members. When the member pounds on the drum, he hears The Monsters making noise inside and checks in the drum, only for The Monsters to scare him away. The trio climb on top of the overhead catwalk and watch the band performing for the audience. Nigel is seen onstage with the snake around his shoulders and the spotlight shining on him. As Nigel and his band perform their song, Oblina comes up with a plan and is dropped onto Nigel's hands as the snake is tossed up the air and grabbed by Krumm. Oblina scares Nigel and the rockstar runs and hops on top of the speaker, much to the audience's shock.

As The Monsters walk on the back stage, Krumm retrieves his eye from the snake and The Monsters go home via potty. Meanwhile, the audience walk out of the room chanting "Lame", describing Nigel's performance as the former Rockstar is now relegated to country singing at Mom's Grill diner.


  • During Nigel's concert, in the audience, there are three humans resembling Ickis, Krumm and Oblina.