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[It all started at the New York apartments.]

Woman: ...causing the stock market to crash. But not all the news is bad today. For the good news Let's go to our very own callahan the weatherman.

Man: It's the first day of spring and it is a beautifulday! The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming And in the air is the fragrant scent of...

[Before he could finish, the scene quickly switches to The Monsters running through the dump.]

Monsters: Garbage!

Oblina: Ohh. Let's frolic in the mounds.

Ickis: Oh, let's do.

Krumm: Certainly.

[The monsters giggle]

Krumm: Aah. I love the smell of sewage in the morning.

Ickis: Hey, I got a train set. Oh, caboose.

Oblina: A tasty little sludge but not bitter.

Ickis: Hey everybody, get a load of this.

Krumm: The motherworld,

Oblina: Divine.

Ickis: Last one there is a farm fresh egg.


Ickis: Cannonball! What was that?

Oblina: Icky, you should really must try this slime. It is wonderfully putrid.

Ickis: Oblina, did you feel something?

Oblina: Feel what?

Krumm: There's the dinner bell.

[Krumm eats the inflatable life raft]

Krumm: Hmm. This gum has no flavor.

Bob: Well, Thuggie, it's your turn to pick out witch dirt world country we're gonna dump this garbage on.

Thuggie: No fooling. Gee, Bob, thanks.

Bob: Go ahead, pick a spot.

Oblina: Oh, dear...

Bob: Well, lookie, what we got here. How could someone throw this away? All this locker needs Is a little sandpaper, couple of double a batteries A light bulb, and hey, you got a microwave oven!

Thuggie: No fooling, Bob?

Bob: No, no fooling.

Both: Monsters!

Bob: Hurry up and dump the garbage!

Thuggie: I'm trying! It's stuck.

[Bob attend to help and the garbage was flown into the air. The trash started to shrink as it fell into the water.]

Krumm: Uh oh.

Ickis: We're gonna be late for class you know.

Oblina: I can't SWIM!


[They landed into the water. Debris of garbage splashed into the water as the monsters pokeed their heads out of the water.]

Ickis: We'll never make it. There's nothing big enough to hold on to.

Oblina: Maybe there would be if our gluttoness friend have not eaten so much of it.

Krumm: All aboard?

Oblina: Excellent work, my dear dead Krumm. [they climb on top of him.] But how do we get back to shore?

Ickis: I'll use you as a paddle, Oblina.

Oblina: Oh! [grunts] Not a chance! I'm not going back in there.

[Krumm pulls out the plug and the raft deflate as Ickis and Oblina screamed. They were farther from the mainland.]

Krumm: What a relief.

[For a moment a shark appears behind them, the group scream and run away only for them to sink into the water.]

Ickis: What kind of fish is this.

Krumm: A very cold fish.

Russian man: [in English subtitles] Monsters! Dive! Dive! Dive! I want my mommy.

[A submarine dive down.]

Oblina: I must say salt water is not that bad. In more ration, of course will come.

{But then a giant whale swallowed them whole. They scream and hang on the tongue.]

Ickis: Oh no, we're all gonna be digested. Maybe that's the way out. Follow me!

[The three monsters climb out of the whale's blow hole.]

Ickis: If we hurry, maybe the Gromble won't notice we're gone. Hold on to me. Hey, Tubby! To the city dump. And step on it!

[The whale responds my blowing its hole of water right on top of them.]

Oblina: Well done, Ickis. Maybe now we can fly home.

[They fall into the water again.]

Ickis: Guys, I hate to be the harbinger of bad news.

Krumm: Hey, Ickis. This is fun.

Ickis: Yeah, the ocean is just like the sewer dude.

Oblina: It should carry us all the way.

[They land on the head of an octopus. Again, Oblina spits the water out.]

Oblina: Oh.

Krumm: I don't about you two, but I can use a nap.

[As he said this Ickis was grabbed by a tentacle and dragged into the water.]

Ickis: Yipe!

Krumm: What about you, Ickis? [no answer] Ickis?

Oblina: What happened to Ickis? [She gets grabbed by another tentacle and dragged into the water.] OH!

Krumm: He was just here a minute ago. Oblina? [He gets dragged into the water too.] Whoa!

[The giant octopus drags them deep into the waters below.]

Ickis: Coochie-coochie-coo!

[Ickis manages to tickle the octopus as it squirts ink and the other monsters are force to swim up shore.]

Man: in the undersea world The marine life adapt to their habitat By taking many unusual shapes. Sacre blah! Maurice, did you get that?

Louis: No papa. I just run out of tape.

Man: Imbecile!i have discovered a new species! Follow them! No, Loui,s to the left!

Louis: Left, left.

Man: That's it, boys. I got them. Louis, what are you doing?!

Louis: I do nothing, papa! I'm out of control!

[Both men scream as the octopus dances with it. Up above the ocean, the monsters come up, gasping and coughing desperately for air they have been holding in.]

Ickis: [coughing] I give up! We're never gonna make it.

[Ickis sinks into the water. We can't tell if they survive. But however, they rose up with dolphins they were held. Meanwhile, a big oil accident while the man cleans up the oil with a wipe.]

Man: The brocure said I get to save a whale.

Woman: Shut up and keep wiping.

[A dolphin gets scared of the oil, dropping Krumm on it.]

Krumm: Whoa. I'm mighty parched.

[Krumm slurping all the oil.]

Man: It's gonna take us three years to block this all up.

Woman You got a real neck for this, kid.

Krumm: Nothing like a cold shatter crude.

Ickis: Giddy up, little dolphy!


Man: Skipper, big school of tuna headed this way!

Captain: Lower the nets!

Oblina: We are almost home!

[The dolphins notice the fishing nets and leave dropping Ickis, Krumm and Oblina underwater again. The three struggle to hold their breath as the fishing nets surround them.]

Woman: When we come back, we'll tell you the about the man who soak up a 20 mile oil slick with a single paper towel. But first, with the weather, our very own Callahan the weatherman.

Man: It's another beautiful spring day here in the city! Perfect weather for cleaning up after a tidal wave! The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming And it is a beautiful day!


Ickis: I guess I haven't got my land legs yet.

Oblina: You know, I think I had enough water for a while. I'll just walk.

[A tentacle comes out of the toilet and grabs Oblina and gets dragged down into the sewer.]