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Fear, Thy Name is Ickis

Fear, Thy Name is Ickis is an episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from the 2nd season. It first aired on November 11, 1995.

Characters present[]


Ickis becomes popular after his newest scare lands him the praise he always wanted.


A sculptor is making artwork out of clay and is pursuing his career as an artist. He later destroys it in contempt and sobs over his mediocre artistry. As he destroys all of his material, Ickis sneaks inside and scares the artist. This is shown via video at the Monster Academy and everyone congratulates Ickis for his latest scare, with the Gromble calling it a work of art.

Later, Dizzle sneaks into the dorm room and runs into Ickis. She tells him that his scare was inspiring and asks him if he would take her to his next scare and gives him a big kiss.

Later, the artist is seen creating a clay sculpture while Ickis takes Dizzle with him as the two make their way inside a restroom via toilet. As they enter the art room, they sneak past the artist, who is still creating his sculpture, and Ickis triggers into his scare mode once again, scaring the artist again as he finally runs away. Dizzle congratulates Ickis and later notices the sculpture of him named "Fear." She tells Ickis that he is a star. Ickis then scares a secretary in an office as well.

Back at the monsters' home, Dizzle tells all the other monsters about Ickis' scares and soon, they all give the young monster acclaim for them, even going as far to replace cards of the Gromble for hand-made cards of Ickis. They cheer for Ickis at the academy and the young monster shows them his scaring moves. When the Gromble comes around, Ickis tells him that since he has learned enough, he contemplates leaving school early to turn pro, showing him the clay sculpture of him, which will be put at Town Square tomorrow, where humans can see it. So Gromble lets him off the hook.

Back at The Monsters' dorm room, Ickis' friends tell him that he will be popular after the people sees his statue. as he goes to sleep, he dreams that his popularity will keep him from being scary, so as he wakes up, he figures that he and his friends must get the statue.

At the art room, The Monsters try to move the statue, but it doesn't budge and soon, the statue is taken away by pickup truck, prompting The Monsters to chase after it, but as they get on, they end up swinging on the bottom pipe of the truck and get tangled together as they are tossed out.

They walk to Town Square, where the sculpture is covered with a cloth and the mayor introduces the artist, who's name is revealed to be Vince Van Strouth, to everyone. As he uncovers the statue, the conjoined monsters scare everyone away and untangle out of each other. Vince destroys the statue, calling it a "cute little bunny rabbit." Out of pique, Ickis attempts to scare him, but his attempt is squelched by Oblina and Krumm, who take him away with them.

The Gromble introduces Ickis back in school and tells him that his seat has been replaced. Ickis runs away to finish his art project, with his friends tagging along.


  • This serves as the first credited speaking role of Dizzle.