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[episode starts.]

Ickis: That was great.

Oblina: I did not think we would ever get their attention.

[Suddenly, Oblina starts to shiver and shake.]

Krumm: Oblina?

Ickis: What is it?

Oblina: I don't know.

Krumm: I'm sure it's nothing serious. At least I hope it's nothing serious.


Gromble: Pardon my pride, but this shaking you feel means You're all going to be shedding your skin soon. It marks your first big step On the journey we call "growing up." In three day, the moon will be full. We'll gather above ground For the ceremony of the shedding! The festival of the festering moon! Krumm, would you organize our music?

Krumm: Naturally.

Gromble: urbab, kriggle, snav? You're in charge of garbagefor the feast. Farrig!

Farig: Yes?

Gromble: You're to find a suitable spot To build the shrine to the festering moon!

Farig: Right away! [He dashes off.]

Gromble: And now, who will have the honor and the duty Of performing the centerpiece of our ceremony? Who shall dance the dance of the festering moon? The most important part of the festival of the festering moon! The dance must be performed With heart, soul and commitment. You must be agile. And intelligent. oblina! The dance is yours. Good luck. You'll need it.

Ickis: Say, hypothetically A monster isn't pulsing? What happens to me-- him? [ Chuckles] I mean, him. What happens to him?

Gromble: Every young monster sheds his skin. But, the monster who sheds last will leave the academy. Never to return. But between now and then we've got a shrine to build A feast to prepare and lots to learn So let's go, everyone-- it's festival time!

Ickis: What do you think he meant When he said "never to return?"

Snill: Ooh, I'd be so embarrassed if I shed last.

Krumm: Boy, something terrible must happen if they kick you out.

Monster: It must be awful.

Ibalo: A nightmare.

Oblina: Now, now. We do not know what the Gromble meant, not really.

Ickis: Yes we do! Shedding last is an embarrassing, terrible, awful nightmare!


Ickis: There's gotta be a way.

Krumm: Okay again from the top. No matter

what I tell them No matter what I teach them No matter how much we practice Every time they play, it comes out... [ Grunting] pretty. Ickis: Krumm Krumm look!

Ickis: krumm! Krumm, look! I've started pulsing!

Krumm: All right, concentrate. We've only got two days to sound bad. Once more From the top.

Oblina: Alrighty. ♪ And one, and two , and one-two-three ♪ ♪ And one, and two, and one-two-three ♪ ♪ And one, and two, and one-two-three. ♪ Why, hello, icky! How lovely to see you.

Ickis: I think I got it figured out. See! I can make it happen. So, I'm like everybody else. If I keep it up, I'll shed. You just watch me.

Oblina: Ickis, this thingy is not going to make you shed any sooner.

Ickis: Then I'm going to bethe last to shed. And then I'm out of the academy for good.

Oblina: Nonsense! ou are not the only monster who is not pulsating.

Ickis: Oh yeah.

Oblina: Yes. I mean yes. Take dizzle, she has not pulsed once.

Ickis: Really?

Dizzle: Whoopie! I'm not gonna be last! I get to stay at school! I get to stay at school!

Ickis: Well I guess that's that.

Oblina: That is not that. You are the best monster in this school whenever you know it or not.

Ickis: Wait a minute, I thought you're the best student.

Oblina: No no. That is only because I study. You have natural ability That I envy, yes! And shed or not, no one can take that away from you, dear.

Ickis: They can't?

Oblina: No, ickis, you are destined for greatness.

Ickis: I am?

Oblina: Absolutely. I swear.

Ickis: You're right, No matter what happens, I'm the best! Hit me!

Oblina: Now wait a minute. Actually, iam the best.

Ickis: Yeah. But only because you work at it so hard. Me? [ Giggling] I'm a natural.


Ickis: Oh, who cares if I shed? Who cares? Hey, krumm. Rise and stench! Krumm? Oblina? Krumm: wait for me, oblina. Krumm? Oblina? Wait for me! [ Panting] Krumm, oblina!

Both: What is it, Ickis?


Ickis: Come on, bear witness to my genius.

[Back at his dorm.]

Ickis: Okay, Krumm. Let her rip!


Ickis: It's working! I can feel it! Here it comes.

[Ickis stretches way to far and gets caught in the movie projector.]

Ickis: Could this be our little secret?

[That night.]

Oblina: So how was the band, Krumm?

Krumm: Hopeless. And the dance?

Oblina: Oh, I suppose, my dear krumm, it shall be fine. Krumm, Looky

Gromble: Let the festering begin!

Krumm: let's fester! Does everybody remember everything we practiced?


Krumm: Good, then you can just forget it. Let's just have fun, okay? It's hideous. Absolutely hideous.

Gromble: Oblina.

[Oblina starts dancing.]

Ickis: Goodbye everybody. Have fun growing up.

[Ickis begins to leave but suddenly, his body started to wither and shake.]

Ickis: It's happening. It's happening! Krumm! Oblina!


Ickis: Oblina?


Ickis: Wait. Wait wait wait wait.. Hold on. Hold on.

[Ickis' body start with shiver and shake.]

Ickis: It's happening!

[The skin peels right off of Ickis' body.]

Ickis: I...I...I did it! [in defeat] I..I was last...

Gromble: No you weren't.

Ickis: Yahoo! I'm a grown up monster! [stops for a bit.] Farrig, sweetheart, listen. I'm sure this is for the best But I know how you feel And I am sosorry.

Gromble: Why, master Ickis? Why are you sorry?

Ickis: Because Farig doesn't get to grow up with the rest of us, poor little guy.

Gromble: He's not growing up with the rest of you, Ickis. [Farig now then becomes an adult.] Because he's growing up all at once.

Farig: Let me help you there, Ickis. Poor little guy.

Gromble: With each festival of the festering moon Fortune smiles on one monster. He who sheds last is the first to grow up. And he's the one who will leave the academy

Ickis: Never to return.

Gromble: Yes. Yes, congratulations, farrig. Now go, go along with you and scare the scares You were bornto scare! As for the rest of you Back to your places!

Ickis: Any chance, there's a roundabout, you know second place kind of... never mind.