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Festival of the Festering Moon

Festival of the Festering Moon is an episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from the 3rd season.

Characters present[]


The time has come for the students to shed their skins and Ickis shows no signs of the change, which is bad since the last to shed must leave the academy.


The Monsters attempt to scare children at the arcade. But the children take no notice. So they shut off the electricity of the whole arcade and successfully scare away everybody in the arcade. Suddenly, Oblina begins to writhe around, and Krumm does the same as well. When every other monster at the Monster Academy are seen shaking around, The Gromble informs them that it's due to their skins shedding any moment, a sign of growing up. He also says that in three days, the moon will be full, precipitating a shedding ceremony, better known as The Festival of the Festering Moon. The monsters cheer for the imminent ceremony. As the Gromble puts each monster in charge of a different task to organize for the ceremony, he tries to pick a dancer for the Festering Moon and chooses Oblina. Ickis asks the Gromble a hypothetical question of what will happen to a monster who isn't shedding, which the Gromble responds that the monster who sheds last will be excused from the Monster Academy and never return in the process. The monsters talk about how depressing it must be to be the last monster to shed last, demoralizing Ickis as he begins to panic.

The next day, Ickis looks at the morning sky and tries to figure out a way to keep himself from being the last monster to shed. Krumm, who was put in charge by the Gromble to take care of the musical, conducts a musical, which comes out with harmony, much to his dismay. Ickis tries to convince Krumm that he has started shedding, but Krumm ignores him and continues conducting the monster musical. Ickis walks into his dorm room, where he finds Oblina practicing on her dance. He tries to convince his friend that he is shedding, but Oblina tells him that the mixer will not help him shed. When Ickis slumps in despair, Oblina tries to convince him that Dizzle has yet to pulse one time. But Dizzle appears and is revealed to be pulsing already. When ickis is just about ready to give up, Oblina tries to encourage him that he has the natural ability of the best monster and that she is only the best monster because she always studies. Soon, Ickis becomes confident and smug.

While sleeping, Ickis has a dream that he wakes up the next morning and finds that Krumm and Oblina have left. As his two friends have gotten older, Ickis feels himself regressing back to his youth and bawls like a baby. He then wakes up from his dream to find his friends still asleep and hops out of bed to go outside in the dump to find that the moon is almost full. The next morning, Krumm finds Ickis pushing a wheelbarrow of junk around and helps Ickis shed his skin using a rope tied to a movie projector. But this ends in failure as Ickis ends up getting dragged into the projector. The next night, the monsters are circled outside where the moon is now full, starting the festival. While the monsters celebrate in the festival, Ickis packs his things and attempts to leave the academy until he feels himself pulsing. Glad, he attends the festival with the other monsters and the other monsters, as well as Ickis himself, completely shed off their skin. Ickis is satisfied when he learns that he wasn't the last monster to shed, but Farrig was, causing a empathetic Ickis to feel sorry for the young monster, only to discover that the young monster grew up all at once. The Gromble also informs that the monster who sheds last has grown up into a young adult monster, and Ickis then realizes that that is why the monster should not return. Farrig, now fully grown up, leaves and the other monsters continue to enjoy the festival.