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Garbage In, Garbage Out

Garbage In, Garbage Out is an episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from the 2nd season. It first aired on November 18, 1995.

Characters present[]


A new human policy threatens the monsters' food supply when humans stop throwing out their garbage.


The Monsters enter the outside of the dump and munch on the garbage. Little do they know, the mayor is asked by the Ladybug Girl Scouts (and accompany by a news crew) about what the city is doing about keeping the planet clean. So, the mayor suggests that everyone around the city should recycle every possible thing, declaring a "Dump the Dump" week, which consists of the others to save their garbage and recycle it. The Monsters look around the dump and discover the lack of trash around the dump.

At the Monster Academy, the Gromble states that he is declaring a temporary state of emergency until the monsters can figure out why humans stop throwing away their garbage. So he sends the monsters to investigate and find other sources of food. So the three young monsters navigate through the city streets and hide into an alley dumpster. only to discover that it is completely empty, as well as the garbage truck. They only end up finding a scanty amount of trash, which prompts the Gromble to institute what he calls "Gromble Law," which means that all the remaining food will be brought into The Snorch's chamber to be secured. Snav goes crazy and eats one of Gromble's high heels, only to spit it back out in deference to the Gromble, who demands the monsters to bring back all the food by the end of the day.

During lunch, the three monsters only end up eating styrofoam and can take no more of this. So they sneak into Snorch's chamber and disguise their selves as the Gromble, forcing Snorch to move the food to another location. But the real Gromble appears and Ickis, Krumm, and Oblina are caught in the act. The Gromble discovers that the pile of food is gone and sends the three young monsters back to their dorm rooms.

At the dorm room, the lack of food has causes The Monsters' bodies to atrophy becoming thin, and Krumm begins to hallucinate and tries to eat Ickis, only to get inhibited. Ickis then grabs the chocolate bunny he had inside his pillow and attempts to eat it. But Krumm and Oblina stop him from doing this and they find that Ickis still has spare worms under his pillow. Ickis finds an old sweater behind Krumm's microwave bed and finds shells inside Oblina's school book. The Monsters then get into a physical altercation and since they are too weak to continue, they eventually pass out as the rest of the monsters take away their food.

Back in city hall in the city streets, the mayor decides to nullify the Dump the Dump campaign and the trash is back on the dump. Back at the monsters' dorm, they are about to meet their end until they discover that their garbage is finally back, saving the monsters as they munch the garbage in delight.