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[episode starts]

Man: Mr. Mayor, your 2:30 appointment is here.

Mayor: I'm busy. Almost got it.

Man: Sir, they're ladybugs. Those adorable little girls in uniforms.

Mayor: So?

Man: Well, they just happened To show up at the same time as a news crew.

Mayor: What are you waiting for? Show them in. Welcome, little ones. Oh, say, you wouldn't happen to have Any of those delightful cookies, would you?

Girl: No!

Mayor: There's the kind of spunkc I like to see in our youth.

Girl: I got a question for you.

Mayor: Okay, of course you do, child. What is it?

Girl: We've been learning about cleaning up the planet. What's the city doing about it?

Mayor: Well, it's time out. I, your mayor Am proud to announce that next week will be "Dump the dump week" in our fine city. A time in which everyone will be asked To recycle everything they possibly can. Now, go forth and do good things Blah, blah, blah, blah... Yadda, yadda... What time will this air?

Man: Film at eleven.

Mayor: Now listen you little toad. You make "dump the dump" happen Or you'll be scrubbing every statue in the park.

Man: You betcha.

Announcer: it's "dump the dump week," so save your garbage. Did you know that trash clothes Are three times warmer than wool? Think about it.

Man: Hmmm?


Ickis: Wow.

Krumm: See? I told you.

Oblina: I would not have believe it I have not seen it with my own eyes.

Ickis: Where is all the garbage gone? Maybe it's the end of the world.

Gromble: Attention! Students... As you know, our food supply Has been dwindling steadily. I am declaring a temporary state of emergency Until we can determine why humans stopped Throwing away Their garbage! I am sending some of our best students topside To investigate this mystery and find new sources of food. All of monsterdom is depending on you... So don't blow it!

Ickis: Look at that. They're wearing food.

[Krumm checks inside the trash can.]

Krumm: It's completely empty.


Gromble: Well? That's it? How about you?

Ickis: I'm sorry, your Grombleness, There's just nothing out there.

Gromble: Oh. In that case I'm afraid I must insatute Gromble law. All remaining food will be brought to the snorch's chambers To be secured for rationing. Snav, what's that in your mouth, hmm? Put it in my hand... Now! I want all food brought to me by the end of the day! Or else.

Ickis: Styrofoam again?

Krumm: Any chance of getting a second helping? I'll take that as a no.

Oblina: You have got to give us more food. Look at what was happening to me.

Krumm: That's what I call skinny.

Oblina: We have to do something!

Zimbo: Snorch, my dear friend, don't you think we should take a little break and refresh ourselves from the garbage you and I have been gathering? My thoughts exactly My very dear friend. That was a trick question, of course.

Ickis: This is never gonna work. He'll catch us and skin us alive.

Oblina: If you want more food, this is the only way. Quickly, let's go.

[Ickis, Krumm and Oblina pose as The Gromble.]

Ickis: [In Gromble's voice] Oh, my dear Snorch. GOOFING OFF AS USUAL!?

Zimbo: Sir?

Ickis: I have received word Of a devious plot to raid our food supply. Therefore I order you to move Half... Uh, all of it... All of it, all of it... To a new, secret location.

Oblina: Do not yet greedy.

Zimbo: And where would this secret location be, sir?

Ickis: Let me think. [In Gromble's voice] Who are the most trustworthy students in the academy?

Krumm: Krumm, Oblina and Ickis.

Zimbo: Is there something wrong with your voice, sir?

Ickis: what business Is that of yours?! ( As gromble ): I mean... What business is that of yours?! Now, quickly move the food to their dorm room immediately!

[The real Gromble comes in and catches them in the act.]

Gromble: What is going on here!?

Zimbo: Well, sir... The snorch and I Have foiled a blatant attempt To steal the food.

Gromble: Food? Food you say?! What food? You idiots let them take the whole pile! I'm very disappointed in you three. Especially you, Ickis. If you are going to impersonate me, at least get the nose right. All of you, back to your dorm rooms immediately! [After the monsters left, The Gromble also discovers the white shoe they left.] White? [laughs] I wouldn't be caught dead in white.

[Back at the dorm, the monsters have gotten thinner.]

Ickis: I gotta have some food. What kind of crazy world is this? Ee! Where are monsters can't get the dis helping of bueno garbage?!

[Krumm lick his lips and goes to Ickis]

Ickis: I thought I never left to see the day!

[Krumm tackle Ickis]

Krumm: I got a slug! Let's chow!

Ickis: Hey, hey! Easy!

Krumm: Sorry, Ickis.

Ickis: It's alright.

Oblina: This trash venom is infecting all of us.

Ickis: There's got to be something we can eat around here. There's gotta be.

[Ickis found the chocolate bunny]

Ickis: Aha!

Krumm: What is it?

Ickis: I'm not sure. But humans eat of lot of them in the spring.

Oblina: Human food. Ickis, stop!

Ickis: I am gonna eat it! Ha! I'm gonna eat human food!

Oblina: No!

Ickis: Yes!

Krumm: No!

Ickis: Yes! Watch me! Watch me!

[Krumm take the chocolate bunny off of Ickis and throw it away]

Krumm: You gonna thank me for this later.

[Ickis cries.]

Ickis: If there is a later.

Krumm: You know what be good right now? The thick slice of beetle loath Drenched with extra-virgin sludge And a side of minced rope.

Ickis: Stop it, stop it! You're torturing me.

[Krumm found the worms in Ickis' bed]

Krumm: Check this out, Oblina. Bunny boy's been holding out on us.

Oblina: Ickis, how could you?

Ickis: I would have shared. Besides, I'll bet that two of you have a secret stage, too.

Krumm: I'm hurt that you would think that.

Ickis: Oh, really.

[Ickis look in Krumm's bed and found an old sweater, laughing]

Ickis: Exhibit A! I'm supposed this delicious rotten sweater just happened to fall back here you forgot all about it, huh?

Krumm: Something like that.

Oblina: Stay away from my things, you, you hoarder.

Ickis: Listen, Little Miss Name-Caller. We'll just see who is a hoarder! This is going to be little tougher, huh. You're smart and crafty, Oblina. Now, now what do you never expected Krumm and I told, huh?

Krumm: That's easy, her school books.

Ickis: Aha! Exhibit A!

Oblina and Krumm: B.

Ickis: Whatever. The point being, my dear fellow hoarders, none of us is perfect.

Oblina: What are you looking at?

Ickis: What are you looking at?

Oblina: I am not looking at anything.

Krumm: How come no one's looking at me?

Ickis: I know what is going on here. You're both planning to steal my worms.

Krumm: If I close my eyes, there's gonna be rotten sweater feast for you two.

Oblina: If I ever know one of you using to get your hands off my peanut shells, you got another thing coming!

[That was enough for them. They went completely insane and start fighting but they got all weak and exhausted due to the hunger infecting them.]

Ickis: Can't.. go on...

Oblina: Too... weak...

[They all faint and the other monsters take the foods. Meanwhile in the Mayor's office.]

Mayor: monty, is there any more political benefit to be gained From this "dump the dump" campaign?

Man: No, sir. The people are pretty darn sick of it.

Mayor: Then I am doom. Get rid of this junk.

Man: Good one, sir.

Announcer: Hey, kids. Dump the dump week is been dump. So dump that garbage.

[Back at the dump, Ickis, Oblina and Krumm regained consciousness, even more weaker then ever.]

Krumm: [weakly] Looks like this is the end. I'm gonna miss you, guys.

Oblina: [weakly] Oh, Krummy, stop. You're making me sad.

Ickis: [weakly] I don't know how much time we have so I just wanted to say the both of you that I'm sorry for the way I acted.

Oblina: I am sorry, too. I behave poorly.

Krumm: Ditto. It's funny how cranky you get when you don't eat a good lunch, or dinner, or breakfast or lunch or breakfast..

Ickis: [reaches out his hand] Friends?

Both: [holding his hand] Friends.

[They sigh and closed their eyes. Suddenly something rumbled.]

Oblina: What is that rumbling?

Krumm: Probably my stomach.

Ickis: Wow. It's back!

Oblina: It's certainly is. Looky!

[the dump truck throwing away the garbage while the monsters are eating]

Oblina: We are saved!

Ickis: It's beautiful. Isn't it, Krumm? Krumm?

Krumm: Yeah, it's beautiful.

[all the dump trucks are releasing the garbage, the episode ends]