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Fistful of Toenails

Fistful of Toenails is an Aaahh!!! Real Monsters episode from the 3rd season.

Characters present[]


Old human westerns have the monsters behaving like the characters in them, despite the Gromble's stern objection to the behavior.


At night, as the garbage is being dumped from garbage trucks into the town dump, Krumm finds a box of old film reels and munches on one. He tells his friends about this and they proceed to eat all the film. The trio munches on the film into daybreak, but by that time, they get tangled up in the film and Ickis remarks that there must be a better way to do this. Oblina states that she has an idea: They thread Oblina's body though one of the reels while Ickis holds her body above his head as if it were a bar, and Krumm munches on the film as he sucks it from the reel as if it were spaghetti. However, as they're doing this, Oblina begins to notice the Sunlight shining though the film and projecting pictures onto Ickis's stomach. Ickis takes notice and realizes what they were doing; he tells Krumm to stop eating, and he explains that they were eating old human movies which Oblina points out that the Gromble has prohibited the monsters from watching. Just then, Ickis finds and pulls a film projector (which he calls a "viewfinder") out of the box, enabling the monsters to watch the remaining movies in the box.

They all bring the entire set back into their dorm and set it up even though Oblina states that she doesn't think they should be doing it, Ickis starts the projector and it shows a live action movie of cowboys hanging out at the saloon, who eventually get into a fight. Soon, the young monsters begin to impersonate the cowboys in the film, even going as far to wrangle up a monster and branding him subsequently using Oblina's lips. As The Monsters continue to emulate the cowboys and act like horses in the movie, the monster they branded get Zimbo and The Snorch, who witness this to their surprise.

Zimbo and Snorch decide to spy on the three monsters and view them watching the old cowboy movie through their own projector. They are shown scaring a number of passengers on the train, telling them to simply reach for the sky, on the viewfinder back at the Monster Academy. The Gromble is impressed by The Monsters' scare and Oblina, who was on the viewfinder, responds in a fake southern accent, "Why shucks. It weren't nothin'.'" When the Gromble asks her what she said, Oblina, realizing what she just said, talks in her original accent and thanks Gromble, who then asks the three young monsters how they could come up with a scare like that, which Ickis responds that it just only came to them. As the Gromble dismisses the class, Zimbo informs him that he needs to talk to him in private.

Ickis, Krumm, and Oblina are then seen in their dorm roasting beetles when the Gromble catches them in the act and discovers the movies they found in the dump. He threatens to escort them to the "Who's Cow." which he refers to as the Chamber of Horrors. As they go, they decide to give Zimbo what's coming to him.

After their reprehensible punishment, they confront Zimbo in the lunch room and challenge him to a showdown at the dump in high noon, which Zimbo promises to show up at. The other monsters show up at the dump during midnight to watch the showdown and Ickis and Krumm, dressed up as cowboys, finally arrive, only to find out that Snorch is participating in the showdown as well. Things get worse for the two when they discover that Oblina is missing, but Oblina shows up with a toilet plunger and is prepare to start the showdown. As the showdown is about to begin, Oblina tells Zimbo that Snorch should leave since Zimbo is the one who the trio is challenging. When Zimbo states that one against three isn't a fair showdown, Oblina has Ickis and Krumm step aside and decides to fight Zimbo on her own. When the showdown between the two is about to begin, Zimbo, perspiring in trepidation, decides to relinquish and The Monsters prevail. Zimbo attempts to attack Oblina from behind, only for Oblina to counter attack in the process. The other monsters cheer for the trio, but the Gromble shows up and punishes Ickis, Krumm, and Oblina by tying them up to each of their poles and having them listen to him playing his own monster cowboy song called "Scaring Six White Horses", his own version of "Coming Down the Mountain", with Zimbo inside his guitar suffering from the torturing music as well.


  • The episode's title is a parody of "Fistful of Dollars".
  • The film Ickis, Oblina, and Krumm watch in their dorm is in live action.
  • Zooeuh appears twice in the crowd gathered for the cowboy duel.