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Goin' (Way) South

Goin' (Way) South is an episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from the 2nd season.

Characters present[]


The monsters must journey to the South Pole to scare a hard-to-scare explorer.


At the Adventure Club, Lars Halverson's being interviewed by the audience, who ask him what his next adventure will consist on. Halverson explains that he'll cross Antarctica alone, for he fears nothing. This is shown on video at the Monster Academy and The Gromble demands Ickis, Oblina and Krumm to travel to Antarctica and scare Lars Halverson, who is at a science lab to see how long he can resist the extremely cold air at Antarctica.

The Monsters emerge out of a toilet of the bathroom and find Lars Halverson in an airplane hunt prepared to leave via airplane. When The Monsters attempt to scare him, Halverson's dogs come around and The Monsters hide inside a crate, which is being taken to Antarctica. There, Halverson opens up the crate for the dogs and The Monsters run away through the ground, with the dogs chasing them. The dogs are ordered by Halverson to return to him and The Monsters emerge from the snow. They turn back around to find and scare Halverson, only to lose him. They, however, come to the edge of the canyon and find him riding his sleigh, which the dogs mush. The edge of the canyon cracks under them and they end up falling down. Krumm gets his eye stolen by a penguin and The Monsters chase after it. They come across a flock of other penguins and Krumm successfully finds his eyeball. The Monsters are then chased away by penguins and they come across a massive crack on the ground. Krumm uses Oblina as a bridge, but she misses the other end of the ground. Ickis jumps onto her and uses her as a bungee cord, sending The Monster flying to the other side.

They continue walking and start freezing. Ickis decides to find his own way back home and dives into a small crack through the freezing pond thinking that it is a toilet. He ends up frozen in a block of ice (which Oblina responded "Ickis wait! That is not a toilet,") and The Monsters spot Halverson continues to travel on the sleigh, with the dogs pulling it. They follow him, but end up falling off a canyon. They also unwillingly approach a polar bear and run away from it, using the large block of the cracked ice as a boat to escape from the polar bear. Later on, the ice begins to melt, and The Monsters are about to fall into the freezing water. They, however, end up on land to safety. Unfortunately, they are distraught of the fact that they will never scare Halverson. They then catch a glimpse of him on the boat and the ground that they are standing on emerges from the water, revealing a ten-foot monster, who helps the three young monsters scare Halverson. Oblina, however, stops him and tells the huge monster that she and her friends are doing the scaring. The huge monster burst into tears and says that he doesn't get many scares in Antarctica. The huge monster says he's lucky if a human comes once a year. So The Monsters decide to let him join in.

On the motor boat, Halverson brags about how he doesn't fear anything, until the huge monster emerges from the freezing water and lets out a small "boo", scaring away Halverson as he rides away on his boat. The huge monster takes the young monsters to a pipe line. Ickis tells his friends when they get back to the Academy, they're going to be in a lot of trouble. Krumm agrees and says "At least we'll be warm". But before they are prepared to leave, they see Halverson riding his boat still in fear. Ickis and Krumm try to scare him again, but Oblina declines it, saying that it will be too easy. So The Monsters head back inside the pipeline to leave. When Halverson sees a tiny fish jumping out of the water, he leaves his boat and runs away through the water in terror.