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[episode starts]

Man: Mr. Mayor your 2 thirty appointment is here.

Mayor: I'm busy.

Man: Sir they're ladybugs.

Mayor: So?


Mayor: What are you waiting for?



Girl: I got a question for you.

Mayor: Ok of course you do child. What is it?


Mayor: Well, it's time out.

Man: Film at eleven.


Man: You betcha.




Ickis: Wow.

Krumm: See all told you.

Oblina: I would not have believe it I have not seen it with my own eyes.

Ickis: Where is all the garbage gone? Maybe it's the end of the world.


Ickis: Look at that. They're wearing food.

[Krumm checks inside the trash can.]

Krumm: It's completely empty.


Gromble: Well? That's it? How about you?

Ickis: I'm sorry your grombleness There's just nothing out there.

Gromble: Oh. In that case I'm afraid I must insatute Gromble law.

Ickis: Styrofoam again?


Oblina: You have got to give us more food. Look at what was happening to me.


Oblina: We have to do something!

Zimbo: Snorch my dear friend, don't you think we should take a little break and refresh ourselves from the garbage you and I have been gathering. My thoughts exactly.

Ickis: This is never gonna work. He'll catch us and skin us alive.

Oblina: If you want more food, this is the only way. Quickly, let's go.

[Ickis, Krumm and Oblina pose as The Gromble.]

Ickis: Oh, my dear Snorch. GOOFING OFF AS USUAL!?

Zimbo: Sir?


Oblina: Not yet greedy.

Zimbo: And where would this secret location be sir?

Ickis: Let me think.

Krumm: Krumm, Oblina and Ickis.

Zimbo: Is there something wrong with your voice sir?


[The real Gromble comes in and catches them in the act.]

Gromble: What is going on here!?

Zimbo: Well sir..

Gromble: Food? Food you say?!

[Back at the dorm, the monsters have gotten thinner.]

Ickis: I gotta have some food. What kind of crazy world is this?

Krumm: I got a slug! Let's chow!

Ickis: Hey easy!

Krumm: Sorry Ickis.

Ickis: It's alright.

Oblina: This trash vemon is infected all of us.

Ickis: There's got to be something we can eat around here. There's gotta be.

Krumm: What is it.

Ickis: I'm not sure.

Oblina: Human food. Ickis stop!

Ickis:I am gonna eat it! I'm gonna eat human food!

Oblina: No!


Ickis: Watch me!


Ickis: If there is a later.


Ickis: Stop it stop it! You're torturing me.

Krumm: Check this out Oblina, Bunny boy's been holding out on us.

Oblina: Ickis how could you?

Ickis: I would have shared.

Krumm: I'm hurt that you would think that.

Ickis: Not really.


Oblina: Stay away form my things you horder.


Krumm: That's easy for school books.

Ickis: Aha! Whatever. The point being, my dear fellow hoarders, none of us is perfect.

Oblina: What are you looking at?

Ickis: What are you looking at?

Oblina: I am not looking at anything.

Krumm: How come no one's looking at me?

Ickis: I know what is going on here. You're both planning to steal my worms.



[That was enough for them. They went completely insane and start fighting but they got all weak and exhausted due to the hunger infecting them.]

Ickis: Can't.. go on...

Oblina: Too...Weak...

[They all faint]

Mayor:Is there any more benefit to begin

Man: No sir. The people are pretty darn sick of it.

Mayor: Then I am doom. Get rid of this junk.

Man: Good one sir.

Announcer: Hey kids dump the dump week is been dump so dump that garbage.


Krumm: [weakly] Looks like this is the end. I'm gonna miss you guys.

Oblina: [weakly] Oh Krummy stop. You're making me sad.

Ickis: [weakly] I don't know how much time we have so I just wanted to say the both of you that I'm sorry for the way I acted.

Oblina: I am sorry too. I behave poorly.

Krumm:You know it's funny how cranky you get when you don't eat a good lunch, or dinner, or breakfast or lunch or breakfast..

Ickis: [reaches out his hand] Friends?

Both: [holding his hand] Friends..

[They sigh and closed their eyes. Suddenly something rumbled.]

Oblina: What is that rumbling?

Krumm: Probably my stomach.

Ickis: Wow. It's back!

Oblina: It's certainly is looky! We are saved!