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Vince: My most original work yet. The culmination of my... career as an artist. My-- my ticket to immortality and it's... Caca! No no no!


Gromble: As you know, I am not one to pass out compliments willy-nilly. But that, my little crud captains, was a work of art!

Dizzle: Hello, Ickis.

Ickis: Oh Dizzle. What are you doing here?

Dizzle: I love what you did today, Ickis. It was so inspired. So powerful. Soscary!

Ickis: Thank you.

Dizzle: No, thank you. I have a thing for big scary monsters.

Ickis: Is that so?

Dizzle: I love to learn how to scare like you, Ickis. Could you take me on one of your scares? I'd love to see the master in action. I can't wait.

[Dizzle kisses Ickis, which causes him to squeal in pain. Meanwhile with Vince...]

Vince: Yes yes yes yes!

Ickis: Now, the key to a really artful scare is a little something I like to call surprise.

Dizzle: You are so deep.

Ickis: Mmhmm.

Vince: Perfection, artistic perfection.. This will be my crowning achievement. compared to me, Picasso was a punk, Dali was a drip, Warhol... weasel!

Dizzle: Bravo, Ickis!

Ickis: I did it! I did it again. What am I saying? Of course I did it again. I knew I could do it, I never doubted it.

Dizzle: Ickis look.

Ickis: You know, I may not know art but I know what I like.

Dizzle: Ickis, you're a star.

Ickis: I know.


Dizzle: Hello monsters. Dump Productions in association with the city's sewage system is pleased to present to you a master class in the fine art of scare-ification. So please welcome the grandmaster himself, the hardest-working monster in scare-business, Ickis!

Ickis: Do you know how to scare?

All: Yeah!

Ickis: Watch me now! ♪ I like to wail-- ow! ♪

♪ I like to loom-- ooh! ♪

♪ I like to wail and loom and wail and loom ♪

♪ And wail and loom and-- ow! ♪

♪ Hit me now, on my good foot ♪

Krumm: He's good.

Oblina: Oh, honestly.

Ickis: Let me say ow! Let me hear you say ugh!

Gromble: Well well well. what do we have here?

Ickis: I'm glad you made it, Gromble. I've been meaning to talk to you.

Gromble: Excuse me for one moment Ickis. [to Dizzle] Dizzle?

Dizzle: Yes Gromble?

Gromble: TAKE A HIKE! [to Ickis] You were saying?

Ickis: Well to get right to the point, Grombie, old pal, I feel that I've learned just about all I can learn from you here at the academy, so... I've decided to leave school early and turn pro, seeing as I am fear! Huah huah! On my good foot!

Gromble: Congratulations, Ickis. You will be immortalized in a statue that will stand above ground in the town square for all humans to gawk at, forever and ever. Come back and visit us sometime. Arrivebye-bye. As for the rest of you bilge-belchers, back to the books!

Krumm: So you're gonna be unveiled on the town square tomorrow?

Ickis: Yep. I'm a star.

Oblina: Yeah that's right Krumm. Grandmaster Ickis is going to be very, very poop-ular.

Ickis: Popular. what are you trying to say, Oblina?

Oblina: Well nothing.


Ickis: We've got to get that statue!


Ickis: It's no use. It's no heavy.

Krumm: Here, let my try something.

Oblina: I have a better idea.

Ickis: I've been thinking, maybe-- maybe we're going about this the wrong way.

Oblina: Why, Ickis, how astute of you! But I suppose I should expect nothing less from such a peerless icon. Such a model of monumental monstrosity. A paragon of prodigious pomposity such as yourself.

Ickis:You know, sometimes, Oblina, I have no idea what you're saying!

Oblina: Oh please..

Krumm: [peeking though the door] Hey what happen to the statue?

[All gasp]

Ickis: There I go! Somebody give me a hand

Krumm: Here! Grab on.

Oblina: Oh dear what have we become?

Krumm: Pretty frightening.

Ickis: Wait a minute. I have an Idea.

Oblina: What?

Ickis: Ouch. Where is this wooden thing come from?

Krumm: Must have been something I ate.

Oblina: Does anyone know whose eye we are using?

Mayor: Good morning. As mayor of this fair city, it is my great honor to introduce you to the man who will unveil the statue. Favorite son of this city... A pillar of the community...

Oblina: No, go left!

Krumm: On the good foot?

Mayor: And a supremely talented artist.. Vincent Van Strough.

Vince: Ladies and gentlemen, my gift to the city, the country, the world, I give you "Fear."


Vince: No no no no What was I thinking? This is not fear. This is nothing but a cute little bunny rabbit. Now. I ahve seenthe real fear.

Ickis: Cute little bunny rabbit? Oh, I'll show him a cute little bunny rabbit!

Krumm: Come on Ickis.

Gromble: Oh, it's good to have you back, Ickis. However, in your absence, I did take the liberty of giving your seat away to a new student I'm sure you can make something out.

Ickis: No no no no no!

Gromble: Where are you going now?

Ickis: We have to finish our project!