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— This is a transcribed copy of Fistful of Toenails. —
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[episode starts]

Krumm: Hey Oblina, Look what I found.

Oblina: Krummy, it is pereftly delish.

Krumm: I know.

Oblina: Look at this wonderful discovery that Krumm has made.

Ickis: Wow. That's good. Give me some more.

Krumm: Help yourself, little buddy. Plenty more where that came from.

Ickis: There's gotta be a better way to do this.

Oblina: I have an idea. Ickis, look at your stomach.

Ickis: Wow. Look Krumm stop eating. You guys, it's a box full of old human movies!

Oblina: You mean like the ones that the Gromble says we were never supposed to see?

Ickis: Yes exactly! Just like those. Look at this. There's a viewfinder in here too! This is os great.

Oblina: I really do not think we should be doing this.

[Ickis puts the tape in the viewfinder as the group watch.]

Ickis: Here we go.

Turn around, you hombres.

Feel like finishing what you started this morning?

This maverick must be loco.

Yeah, plumb hard to that lady.


Yellow, huh?

Now, look, cowboy, if you were meaning me, I'll-

Oblina: Here... Turn around, you hombres. Feel like finishing what you started this morning?

Krumm: This maverick must be loco.

Oblina: Yellow, huh?

Krumm: Now, look here, cowboy, if you're meaning me, I'll--


Monster: Somebody help me! What are you doing?

Oblina: There, now you are property of the OKI Ranch.

Krumm: Yeah, now make tracks, you mangy polecat.

Oblina: Pretty good ride there partner now it's my turn.

Ickis: Well, climb aboard there, cowpoke.

Monster: There, see what I mean.

Zimbo: Yes, indeed I do. This is most curious behavior. It definitely deserves Zimbo's investigative scrutinies.

Monster: Yeah, I was thinking the same thing.
And I should probably go with you guys. You know, just in case these scrutiny things get rough. I mean, I could-- Whoa! I was thinking the very same thing, you know, just in case--


Zimbo: Wait here, my good Snorch, while I, Zimbo, stealthily inv*de the domicile of our three friends and reconnoiter the cause of these strange goings on.

All: Reach for the sky, you busters.

Gromble: Ooh hoo hoo hoo, what an absolutely fabulous scare! I am extremely impressed.

Oblina: Why shucks. It weren't nothin'.

Gromble: Excuse me?

Oblina: It was nothing really. Thank you for your kind words, Master Gromble.

Gromble: And so humble too. How touching. But tell me, how did you three puss brains come up with a scare like that?

Ickis: Aw, shucks-- [normal voice] You know, it just kind of came to us, sir.

Gromble: I see. Well, I guess this just goes to show you that anyone can succeed if you put your minds to it. Well, I certainly look forward to your next inspiration. Class dismissed.

Zimbo: Pardon me, oh, great Gromble, master, but may I, Zimbo, your ever-humble servant, have a word with you in, um, private?


Ickis: That was a good little buckaroo.

Oblina: Smile when you say that hombre.

Krumm: Yeah you mangy vermin.

Gromble: I should have known!

Ickis: Master Grombleness sir.

Gromble: And now, my little cow spookies, y'all are going to the hoosegow, or as we affectionately refer to it down here, the chamber of horrors!

Zimbo: Oh tsk tsk what a shame.

Oblina: Looks like we've been double-crossed, pardners. I think it's high time that no-good Zimbo gets what's a-comin' to him. You with me?

Ickis: Count me in partner.

Krumm: Yeah, me too, hombre.

Zimbo: Well well well. If it isn't the three desperados, or should I say, desperdumbos.

Ickis: You done us wrong Zimbo. And now your gonna pay.
Krumm: Yeah, you little bushwhacker, we'll calling you out.

Oblina: Tonight in the dump at high moon. Toilet plungers at paces. That is, of course, unless, you're yellow!

Zimbo: Don't you worry my precious little stick, we'll be there.

Zimbo, Well, as you can see, it is just as Zimbo suspected. It is almost a high moon and the challengers have not arrived. They are wiser than they seem.

Mosnter: I see them. I see them.

Ickis: We've come for ya, Zimbo. The Snorch! Oblina, he brought the Snorch! What are we gonna do? Oblina? Where's Oblina?

Krumm: I don't know! She was right behind me.

Zimbo: Zimbo sees two but not three. It would appear that the stick has lost her nerve.

Krumm: What do we do Ickis?

Ickis: Run away.

Oblina: Nobody's lost their nerve, Zim-bob... I'm here.

Zimbo: Well, now we can finally get this over with. Snorch, prepare to commence with the plunging.

Oblina: Hold on Snorch. We got no quarrel with you. Our fight's with Zim-bob. I'm gonna have to ask you to step aside.

Zimbo: Zimbo would like to know what the Snorch is doing.

Snorch: [speaks gibberish]

Zimbo: Zimbo's fight is your fight.

Oblina: What's the matter, Zim-bob? Lost your nerve?

Zimbo: Of course not. It just seems that Zimbo against three is not a fair fight.

Oblina: I can fix that. I'll handle this, boys.

Ickis: Thanks par.

Oblina: Now it's just you and me.

Zimbo: But Zimbo has no armaments, as you can plainly see. Zimbo is so grateful, he cannot even express himself.

Oblina: Well, let's get on with it. You gonna pull those plungers or just whistle "Dixie"?

Zimbo: I give up.

Ickis: Heeyaw! You sure are something, partner.

Krumm: Boy howdy, you sure was!

Oblina: Why thank you, hombres.

Ickis: Oblina.


Gromble: Hello, pardners. Do you like to play cowboy? Well, play we will!