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Garbage Ahoy

Garbage Ahoy is an episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from the 2nd season.

Characters present[]


While frolicking in the dump, the monsters become stranded on a floating garbage barge with no way back.


A human couch potato's sitting on his armchair flipping through channels on the TV, until he's coming across the news while eating a can of tuna. Callahan, the weather man, is describing what the weather is like and before he could finish, the scene quickly switches to The Monsters running through the dump. Then they notice a large pile of garbage and run to it. Then they hop into it and roam through it until they hear a blowing horn and feel the trash rumbling. They are oblivious to the fact that they're on a barge carrying the trash and continue to roam through the garbage.

As the barge moves, the garbage men riding on the front, Dougie and Bob, decide which country to dump the garbage on. It isn't long before Oblina finally realizes that the barge has already left shore. Later, Dougie and Bob come to the dump to find an old locker, which they plan to make into a microwave oven. When they open it, they find Ickis chewing on a boot, and then Ickis scares the two away, prompting them to dump the garbage in sea, sending The Monsters in the middle of the sea. Then Ickis and Oblina use Krumm as a raft (since he ate one from the garbage) and then Krumm pulls the plug from it, sending it floating quickly through the sea for a short while, until Krumm returns to his normal physique. Then the Monsters encounter a shark and swim away. Then they come across the top of a submarine controlled by the underwater captain. Then the captain looks through the periscope and catches a glimpse of Ickis' face. In terror, he and the other passengers take the submarine for a dive underwater, leaving The Monsters floating on sea. Subsequently, they're engulfed by a whale and find their way out through the whale's blowhole. Then Ickis demands the whale to get The Monsters to the dump. Then the whale responds by blowing water through its blowhole, sending The Monsters back in the sea. As they're almost eaten by a shark, they come across a tidal wave and land on the head of an octopus, which it grabs Ickis with one of its tentacles. Oblina and Krumm are also grabbed by each of the octopus' tentacles and taken underwater. As the octopus makes it to the bottom, Ickis tickles its tentacle and the octopus blows black ink and the Monsters swim away.

As The Monsters attempt to swim up the sea, they end up being followed by an underwater ship controlled by two French operators, who get a videotape of them and encounter the octopus, who mistakes the ship as a mate for him and dances with it. Then the Monsters make it at the top of the sea, gasping desperately for air they have been holding in, and are carried to shore by dolphins. But their trip is cut short when they encounter an oil spill, which's floating through the sea. Krumm slurps all of the oil spill and The Monsters' trip on the dolphins continue. But their trip stops again when a captain controlling a ship lowers the nets, prompting the dolphins to drop, Then the Monsters right back underwater as the three hold their breath, who get caught in the fishing nets, which's carried on the ship.

Then a close-up of the TV being flipped channel after channel's shown again, and as the couch potato's watching the news again, then he opens the can of tuna and eats it, only for The Monsters to scare him away when he pulls them out of his mouth. Then Ickis and Krumm escape through the toilet, but Oblina decides to walk, saying that she has had enough water for today, only to get dragged into the toilet by an octopus' tentacle. Then the toilet flushes as the episode ends.


  • The name of the title is a take on "Ships Ahoy!".
  • Starting with this episode, the pupils on Krumm's eyes no longer have lighting on them.